12 Sustainable Wedding Trends For 2024

Got upcoming nuptials? Check out the biggest sustainable wedding trends for 2024 right here!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Fashion trends come and go, and wedding fashion trends are no different.

According to the Pinterest newsroom, wedding outfits are now surpassing Christmas looks in terms of searches, meaning wedding fashion is a priority for many of us, whether we are brides-to-be or guests.

Pinterest searches have found that corsets, basques and bustiers are trending as wedding undergarments, and that ethical wedding rings, pre-owned gowns and sustainable wedding favours are all also gaining momentum this year.

As for accessories, other trend researchers like AW Bridal predict wedding guests will be favouring pretty hair accessories over traditional pastel-coloured hats and feather fascinators.

Beyond fashion, it seems these other trends are taking over nuptials:

  • Having a maid of honour only, rather than a slew of bridesmaids (anyone else heaving a sigh of relief?)
  • Smaller, more intimate weddings overall
  •  Unique men’s wedding bands are trendy now
  • Offering food to suit all tastes and diets. Instead of a three or four course formal dinner, couples are delivering anything their guests require: gluten free cakes? No problem! Vegan menu? Sure! On a diet? We got you!
  • Tiaras. Inspired by royal weddings, no doubt. You can get ones that don’t cost a fortune from AW Bridal.

Whether you’re off to a wedding this spring, getting married yourself, or maybe just having a few ‘white wedding’ fantasies, I think you’ll love reading about these sustainable wedding trends for this year.

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12 Huge Ethical Wedding Trends For 2024

groovy weddings

1. Mini Dresses 

Searches for short wedding dresses went up by 213% around the world last year. And we predict it’s a trend that’s here to stay! The freshest wedding dress styles this year are ones with a sweet ’60s influence. In other words, mini hemlines.

How to do it: Reformation has made this one of the top sustainable wedding trends already. They offer many shorter wedding dress styles. Want something short and chic? Reformation’s Zeni Dress is a mini dress with a flattering neckline.

Can’t decide between a shorter or longer dress? Reformation’s Aigio Dress is the perfect blend for dabbling with this trend.

Sustainable Wedding Trends For 2023

2. Plantable Wedding Invites

Sending out invites is the first step to planning a wedding once you’ve chosen a date. Electronic invites are the number one way to keep things both modern and sustainable. It’s paperless and easy, we get it! But grandparents and great aunts may not be fully onboard with e-vites just yet.

So if you want to use one of our sustainable wedding trends to spread the word of your upcoming nuptials, try eco-friendly invites.

One way to keep it sustainable? Use recycled paper (which can be recycled again after). Or better yet – use seeded paper which people can plant after the wedding. A few weeks later, they’ll have gorgeous wildflowers in their gardens!

How to do it: A quick google on Etsy provides a plethora of super cute options.

Image: @laura.likes on Instagram.

sustainable wedding trends

3. Unique, Bespoke Rings

One of the biggest sustainable wedding trends for 2022 was coloured gemstone engagement rings. Thanks to Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez, coloured gemstone rings overtook diamonds in engagement rings.

Now, 2023 wedding trends have already seen brides steering away from conventional ring choices, opting instead for unique shapes such as oval settings with gemstone rocks.

There’s no doubt: 2023 is all about designing the perfect ring.

How to do it: Design the ring either by yourself, or with the help of an ethical jeweller like Brilliant Earth, who accepts bespoke orders.

Sustainable Wedding Trends For 2023

4. Simple Bouquets

Forget super elaborate floral arrangements with metres of ivy trailing down towards your shoes. One of our favourite sustainable wedding trends for this year are simple bouquets. Think: fluffy peonies, romantic red roses, or fresh daisies.

Note that flowers of all kinds can have a high carbon footprint, due to the fact that they’re often imported from distant lands. So be kind to the planet, and choose something local. Or even from your garden!

Bonus: Smaller bouquets are actually slimming. Large ones tend to hide the bride’s waist, making her look chunky.

Image: Pinterest

bridal peonies

5. Groovy Weddings

The 60s are back in terms of weddings, and it’s going to be a huge – and super fun – trend! I’m talking about mini dresses (see above), sure. But not just that! The music at your reception could reflect the theme, as could your colour scheme, and even your cake.

How to do it: Brides can go for a vintage dress, Priscilla makeup, and a beehive hairdo. Grooms? Make sure those tuxedo lapels are super fly!

Image credit: here.

Groovy Weddings

6. Biodegradable Leaf Confetti

Confetti is a much-loved wedding tradition. However, did you know most modern confetti is just plastic? It takes almost 1,000 years to break down, yikes! Plus, birds tend to eat it, and it’s so tiny, it can get into our waterways. No wonder some venues even ban confetti altogether!

But leaf confetti is one of those perfect sustainable wedding trends that everyone can do!

How to do it: Simply collect green leaves, buy a hole or shape puncher (a heart would be super cute) and punch the leaves into planet-friendly confetti. Store in little paper cones and hand them to guests. Other options are dried flowers, petals, birdseed or dried lavender. Cheap and easy, too!

Image: @justanotherbrideblog on Instagram.

leaf confetti

7. Vintage Bridal Gloves

Keeping with the ‘groovy weddings’ trend, vintage bridal gloves are perfect! Short ones particularly lend a nostalgic 60s wedding day look. Longer gloves have a more regal vibe, being a popular wedding day accessory for the royals for centuries.

Bonus: if you’re planning a wedding during the colder months, they’ll keep your fingers warm, too!

How to do it: As always, vintage is best! But if you’re buying new, please, keep it cruelty-free! Shun feathers in favour of kinder embellishments, like embroidery.

wedding gloves

8. Eco Wedding Favours 

Eco-friendly wedding favours are another of our sustainable wedding trends for 2022. It’s super easy to do! For example? Make mini glass candles, gift homemade jam jars, or gift guests a plant in a jar.

If you want something even simpler, just give everyone a vintage glass to take home – they can use it during the evening and it’s a lovely memento for them to take.

Image: @twinklingdreams on Instagram.

Sustainable Wedding Trends For 2023

9. Embroidered Details

Embroidery is a huge trend this year and one that is sneaking its way into the world of weddings. Ignited by Hailey Bieber’s statement veil back in 2022, which featured the message ‘Til Death Do Us Part, this trend is only set to grow bigger this year. And it’s a great way to personalise part of your wedding outfit, whether it’s your veil or the groom’s jacket.

How to do it: Choose a special date, a quote or a monogram to make any outfit bespoke.

Image: @rebeccaannedesigns on Instagram.

Sustainable Wedding Trends For 2023

10. Outdoor Weddings In Nature

When it comes to picking your venue, outdoor weddings are one of the biggest trends for weddings in 2024. In fact, this was one of the most Pinned wedding options for this year. Woodland areas are perfect if you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue. Or, if you’d prefer to be closer to the ocean, a beach wedding would be dreamy, too!

Where would you like to say ‘I do’?

How to do it: Be sure you are able to use the forest, beach or meadow you love. The last thing you want on your wedding day is some guy with a shotgun running a you, demanding you get off his property!

Image: @tabletalesinc on Instagram.

Sustainable Wedding Trends For 2023

11. Overall Retro Vibes

From 70s disco balls and music to 20s capes paired with 90s slip dresses, there are loads of vintage influences you’re going to see in weddings these days. And we think that’s just great! I mean, how can you not love sustainable wedding trends that you can find in a thrift shop? But it’s not just about the dress. You can go retro with anything from your makeup and music to invitation style and hairdo.

How to do it: Think of an era you love, and search for veils, gloves, or even wedding dresses in vintage shops near you. Or ask your gran or aunties if they have anything you can wear as your ‘something borrowed’!

Image credit: Pinterest

1920s bride

12. Antique Bridal Corsets

If you’re looking for some lift under your gown, this is one of the best sustainable wedding trends for you!

An antique or bridal corset is a good choice for bringing you the desired lift and push. You can either wear it under your gown as underwear, or if it’s appropriate, as part of the dress itself.

How to do it: From bridal corsets to strapless bridal bras, bridal bustiers or bridal longline bras, there are quite a lot of options from bridal undergarments to choose from. If you want a more romantic look, consider lush lace with delicate embroidery. 
bridal corset

Do you know of any other sustainable wedding trends this year that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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