The Best Vegan Heels For Looking Hot In 2024

It’s finally time to put the winter boots away for another few months! Looking for some of the best vegan heels to strut your stuff in? These are sexy, chic and ethical!

By Katy Caric

For most women, a great pair of vegan heels can instantly boost confidence. For me, it’s a no brainer. If I have to choose between flat shoes that may be comfy, but make me feel squat and mousy, or heels that elongate my legs, accentuate my calves and make me feel taller, I’ll take the heels every time!

‘But wait!’ I hear you say. ‘Heels are just so…uncomfortable.” And I get it – they certainly can be. But a well-crafted heeled shoe will make strutting simple. It should have a padded toe (since that’s where your weight is), a sturdy metal-reinforced heel, and of course, a durable upper.

Personally, I find that a bit of a platform and a chunky heel are the two key qualities that make it easier to walk in heels – stilettos are tough for even the most experienced heel-lover, and they tend to get stuck in cobblestones, sidewalk cracks and sewer grates!

How To Walk In Vegan Heels

If you’re like me and could use some tips on how to walk in vegan heels, never fear. I’ve asked shoe expert Kaya Capriole for some advice. Here’s what she had to say:

“Firstly, choose your heels wisely. For example, find a heel-height that works for you and don’t start off with stilettos if you’re not an experienced heel wearer; your confidence will shine if you’re wearing a pair that don’t make you nervous from the outset! 

Secondly, focus on your posture; keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out and back straight. This might sound simple but it’ll make the world of difference. Good posture will help you find balance, making you more stable on your shoes. If anything’s the key to wearing high heels successfully, it’s this! Of course, focusing on your posture whilst walking isn’t easy. One trick you can use to guide you is focusing on your destination ahead, choosing something specific in the distance to concentrate on. 

Finally, practice makes perfect! Wear your shoes around the house to get used to how they feel. I would also recommend walking around your house on the balls of your feet to improve not only your balance but the muscles in your calves and feet.”

Ready to strut your stuff? Whether you’re looking for Latin ballroom dancing shoes or a simple strappy sandal, I’ve rounded up some of the best vegan heels to lift your spirits – and your style!

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15 Of The Best Vegan Heels For 2024

stiletto heel with buckle


1. Stella McCartney Pumps

All of Stella’s shoes are vegan, but frankly, some of them are a bit too chunky for my taste. So finding these punky, pointy-toed shoes really made me want to purr!

Designed to fit like a glove, they’re made in Italy from all luxurious recycled vegan materials. With their sparkly crystal embellishments, they look just as elegant with jeans as they do with dresses. And of course, pointed toes are super hot right now. Bonus!

The style: Mesh pumps that just scream ‘designer chic’!

Materials: Recycled nylon

Price: Around $995

2. JW Pei Kitten Heels

Looking for vegan heels that are more like a sculpture than a shoe? JW Pei makes them!

This kitten-heel height allows pretty much anyone to walk in these comfortably. And the padded upper makes them soft on the top of the foot. And at under $130, they’re affordable for most people, too!

But that’s not all. This shoe comes in a rainbow of colours, and for every shoe they make, the brand has a vegan bag to match.

The style: Bang on trend pointed toe kitten heels.

Materials: PU leather

Price: $129

3. Matt & Nat Leone Mules

Looking for the best vegan heels to wear all day, every day? These Leone mules by Canadian brand Matt & Nat are perfect! Their thick upper grips your foot firmly, while the sturdy heel gives you balance and height.

I swear, these are so comfortable, you can run in them! They also come in a wide variety of colours.

The style: A super comfy, chunky mule

Materials: PU leather, TPR

Price: $65

matt and nat heels

4. Lulu’s Oxblood Pumps

These might look tough to walk in, but don’t worry – the sole is heavily cushioned!

Sleek, patent vegan leather shapes the pointed-toe upper of these chic pumps with sexy side cutouts. Pair with black trousers for an office vibe, or with jeans to really stand out in the crowd.

The style: A sexy red stiletto that can be dressed up or down.

Materials: PU leather

Price: $40

Best Vegan Heels

5. Reformation Wedges

Give yourself a wedgie in the best way possible!

These closed toe espadrilles feature a flattering, V-cut out on the front and a wrap tie at the ankle. And the best part? They’re made of linen!

Linen is a plant-based material that uses basically no water and emits ¼ the carbon as cotton per pound of fibre. The shoes are also lined with Bio Polymer leather alternative, which uses a recycled poly backing. It’s a serious step ahead for creating renewable, next gen vegan leather, my friend!

Choose from black or cream.

The style: So summer! So Europe!

Materials: Linen, bio polymer, jute

Price: $248

reformation vegan shoes

6. Vivaia Block Heels

We just love Vivaia! This vegan brand aims to create stylish and sustainable footwear that’s both eco-friendly and socially responsible. The result is a stunning range of shoes, created from recycled materials and 3D technology. And one of their most popular designs is their block heels.

They boast the comfort of sneakers with the elegance of heels. Everything aspect of these shoes is perfectly tailored for modern living.

Not keen on two-toned? VIVAIA’s block heels come in over a dozen colours to choose from!

The style: A little bit retro

Materials: Recycled materials

Price: From $69

vivaia block heels

7. Shoenvious Everything 

Ever had the perfect outfit but struggled to find the heels to match? Love the idea of walking in the best vegan heels, but have never found one that’s comfy for you? Well, the hunt is officially over – now you can design the perfect pair of shoes for your wardrobe yourself!

Whether you’re looking for a kitten heel or a stiletto, a strappy sandal or a block heel, Shoenvious are giving women the platform to literally create the shoes of their dreams. With over 100+ colours and materials (including vegan fabrics and soles) to choose from, every inch of the shoe is customizable, right down to contrasting colours if that’s your style, or catering to mismatched sizes for those with differently sized feet if that’s your situation.

The style: Everything, from cute and dainty to bold, block heels 

Materials: Mainly recycled materials

Price: $300+

vegan stiletto boots


8. o2Monde Selina

Is there anything more glam than glitter? These cone-heeled shoes by O2Monde make a good argument for NO!

This open-toed shoe is one of our favourite pair of vegan heels. They’re a bit different, attention-grabbing, and PVC-free.

Prefer a style that’s even more eco-friendly? Making waves in the luxury fashion industry, o2Monde is the first sustainable shoe made out of wine waste. Yep, you’re reading that right: the first shoe made from your favourite tipple! It’s just another one of o2Monde’s eco options for vegan heels – they also offer Piñatex.

The style: Disco all the way!

Materials: Food waste, PU leather, wood, cork and others (depends on what you choose)

Price: $658

Best Vegan Heels

9. Cult of Coquette Black Patent Mules

Are you ready to slay? Cult of Coquette makes shoes for true femmes fatales. Their best-selling black patent mule has become an instant classic, taking you from season to season and year to year.

We love how there’s a bit of padding inside the shoe, making them all that bit more comfortable to walk in. And that open toe? Perfect for showing off your pedi!

The style: A sexy, open toed vegan sandal 

Materials: PU leather, some recycled materials

Price: Around $215

2. Cult of Coquette Black Patent Mules Are you ready to slay? Cult of Coquette makes shoes for true femmes fatales. Their best-selling black patent mule has become an instant classic, taking you from season to season and year to year. We love how there's a bit of padding inside the shoe, making them all that bit more comfortable to walk in. The style: A sexy, open toed vegan sandal  Price: Around $215

10. Veerah Florence Shoes

Why have one pair of shoes when you can have two? All Veerah heels come with the option of adding clip on accessories like straps, brooches, bows or fringes to make their basic pumps far more versatile. And of course, this vegan heels brand uses a range of amazing, planet-friendly materials like cork, apple, peel, and recycled PET plastics. 

The style: Chic, classic stilettos with a rock chick fringe

Materials: Food waste, recycled materials

Price: around $268

veerah heels


11. Bloom Paris AVA

French designed. Handmade. There’s no doubt that Bloom Paris makes some of the most elegant vegan heels in the world!

We particularly love their gold Ava heels. They’re eco-friendly AND chic, thanks to the fact that their linings are made exclusively of vegetal and recycled synthetic fibres, while the soles are made from recycled shoes.

The style: Parisian chic

Materials: Upcycled food waste, recycled materials

Price: Around $250

gold vegan heels

12. Bhava Studios Sandals

This chic vegan shoe brand creates cruelty free shoes from a variety of sustainable materials. These include cork, cotton and wood. All of their  Italian vegan leathers are free from aromatic amines, PCP, formaldehyde, PVC, phthalates, azo-dyes, and chrome.

Their Amber sandals include a cork insole for moisture absorption and comfort, and an artisan crafted, solid wood 3 inch heel. Did you know? Foot doctors recommend you don’t go over this height, for the health of your feet and back. Perfect, then!

Materials: Vegan leather, cork, wood

The style: Simple, strappy, sustainable

Price: $265

Bhava Studios Sandals

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