The Best Vegan Sneaker Brands For Every Day

These are the best vegan sneaker brands for walking, weekends, and work!

By Katy Caric

Vegan sneaker brands are staying abreast of the latest footwear trend – basically, the chunky, clunky (but surprisingly comfy!) trainer. The Adidas Ultraboost kicked off the trend, with its thick white sole, and Balenciaga’s multi-hued triple S shoes soon followed, and became a cult favourite, despite looking a bit like something out of a Transformers movie.

They may look bulky, but at least they’re way more comfortable than heels!

Why non leather doesn’t mean vegan friendly

Those two styles mentioned above aren’t normally made out of leather, but don’t think that means they’re vegan friendly. Some seemingly ‘vegan’ shoes can contain hidden, animal-derived ingredients, or can use materials that were tested on animals.

For example? Perhaps surprisingly, plastics can be an animal-derived material that you will find in most sneakers. Yep, that’s right: plastic laces and soles are commonly made with animal fat. This is due to the slip agents that reduce friction.

Another material in traditional sneakers that many fail to realise isn’t vegan is the glue. The collagen from animals is an ingredient that is sometimes used in shoe glue.

So, even if your shoes seem to be made mainly from polyester, canvas, cotton or hemp, they’re probably not vegan unless they state they are.

What to look for when shopping for vegan sneakers

Unfortunately, many vegan shoes are far from eco-friendly in any way. This is changing slowly. More vegan trainer brands are now including upcycled food, like apple skins, or recycled plastic bottles in their arsenal of textiles.

But even if the materials used are animal-friendly, according to PETA, there are some factors you should be aware of when shopping for vegan shoes. If you want them to be sustainable, that is! For example, PETA recommends you be aware of the following:

  • Non-synthetic materials: Nearly all running shoes are made exclusively with synthetic materials to keep them light and breathable, but some are made of synthetics blended with animal skin (leather).
  • Glues: The synthetic materials of running shoes are put together using strong industrial glues. In some brands, the glue is derived from animal bones or collagen, as mentioned above.
  • Dyes: Most shoes are made with synthetic dyes, but some brands may colour their shoes with inks and dyes derived from animals.

Thankfully, it’s become easier than ever to be kind to your legs and feet with the perfect pair of vegan running shoes that are not only made with no cruelty to animals, but that are sustainable, too, thanks to the use of natural materials like hemp or Tencel or recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles.

Here are some of the best ethically made, sustainable vegan sneaker brands that you an wear with just about anything!

The Best Vegan Sneaker Brands

vegan running shoes

1. Cariua

Proving that it’s cool to care, Cariuma is a brand that is taking a stand against the throwaway world of fast fashion, providing a cool classic sneaker that is better for the planet. Reinventing the sneaker game, Cariuma’s range of shoes are crazy comfy and consciously made to last, embracing personal style over fashion trends.

Empowered by sustainability, Cariuma source their materials responsibly, curating premium raw materials so that they have a smaller footprint. And as a brand that really cares, they listened to the demand for a vegan option, and now have a huge range of vegan-friendly sneakers. Made with organic cotton canvas, natural rubber, laces from recycled plastic bottles and plant-based insoles, this footwear brand is truly made with both the earth and YOU in mind.

Price: Around $120 

Gym friendly? They’re not made for the gym, but are perfect for keeping active!

vegan sneaker brands

2. Allbirds

This is one of the best vegan sneaker brands for ecological innovation. They’ve not only used recycled fabrics and PET bottle fibres for their shoes, but even invented their own material. Namely, SweetFoam®, a shoe sole material derived from the world’s first carbon negative green EVA.

We love Allbirds not only for their sustainability, but for their style. For example? The Tree Dasher Relay is a laceless running shoe made from leftover stock yarns. Each pair features slight variations in colour for a one-of-a-kind design that will impress runners and sneaker aficionados alike.

Price: From around $135

Gym friendly? Definitely! Allbirds makes shoes for running, walking, cycling, and just hanging out.

vegan sneaker brands

3. Stella McCartney + adidas

It’s now official: kinda ugly sneakers are the hottest accessory! And Stella’s iconic ‘Eclypse’ shoes provide are just so cool. Grounded by a chunky rubber sole, this style is made from a combination of faux leather and suede and is undoubtedly the best of all the vegan sneaker brands for making a fashion statement! 

But if you’re looking for stylish shoes to work out in, you’re in luck. Just check out her collab with adidas, pictured below. Comfy, vegan, AND chic!

Price: From around $250

Gym friendly? Oh yes!

vegan sneaker brands



This brand makes super-comfy vegan sneakers from recycled plastic bottles. But that’s not the only way they’re ethical! This brand donates 10% of their profits to two great charities: Girls in Tech & Oceana.

Their styles range from proper running shoes to the type of fashionable sneakers you’d just wear to walk around in jeans with.

Price: Around $150

Gym friendly? Yes! But it depends on the style you choose.

Image: @theconsciousbrunette

vegan sneaker brands


5. NAE Vegan

Sneakers can be tricky for vegans to find because of all the sneaky animal-based products like glue hidden in the shoe. Nae Vegan makes sure absolutely zero animals are harmed from the glue to the lining to the sole. These ethically made shoes were created in NAE’s Portuguese factories from recycled car air bags, making them ethical, stylish and sustainable.

Price: Around $125

Gym friendly? Yep! Perfect for weight lifting or using stationary bikes, for example.

nae vegan running shoes



6. Matt + Nat

This is probably one of the best known of all the vegan sneaker brands. Matt + Nat have long been at the forefront of the vegan accessories movement, and their unisex Oak lace up sneakers are the perfect classic for any wardrobe.

The best part? At under $100, these definitely won’t break the bank. But if you’re not keen on these, they have plenty of other styles – and most of them are unisex, too!

Price: $90

Gym friendly? Not really…but they look cool with jeans or shorts, or matched with a Matt + Nat vegan bag!

vegan sneaker brands matt and nat

7. Rothy’s

Our favourite vegan brand is well known for making slip on shoes from recycled plastic bottles. And now, they’ve expanded their range to include lace-up trainers! We love that they come in an array of pastel shades, and that they’re so damn comfy!

That’s mainly due to the fact that these shoes feature a two-part footbed, designed for supportive structure and cloud-like comfort. A plush, cushy collar hugs your ankle while a soft terry-lined tongue provides adjustability and a sock-like feel. Nice, right?

Price: $165

Gym friendly? Well again – it kind of depends on what you wanna do in there. Weights and machines? Probably fine. Running? Not so much.

best vegan sneaker brands - rothys

8. Adidas x Parley for the Oceans

These two brands have been collaborating since 2005, but for me, the inclusion of Parley for the Oceans has been the best addition yet. The yarn in these is from Parley Ocean Plastic that is collected from beaches and coastal communities, making them super eco-friendly.

And did I mention that these much-imitated “Ultraboost” shoes are probably the most comfy trainers you’ll ever try on? After all, they’re so-named ‘for the extra boost you get from the patented cushion – perfect for serious workouts and runs! 

Price: Around $150

Gym friendly? Oh yes! This is one of the best vegan sneaker brands for working out.

Adidas x Parley for the Oceans



9. Native Shoes

Native Shoes make vegan footwear, which is obviously great for animals. But this brand is super green, too! All of their styles are highly innovative, using zero waste, 3D knitted construction techniques, and their shoes are made with recycled threads, too.

Could this be one of the most eco-conscious vegan sneaker brands around? We’d say so!

Price: Around $70

Gym friendly? Not really.

10. Puma Ultrasuede

Can you believe this style first debuted in 1968? But amazingly, Puma’s classic suede sneaker still looks slick – and it got a vegan makeover! Sure, they’re not a fully vegan brand, but the label is so committed to sustainability (they’re aiming to make 90% of everything they use totally sustainable by next year), we just had to include them.

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘suede’ here: the “Re-Suede” version is made of 100% recycled materials, and the outsole is derived from rice husks. Compared with virgin materials, the synthetic textiles used for the Ultrasuede reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by a whopping 80 percent, according to Puma.

Price: Around $70

Gym friendly? Sure! This is one of the best vegan sneaker brands for both high and low-impact sports.

vegan sneaker brands


11. BeFlamboyant

Jorge and Tatiana are the young Spanish entrepreneurs who are taking steps towards bridging the gap between fashion and sustainability. The eco-friendly brand focuses on the attention to detail, ensuring every part of the sneaker is designed to last. Thanks to the classic colours chosen, the timelessness of the shapes, alongside the quality materials selected, these shoes should be in your wardrobe for years to come!

Price: Around $120

Gym friendly? No, but they look great with jeans or dressed up with a jacket.

vegan sneaker brands




12. KUMI Sneakers 

KUMI is a name you may want to take note of if you have a thing for sneakers! The creative duo behind the brand is creating a range of stylish shoes that are perfect for globe-trotters who respect the environment and its inhabitants. Aligning their values with their style, KUMI is comfortable vegan sneakers that will also help thousands of animals that need food and a decent home.

Made of corn and recycled plastic bottles, the sneakers are soft, resistant, easy to clean, flexible and lightweight. The perfect kick to help the wearer to leave a sustainable footprint wherever they step.

Price: Around $90  Gym friendly? Perhaps not gym-friendly but these will be comfy enough for walks!

Main and second images: Sydney Brown. All other images courtesy of the brands

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