The Best Ethical Jewelry For Weddings

The best ethical jewelry for weddings should reflect the joy and sparkle of the happy couple on their special day!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Weddings are events of jubilation, where sparkles reflect the luminous life ahead of the exuberant couple. So it almost goes without saying that bride, the mother of the bride, groom and bridesmaids will all be wearing some jewelry that provides some extra brilliance for that happy day.

Gemstones have been a staple element in jewelry and accessories for centuries. Not only are they beautiful and timeless, but they also may have the power to heal, inspire and ground the wearer in unexpected ways. But it’s important that they’re sourced ethically. If not, child labour, ecological destruction and even war may have been involved in the making of a mere accessory.

Luckily, there’s more ethical jewelry for weddings available now than ever before! Each of these jewelry suggestions below is guaranteed to have been created with people and the planet in mind.

The Best Ethical Jewelry For Weddings

Modern Bridal Pearls

1. Modern Bridal Pearls

Pearls have been a favorite with both brides and mothers-of-the-brides for centuries. Their white tone represents purity, and as far back as the ancient Greeks, pearls were associated with love and marriage. The Greeks also believed the pearl would promote marital harmony. But today, the main question is: where can you find sustainable pearls?

Well, KBH Jewels uses 100% reclaimed and recycled gold, cultivated diamonds and sustainably cultured pearls in their pieces. Their collections truly epitomise love, since every handmade piece is made with tender, loving care. Their bridal collection is utterly sophisticated, with discrete pieces that include chokers, earrings, rings and necklaces. You’re bound to find something to accent your bridal gown perfectly!

Modern Bridal Pearls The Best Ethical Jewelry For Weddings

2. Mother & Daughter Necklaces

Some of the best ethical jewelry for weddings may be a bit unexpected: crystals!

If you’ve got a touch of the spiritual hippy in you, you’ll know that crystals are said to have properties that can help with your emotional state. Apparently, labradorite protects from negativity, and quarts brings positive energy, while chalcedony reduces fear, anger and doubt, and boosts confidence, for example.

So why not gift the bride and her mom matching crystal pendants from Tough as a Mother Tribe?

These necklaces are the perfect way to represent spiritual support from mother to daughter – or vice versa!

The Best Ethical Jewelry For Weddings

3. Wedding Bands

One of the most obvious pieces of ethical bridal jewelry is the wedding band. Traditionally a simple gold band for him and her, today, almost anything goes.

One of our favourite sustainable accessories brands is Stone and Strand. They offer a wide array of not only wedding bands, but engagement rings and jewelry in general.

You can choose from classical fine gold bands, chunkier styles, rings with embellishments such as gemstones or engravings, and much more.

The Best Ethical Jewelry For Weddings

4. The Perfect Earrings

If the bride has chosen to reveal her neckline with a perfect Princess cut or V-necked corset, she may also want to draw attention up to her face with earrings.

While pearl buttons are the typical choice, there are many beautiful alternatives, too!

For example, sustainable European-based brand Idyl offers ethical bridal jewelry that’s delicate, yet memorable. Their lab-grown diamond studs, drop earrings and other styles not only match any bridal gown, but also pretty much any outfit. These pieces will be worn – and cherished – for years. And who knows? They may even be passed down a few generations.

The Best Ethical Jewelry For Weddings

5. Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is probably the first thing that comes to mind when considering ethical jewelry for weddings, right?

While there are loads of companies offer these, Charles & Colvard is a bit special. They create their ethical engagement rings from lab grown diamonds, which have become a popular (and far more sustainable) alternative to mined stones.

No matter which ring you choose, you’ll find that their styles are luxurious, intricate, and exquisitely made.

The Best Ethical Jewelry For Weddings

6. Bridal Party Gifts

It’s a tradition to offer a gift to the wedding party members. And what could be more charming than….a charm?

Cathy Waterman works exclusively with diamond and gold mines that uphold the highest business, social, and environmental standards. Her pieces are one of kind, that are custom-made to fit the wearer’s taste and to make sure there is no waste.

She offers nature-inspired charms in the form of trees, nuts, fruits and flowers that will forever remind the friends and family of the bride of their time together on a very special day.

ethical charm bracelet

7. Something Blue

‘Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.’ So goes the little rhyme that is meant to bring luck to the bride.

The ‘something blue’ is usually a garter. But why not consider ethical jewelry for weddings instead?

There are plenty of options. For example, jewelry designer Yael Sonia has just the right pieces for the occasion. Her unique collection of gemstones in that nuance range from sky blue aquamarine to sea blue/ lapis lazuli gemstones. Choose from a simple ring, subtle earrings, or a minimalistic pendant to bring luck to the day.

Alternatively, Ethos of London offers fine, ethically sourced Paraiba Tourmaline jewelry (pictured below), and one of its designers, Nebu, donate 10% of its proceeds to Widlife conservation.

The Best Ethical Jewelry For Weddings


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