10 Huge Sustainable Wedding Trends For 2020

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Got upcoming nuptials? Check out the biggest sustainable wedding trends for 2020 right here!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Fashion trends come and go, and wedding  fashion trends are no different.

According to fashion search platform Lyst, wedding outfits are now surpassing Christmas looks in terms of searches, meaning wedding fashion is a priority for many of us, whether we are brides-to-be or guests.

The UK-based search engine for online fashion analysed the shopping behaviour of more than 5 million shoppers a month, who searched, browsed and bought fashion across 12,000 designers and stores online.

It found that corsets, basques and bustiers are trending as wedding undergarments, and that ethical wedding rings for women and men, and pre-owned gowns are all also gaining momentum this year.

As for accessories, other trend researchers predict wedding guests will be favouring bright hair bands and hair jewellery over traditional pastel-coloured hats and feather fascinators.

Beyond fashion, it seems these other trends are taking over nuptials:

  • Having a maid of honour only, rather than a slew of bridesmaids (anyone else heaving a sigh of relief?)
  • Using smaller bouquets. Large ones tend to hide the bride’s waist, making her look chunky.
  • Rather than making your wedding an evening or daytime event only, many couples are inviting guests for a whole weekend of fun and celebration.
  • Offering food to suit all tastes and diets. Instead of a three or four course formal dinner, couples are delivering anything their guests require: gluten free cakes? No problem! Vegan menu? Sure! On a diet? We got you!

Whether you’re off to a wedding this spring, getting married yourself, or maybe just having a few ‘white wedding’ fantasies, I think you’ll love reading about these 10 huge wedding fashion trends for 2020.

10 Huge Wedding Fashion Trends For 2020

Sustainable Wedding Trends For 2020

1. Minimalist Dresses

Our favorite 2020 wedding trend is this one – it’s all about ‘less is more’! Dresses for this year should be so minimalistic, they can be easily reworn for other occasions. Think: simple cap sleeves, chic, slip-like silhouettes and fabrics that are completely natural and dye-able.

There’s just something more elegant about keeping it simple, like these sustainable wedding dresses from Reformation, above and below.

Sustainable Wedding Trends 

2. Bridal Boxes

Weddings are super fun, of course. But sometimes, for the bride, it can feel like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. So no wonder signing up for a bride box is trending this year. 

These boxes are not only little treats delivered every few weeks for the bride to be, but they also offer some monthly help in planning, celebrating, and bringing new ideas to the event.

A bridal subscription box from Miss To Mrs, for example, delivers monthly gifts that include 7-8 inspiring items worth around $100 – but each box only costs $35.

The box could include a reusable tumbler, wedding countdown calendar, wedding planner notebook, headbands, jewellery, wedding pens for signing the registry, wedding recipe books and more!

In any case, every item will be useful, and this makes for a wonderful shower gift to a bride to be, too.

3. Vintage & Second Hand Dresses

Pre-owned or vintage wedding dresses are more than just one of the best sustainable wedding trends for this year. They’re a powerful statement about history, tradition and sustainability for the most important day of a couple’s life. No wonder, according to Lyst, second-hand wedding dress sales up 93 per cent. After all, brides are meant to wear “something old,” so why not let it be your dress?

If you think a vintage wedding dress will make you look like a character in a costume drama, think again: many modern trends are just revamped versions of fashions from previous decades. Just look at this ’50’s gown, below – it’s still bang on trend today!

But you can also now purchase second hand designer wedding dresses, too. Modern styles include dresses by iconic designers like Vera Wang, Zuhair Murad and Leanne Marshall that many brides probably couldn’t afford new.

Try clicking here to shop great pre-owned dresses.

Sustainable Wedding Trends 

4. Edible Floral Decorations

Weddings are all about flowers, right? And edible flowers can be used in loads of places! Match your bouquet to your menu! Toss some edible flowers in salads, freeze them in ice cubes, and of course, top your cake off with them. Sprigs of pansies, lavender and herbs can make even the most basic vanilla cake look super fancy!

And why not ask guests to throw rose petals as you leave the church instead of highly polluting confetti? (it’s usually plastic bits, you know!)

Image: Singapore Sling on Pinterest

Sustainable Wedding Trends 

5. Something Mystical

Whether it’s crystals in the guests’ gift bags or a Tarot card reader present in the corner, something mystical at your wedding will be bang on trend this year! This spiritually charged vibe could also involve saging, the burning of incense or even an aura photo booth (yes, that’s a thing!).

My favourite idea would be to send guests home with a rose quartz crystal, the classic stone for love. And why not ask your guests to imbue your wedding rings with positive vibes and well wishes? Pass the rings around the tables at your reception, and feel the love!

Sustainable Wedding Trends 

6. Charity Cheques

The truth is that most modern brides and grooms are much older than they were a few generations ago. They’ve got their own homes, their own stuff, and merging two households together often means a huge overflow of home goods!

Instead of getting even more stuff you don’t need or want from well-meaning guests, why not ask your friends and family to make a donation to a charity that means something to you as a couple? After all, according to The Knot, Giving Back is one of the biggest wedding trends for this year. And this is a great way to feel good about starting off your new life together! Definitely one of the kindest of all the sustainable wedding trends for 2020.

7. Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings of all kinds, big or small, statement-making or understated are set to be one of the biggest jewellery trends of the year, with online searches up a whopping 109% since January. Whether you choose a tiny, dainty pair, or a bigger, bolder style, just ensure they’re ethical, like this pair by Melissa Joy Manning, below.

huge wedding fashion trends for 2019

8. Custom-made Clothing

Angelina Jolie’s marriage may not have lasted long, but her veil certainly made a splash, what with its embroidery of her children’s designs. She seems to have sparked a trend for custom-made, totally unique bridal wear, which is predicted to be popular with Gen Z shoppers.

Brides born after 1995 will demand more personalisation on their big day, according to Fashion Network, and are rejecting the idea of having a traditional wedding, choosing instead to have personalised details that echo their personal style and philosophy.

According to their report, today’s brides seek “originality, uniqueness and digital and creative experiences.”

Expect to see more unusual wedding gear, like this lace jumpsuit by Stella McCartney, below.

Sustainable Wedding Trends 

9. Headbands, Not Hats

We’re not talking about the headbands you throw on when you’re having a bad hair day: the trend is for something more akin to a tiara, such as this look below, by Simone Rocha. It’s delicate, feminine and just a little bit royal.

Wearing a headband also means you can skip the super-elaborate hairdressing sessions and go for a smoother, simpler hairstyle. Why not go super-eco and make a floral headband out of the same flowers as your bouquet?

Sustainable Wedding Trends 

10. Vegan Brides

Silk is the most commonly used fabric in most bridal gowns, which is not ok for vegan brides, since several thousand silkworms are boiled alive to make enough fabric for a gown. Instead, other eco friendly fabrics are in demand for bridal gowns, like Tencel or linen, which look just as lovely and ‘breathe’ just as well as silk.

Designer Sanyuka Shrestha makes some gorgeous vegan bridal gowns, such as those below.

Sustainable Wedding Trends 

Do you know of any other sustainable wedding trends this year that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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    The vegan dresses are out of this world, incredible that eco-friendly fabrics can replace silk!

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