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10+ of the Best Vegan Heels to Strut Your Stuff In

Looking for some of the best vegan heels to strut your stuff in? These are sexy, chic and ethical!

By Katy Caric

For most women, a great pair of vegan heels can instantly boost confidence. For me, it’s a no brainer: if I have to choose between flat shoes that may be comfy, but make me feel squat and mousy, or heels that elongate my legs, accentuate my calves and make me feel taller, I’ll take the heels every time!

‘But wait!’ I hear you say. ‘Heels are just so…uncomfortable.” And I get it – they certainly can be. But a well-crafted heeled shoe will make strutting simple. It should have a padded toe (since that’s where your weight is), a sturdy metal-reinforced heel, and of course, a durable upper.

Personally, I find that a bit of a platform and a chunky heel are the two key qualities that make it easier to walk in heels – stilettos are tough for even the most experienced heel-lover, and they tend to get stuck in cobblestones, sidewalk cracks and sewer grates!

Willing to give some taller cruelty-free shoes a try? Here, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best vegan heels to lift your spirits – and your style.

10 Of The Best Vegan Heels

1. Stella McCartney: Mesh Mules

All of Stella’s shoes are vegan, but frankly, some of them are a bit too chunky for my taste. So finding these slinky, kitten-heeled mesh pumps really made me want to purr!

Designed to fit like a glove, they’re made in Italy from all vegan materials. They look just as cool with jeans as they do with elegant dresses.

The style: Mid-heeled, pointy toed pumps that scream ‘designer chic’! Price: Around $385

Stella McCartney Vegan High Heels

2. HEXA Bangkok: Looker

Night on the town? Big date? These vegan heels, which are made ethically in Thailand will be your new dancing shoes. They have a small built-in platform at the front that adds extra comfort and height – and just look at those sexy straps! 

Take on a tango or just look like you are about to – adjust the front straps to make sure your feet are firmly held in place. Dance the night away while others are limping home or massaging their feet!

Their anti-slip embossed rubber forepart also prevents the tip of the outsole from wearing down by creating a buffer between you and the ground. The sleek gold foil outsole is made from recycled rubber; I just love the gold soles!

The style: These T-straps are called the Looker – because people will definitely be checking you out when you wear them! Price: Around $80

3. Beyond Skin: Hologram Pumps

Beyond Skin was born in 2001, to make shoes that were stylish and cruelty-free. Since then they’ve been putting vegan glamour in everyone’s step (including avid fan Natalie Portman’s).

They have constantly updated their manufacturing process with new sustainable techniques, and today, 70% of the soles of their heels come from recycled cardboard. They have also started to integrate recycled polyurethane into that purple lining. 

I love these glittery hologram vegan heels because somehow, they just seem a bit Cinderella-ish, right?

The style: Classic high-heeled pumps with a fairytale twist Price: $85

Best Vegan High Heels

4. NAK: Susie Peep Toes

You wanna get high? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you slip on NAK’s Susie pumps! The towering stiletto combine with an open toe to make your legs look fabulous. – perfect for a big date! These cruelty-free heels are made in Italy, and it shows: the delicately perforated detailing on the back provides just enough intrigue to make this classic style stand out, while a subtle, hidden platform provides extra comfort and height.

The style: An open toe pump that’s for experienced heel-users only Price: around $300



5. Nemanti Milano: Stresa

Every shoe made by Nemanti Milano is a work of art, ethically crafted from vegan leather. Their newest collection uses Alcantara, a material that produces zero CO2 emissions. It’s a faux leather that’s derived from wate grain production and pellemela, a material based on apple cores.

Their classic Stresa ankle boot can also be worn as a heeled shoe – perfect for both jeans and dresses, no matter what the season.

The style: A sleek, low-cut, highly Instagrammable ankle bootie that’s made of materials so natural, you can practically eat them! Price: around $250

Best Vegan High Heels

6. NAE: Bella D’Orsay

These vegan heels were apparently inspired by a beautiful woman one of the NAE designers saw at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, and it’s not surprising: the leg-extending pointed toe and lipstick pink hue of this model screams ‘French girl chic’ to us!

The style: A chunky heeled, pointed toe shoe with an ankle strap Price: Around $130

7. Cult of Coquette

Are you ready to slay? Cult of Coquette makes shoes for true femmes fatales. Their best-selling Sophia Pump has become an instant classic, taking you from season to season and year to year. Although it’s available in multiple colours and materials – including patent black and a cheetah print – we love the luxe gold fabric version, below, the most.

The style: A disco inspired pump with a slightly metallic sheen Price: Around $122

8. Matt & Nat: Block

Looking for a vegan heel you can wear anytime, anywhere? Look no further! Matt & Nat was inspired by the idea of synergy between nature and the materials in nature. They started with stylish, practical, vegan bags – and now they also make stylish, practical, vegan shoes, like this sweet Block style below, made from smooth vegan PU. 

Their height is ideal for anyone not too used to walking in higher heels, and the classic pump style is always chic.

The style: An elegant but kick-butt pump with a heel that makes strutting your stuff much easier Price: $95

matt and nat heeled shoes

8. Susi Studio: Emma

Susi Studio was started by Bianca Moran with the belief that women shouldn’t have to compromise on style to uphold their ethical values. She now uses recycled microsuede to create banging 70’s influenced designs, like these Emma platform shoes, below, which come in 7 colours – all of which are made by ethical suppliers in Hong Kong and Portugal.

Can’t you just imagine these paired with a sexy Reformation maxi dress?

The style: A fun, disco-era platform with strong ankle straps to ensure they don’t slip off Price: $115

Best Vegan High Heels

9. Lulu’s: Cork Sandals

What could be more eco-and-vegan-friendly than cork? And that’s exactly what these sandals by Lulu’s are made from! These are really easy to walk in (even for the most heel-challenged of us), thanks to the front platform, padded insole and chunky heel. The neutral shade also matches everything in your summer wardrobe!

The style: A super comfy platform heel Price: $35

10. Veerah: Florence

Why have one pair of shoes when you can have two? All Veerah heels come with the option of adding clip on accessories like straps, brooches, bows or fringes to make their basic pumps far more versatile. And of course, this vegan brand uses a range of amazing, planet-friendly materials like cork, apple, peel, and recycled PET plastics. 

The style: Chic, classic stilettos with a rock chick fringe Price: around $268

ethical high heels

11. Shoenvious 

Ever had the perfect outfit but struggled to find the heels to match? Well, the hunt is officially over – now you can design the perfect pair of shoes for your wardrobe yourself!

Whether you’re looking for a kitten heel or a stiletto, a strappy sandal or a block heel, Shoenvious are giving women the platform to literally create the shoes of their dreams. With over 100+ colours and materials (including vegan fabrics and soles) to choose from, every inch of the shoe is customizable, right down to contrasting colours if that’s your style, or catering to mismatched sizes for those with differently sized feet if that’s your situation.

The style: Everything, from cute and dainty to bold, block heels Price: $300+

Vegan Heels


Main image: Cult of Coquette Image 2: Veerah


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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.