Ethical Gifts For Mother’s Day 2023 She’ll Love

These unique ethical gifts for Mother’s Day are guaranteed to make your Maker smile!

By Jessica Dickson

You might think Mother’s Day is a ‘Hallmark holiday.’ You know, something invented by the greeting card industry to rake in some cash. But – that’s not the case!

This is actually a holiday that even the ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated. Well, kind of. They actually paid homage to Rhea and Cybele, respectfully, as the Mothers of the Gods. Eventually, these concepts of commemorating of motherhood passed on to later generations and eras.

For example? In Medieval times, Mothering Sunday was a day that servants were given off just so that they could visit their moms, which would have been difficult then. Now it’s a permanent fixture of the calendar, celebrated in over 100 countries.

Personally, I love this day! It’s a good time to truly say ‘thanks’ to the woman who helped raise you into the fantastic human you are today. She’s endured every tantrum and wiped every tear. It’s time to give back to that special woman who gave consistently and unconditionally, right?

There are plenty of ways to say, ‘hey mom, I love you!’ Namely with your words. Of course, you could also make her breakfast in bed, or bake a cake. Or just gift her with something she’ll love!

Whether it’s clothing, chocolates, flowers or something else that’s special, make sure it’s ethical and sustainable.

Not sure where to begin looking? I’ve found some gorgeous ethical gifts for Mother’s Day that are guaranteed to make her smile.

Sustainable Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

white peonies

1. Gorgeous ethical jewelry

Mothers are precious. So, it figures treating your mom to something that is every bit as special as she is the ideal gift. Angara has a variety of stunning ethical jewelry that’s perfect for Mother’s Day!

While selecting jewelry is pretty personal, for us, Angara’s Sapphire Infinity Heart Necklace stands out.

A diamond studded strip entwines with metal to create an infinity symbol, while a beautiful heart-shaped blue sapphire floats in the middle. The contrast of the deep blue sapphire with the silver setting and diamonds is simply beautiful. You can change the metal type and carat to suit your budget. And did I mention: these come beautifully packaged?

Best for: Giving a gift that she can have close to her heart, literally!

Price: From around $400

2. Gorgeous everyday lingerie

Maybe your mom dresses wonderfully every day. But what’s underneath those outfits? And what is she wearing at home, alone?

Give her a boost of confidence knowing her lingerie and loungewear was ethically made. Bluebella creates everything from bras and knickers to kimonos and lingerie. Ethically paid workers create each garment, and Ecologi plants a tree for every purchase. But that’s not all! See more about their sustainability policies here.

Best for: Making mom feel pretty and comfy every day

Price: From around $49

coco chanel pajamas

3. Warm, handmade vegan slippers

Does your mom often complain about being cold? We found one of the best ethical gifts for Mother’s Day, then!

These handmade slippers are cozy, comforting and something she’ll probably use a lot.

The removable insoles contain aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds. When she’s cold, just heat the insoles up in the microwave. Her slippers will be snuggly warm, and they’ll smell of lavender. If she’s too hot in summer, cool the shoes down in the fridge for some sweet heat relief.

Best for: Moms who might have arthritis, diabetes or other issues that make their feet ache when they’re cold.

Price: Around $49

vegan slippers

4. A print that’s all about family

Remind your mom about all the love that surrounds her with a print that’s about just that.

Artist Veronica Ballart’s personalised watercolor prints are one of those ethical Mother’s Day gifts with a seriously sentimental touch. Inspired by botanical illustrations and herbarium sheets, your illustration will is hand painted on paper. It expresses the hobbies, qualities, and achievements of family members that you share with Veronica.

Best for: The mamma who’s really proud of her kids

Price: From around $85

ethical gifts for Mother's Day

5. A Mother’s Day Gift Box

Show mom how much she means to you with this curated collection of thoughtful gifts from several social impact brands. Each of these items is consciously and sustainably made by female and mom-led small businesses championing people and the planet before profits.

So, what’s in the Mom, You Are Amazing! Box?

  • Upcycled Glass Heart and Sterling Silver Charm Pendant – CLED
  • Progress Not Perfection Vintage Stripe Socks from – Poplinen
  • Mom & Child 100% Silk Scarf from – Neococo 
  • Shea Butter Body Lotion – Shea Yeleen
  • $25 Gift Card-  Beautyologie
  • Canvas Cosmetic Bag – Terra Thread
  • “Living a Committed Life,” by the bestselling author of “Soul Of Money” – Lynne Twist (this book is life-changing!)

Best for: This box is perfect for those gifts you give with a sibling. It feels like a lot of stuff from both of you!

Price: $99

ethical gifts for Mother's Day

6. Personalised IOU cards

The truth is, moms often love deeds more than goods. And you can do all kinds of good deeds with this pretty, personalised IOU cards!

Whether it’s taking her out for lunch to the restaurant of her choice, cleaning her house or giving her a massage, you can choose what acts of kindness you’d like to ‘owe’ her for Mother’s Day! Browse through 40 fantastic voucher ideas and choose the 10 options you know your mother will love.

Created by artist Sandrine Froehle, this charming collection is printed on sustainable plywood. Customize the box colour, personalise it with her most popular nickname (Mom, Momma, Mama, Ma, or Mommy), and let the caring coupon redeeming begin!

Best for: Seriously personal gifts

Price: Around $45

ethical gifts for Mother's Day

7. A perfect, easy skincare routine

Sometimes, figuring out what works best for your skin takes trial and error. But the Green-Beauty Co has figured out a way to get all skins cleaned, toned, and moisturised!

Here’s how it works. Basically, you get these three products she can use every day:

Step 1: Double Cleansing
* MCT Oil Cleansing Oil – $18
* Turmeric Soap $11.50
Step 2: Ph Corrective Toning
* 100% Rosewater
Step 3: Moisturise
* Vitamin C Serum

These are all easy to use, and smell wonderfully fresh and natural! In addition, Green-Beauty Co uses olive pomace oil, hemp oil, orange peel oil, rose oil and other plant based extracts for all its products.

Best for: Moms who need and love all things totally natural

Price: Around $95

8. An eco friendly candle

Whatever the occasion, an organic scented candle makes for one of the best ethical gifts for Mother’s Day. Not only do they make us feel cosy in winter, they make baths more luxurious all year round. Plus, they smell good, too!

AMEN makes some of the best organic candles in the world. Combining sustainability, luxury and health, their candles are created by the concept of the body’s 7 chakras. Each scent corresponds to a different chakra, and is designed to open and soothe it.

Their natural waxes are hand-poured in Grasse and are stylishly housed in a reusable porcelain vessel crafted in Limoges, the candles are packaged in carbon-negative, biodegradable boxes made of mushroom and agricultural waste.

Best for: Creating a relaxing ambience after a stressful day

Price: $89

ethical gifts for Mother's Day

9. Some cozy loungewear

Who doesn’t enjoy the gift of ultimate comfort? These TreeTerry sweats are cozy enough to keep your warm and toasty but durable enough to be able to take on the world while wearing them.

Made from skin friendly organic cotton, the buttery soft texture makes them comforting to wear. Why not pair them with a tee or sweatshirt so your mom has a matching set?

Best for: Casual moms

Price: $68

tentree track suit

10. The perfect beauty product

Let’s face it – most moms are at the age where collagen production is plummeting. So one of the best ethical gifts for Mother’s Day could be magic skincare capsules to restore that!

These ones by Royal Ferm repair the skin and prevent further damage caused be environmental stressors. The ampoules are small, individually sealed glass containers and are designed to protect the potency and stability of their contents. That means they’ll be fresh and effective until the moment they’re used.

Each ampoule contains a single use amount of product which is easily dispensed. It should be applied to the face down to the decolletage, two areas that are always in need of a little TLC!

Formulated with antioxidant-rich Vitamin C and Fern Extracts, they work to promote collagen production and maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier. In short, mom will look and feel amazing after each use!

They’re suitable for all skin types, so are perfect for all moms. They are also free from mineral oil, parabens and are made with a plant-based and vegan formula.

Best for: Helping her to look and feel her best

Price: $195

ethical gifts for Mother's Day

11. A subscription that keeps on giving

If you’re wanting your mom to feel special beyond Mother’s Day, why not choose a subscription box? They last way beyond Mother’s Day and will provide moms with a special gift each month. And there are so many subscription boxes now, there’s surely one to suit all moms!

Kinder Beauty’s Beauty Box is the perfect treat. Each month, a box containing up to $165 worth of cruelty-free makeup, skincare, haircare and accessories will arrive at the door, plus two full-sized products. Everything is vegan-friendly and guaranteed to make mom feel beautiful and pampered.

Not into skincare? GreenUp box is the perfect box for zero waste household essentials. GlobeIn is ideal if your mom loves to travel or appreciates learning about different cultures. See more possible subscription boxes here.

Best for: Gifting mom a unique treat each month

Price: From $25 a month

kinder beauty box

12. A non toxic perfume

Is your mom in the market for a new perfume? Why not gift her one that’s not packed with cancer causing chemicals?

Fragrance Du Bois is a high-end perfume house that makes some gorgeous ethical gifts for Mother’s Day. The luxury brand offers rich scents like citrus, spice and fruits, which last all day long. But that’s not the best part, this is! They make all of their perfumes with 100% natural, plant based oils that are highly concentrated.

These elegant fragrances come beautifully packaged in recyclable glass and paper packaging, too.

And now you can get a 10% discount on all items! Just add the code SPRING10 at the checkout.

Best for: Moms who love to feel elegant and pretty

Price: From around $280

fragrance du bois

13. A relaxing room spray

One of the best ethical gifts you could give for Mother’s Day is a better sleep! And she can get it through this relaxing room spray. It’s a heady blend of lavender, frankincense and bergamot essential oils. This combo provides a calming and relaxing scent which enables you to unwind and decompress, thus encouraging a good night’s sleep.

Simply spray over your pillow or bed cover before you hit the hay.

Best for: Gifting the best night’s sleep – what mom could say no to that?

Price: Around $17

pure lakes room spray

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