12 Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

Whether you’re looking for a gift, or just want to shop more ethically for clothes from now on, you should know about these sustainable brands at Net A Porter!

By Katy Caric

Here’s a fun fact! Net-a-Porter started out as a female-founded online shop where busy, professional women could buy outfits for work and weekends from their desks. The portal featured big name designer brands, aimed at the well-heeled working woman.

Today, though, the brand has shifted more towards the sustainable luxury market. For example, way back in 2017, Net-a-Porter announced it would no longer sell fur in any form. But they’re going a lot further than that now, too. The international retailer is now carrying a lot of ethical fashion brands, eco-jewellery labels, and even clean beauty brands.

They do so through Net Sustain, a subcategory on their site. But how is it sustainable?

Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

What Is Net Sustain?

Net Sustain basically focuses on three core areas of sustainability: people, planet and animal welfare.

Let’s start with the first.


When it comes to we humans, the brand is all about diversity. Among the designers they work with, they choose to support more BIPOC-owned brands, for example. They are also working on offering more varied sizing.

In addition, Net a Porter promotes a selection of brands scouted and empowered through their global program, The Vanguard. This provides bespoke mentorship, connections to industry specialists, and access to their platform, which reaches millions. Since its launch in 2018, the program has supported 22 businesses, 60% of which are BIPOC-owned.


To support our planet, Net Sustain champions fashion labels that:

  • Make at least 75% of their products locally
  • Showcase and nurture exceptional and rare artisan traditions
  • Use materials that are at least 50% grown and produced with a significantly reduced environmental impact
  • Upcycle or recycle most of their materials, or are circular in nature
  • Use innovative, regenerated or creatively upcycled materials for their packaging.
  • Offset their emissions from the production process.

Animal welfare

Since animals are a vital part of our planet and all ecosystems, Net Sustain features cruelty-free brands that choose to invest in supply chains promoting good animal husbandry and the basic freedoms of animal welfare. These are: freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, pain, fear and distress, and the freedom to express normal, natural behaviours.

Net Sustain is also bringing in more brands that are not only vegan, but which offer vegan products that are made from plant based materials.

Here, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter that are likely to make this your new favourite online shop.

12 Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

johanna ortiz spring 2023

1. Nanushka

This vegan-friendly brand is most famous for reproducing leather looks, but in a cruelty-free way. Nanushka’s buttery soft, faux-leather pants, skirts and even dresses are famous with animal-loving fashionistas. But that’s not all!

The brand also creates beautifully crafted clothing from conscious materials such as TENCEL, modal, organic cotton and cupro, and even has a line of vegan leather bags that are absolutely to die for!

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Vegan bags, and vegan leather based clothing.

nanushka vegan leather

2. &Daughter

If you’re looking for luxury knitwear, it doesn’t get better than the offerings from &Daughter! They use refined materials such as Geelong wool – a version sought-after for its exceptional softness. Knitted by teams of local artisans, this label’s products showcase exceptional traditional skills or techniques. &Daughter mainly invests in communities that apply Fairtrade principles.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Simple, minimalistic, classic knitwear.

Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

3. Citizens of Humanity

Inspired by the laid-back spirit of SoCal, Citizens of Humanity is dedicated to creating high-quality denim designed with “sophisticated ease”. Now under the creative helm of Marianne McDonald, each pair of jeans takes up to 50 steps to produce and passes through the hands of 40 skilled artisans before being hand-inspected prior to completion. The label uses sustainable practices, including ozone wash machines and a recycled water system.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Super stylish, relaxed basics, especially denim.

Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

4. Stella McCartney

One of the most famous sustainable brands at Net A Porter has to be Stella McCartney.

Former Chloe designer McCartney was once the poster-child of vegan fashion because she refused to use animal products in all of her collections. Today, she’s a leader of the luxury sustainable luxury fashion movement, whose collections incorporate an array of cruelty free and sustainable materials like regenerated cashmere and wool from the sheep she humanely raises on her own farms.

From vegan friendly accessories and slouchy sweaters to fancy evening wear and impeccably tailored trousers, you’ll find it all here.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Exquisite tailoring, highly covetable vegan bags, boots and accessories.

stella mccartney 2023

5. Mara Hoffman

Long admired for her gorgeous swimwear designs, Mara Hoffman’s trademarks are bright colours and flattering feminine silhouettes.

Her label was a pretty conventional one in terms of sourcing materials, but after giving birth to a son, she decided to overhaul her production lines to ensure a better future for him and all living creatures on the planet.

Today, her clothes are ethically made from sustainable fabrics such as TENCEL, linen, and organic cotton. Her famous swimwear is made with regenerated nylon or recycled plastic. And all of her garments are also 100% cruelty-free and vegan, too.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Swimwear with an artistic flare.

mara hoffman one piece

6. Gabriela Hearst

Heiress Gabriela Hearst designs clothes for budding socialites, that are meant to last a lifetime. Gabriela, who is also the owner of Maison de Mode, tries to improve the sustainable practices of her business at every level.  For example, the wool she uses is sourced from her own farm in Uruguay, and all her packaging is partially biodegradable plastic.

“There is a purpose to every piece,” says Hearst of her eponymous label. From beautiful gowns to the impeccable trouser tailoring, each garment is consciously designed and crafted using the most luxurious fabrics.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Luxurious designer fashion.

Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

7. Re/Done

Re/Done represents fashion up-cycling at its finest. They take vintage Levi’s apart and put them back together as new jeans. Everything is ethically manufactured in L.A. and they use sustainable conserving methods.

Believing in the importance of keeping heritage brands alive, RE/DONE founders Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur hand-pick and cut each design themselves. Due to their upcycled nature, no garments in their collections, be they jeans, tie-dyed sweats, or denim jackets, are alike.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Wonderfully innovative, upcycled denim fashion.

Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

8. Peony

Sustainable Australian label Peony is best known for its classic shapes and soft colour palettes. To make each style, the brand selects conscious fabrics that are durable and strong, with increased shape retention.

But there’s more! Peony ensures all processes and chemicals used to produce its garments are ecologically safe. They also use innovative fibres like ECOVERO™ – a material made from EU Ecolabel-certified wood pulp, as well as linen and organic cotton.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Feminine swimwear, pretty, delicate dresses.

Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

9. Ninety Percent

One of the most comfortable sustainable brands at Net A Porter is Ninety Percent. The London-based label is so-named because it distributes 90% of its profits between those who make each collection happen and four very worthy charities. You even get a chance to decide which causes the funds are donated to!

Ninety Percent makes its products from sustainable fibers like organic cotton, recycled polyester and sustainable alternatives to conventional viscose (Tencel and EcoVera).

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Ethical and sustainable everyday wear that’s more comfortable than you can imagine!

Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter

10. Zimmerman

Boho beautiful luxury fashion brand Zimmerman will make you want to swan around 5 star resorts around the world. Although they got their start in high-end beachwear, today Zimmerman is also well known for its floaty print frocks, chic sunglasses, and silky blouses. Their elegant dresses, bathing suits and kaftans are of such high quality and expert workmanship, they’re bound to turn heads, no matter where you go!

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Absolutely stunning frocks and resort wear, with delicate embellishments and strict attention to detail.

zimmerman mini dress

11. Johanna Ortiz

Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz creates collections that are both feminine and elegant. We love her colourful prints, fresh and flattering use of lace and other beautiful fabrics.

Of course, this designer keeps sustainably and social ethics at the centre of her work. For example, she uses many biodegradable fabrics like linen and organic cotton. In addition, this Latina entrepreneur is engaged in protecting local traditions and supporting the knowledge of Colombian artisanal communities. In fact, 90% of her luxurious collections is locally made in-house in her atelier in Cali, Colombia – her country of origin.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Supporting Latina artisans through luxury fashion.

johanna ortiz spring 2023

12. SKIN

No matter what your style, you’re going to be wearing something SKIN offers. I’m talking bras, panties, pyjamas, and other basic undies. This New York-based label also creates perfectly cut tank tops, swimwear and lingerie.

But the best part for us? The fact that SKIN uses recycled materials and organic cottons. That’s super important for undergarments, since they’re right against the most delicate parts of your body. Parts that are prone to absorbing toxic dyes and clothing finishings. So it’s always best to wear organic ‘down there’!

There’s more to SKIN’s sustainability, though. They tend to create reversible designs and multi-ways straps, meaning one garment can easily transform into another style.

One of the best sustainable brands at Net A Porter for: Healthy, minimalist underwear of all types.

skin underwear

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4 thoughts on “12 Chic Sustainable Brands At Net A Porter”

  1. Hello! I’ve really enjoyed reading Eluxe – but I’m wondering why All Things Mochi is on this list. They have an ethical mission with fair trade goals, but most of their pieces are made with polyester, viscose, and cotton (which isn’t listed as organic) and the care is dry clean only. I can see why they may be on an ethical luxury list, but as far as sustainable fashion goes, I don’t see their connection since they don’t seem to be using any sustainable materials and require dry cleaning. Is there some other literature on the brand that you have? Thanks!

    1. Good point – they need to up their ecological game! But we’ve included them as ‘sustainable’ because of what you just mentioned: FairTrade and ethical production. The fact that they help Palestinian refugees make a living makes them special to me. But yes, they are not eco friendly. For us, ‘sustainable luxury’ refers to brands that are helping to save the planet, OR/AND that are helping marginalised people sustain a decent living. Hope that helps?

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