Ethical Gifts For Mother’s Day 2022 She’ll Love

These unique ethical gifts for Mother’s Day are guaranteed to make your Maker smile!

By Jessica Dickson

You might think Mother’s Day is a ‘Hallmark holiday.’ You know, something invented by the greeting card industry to rake in some cash. But – that’s not the case!

This is actually a holiday that even the ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated. Well, kind of. They actually paid homage to Rhea and Cybele, respectfully, as the Mothers of the Gods. Eventually, these concepts of commemorating of motherhood passed on to later generations and eras.

For example? In Medieval times, Mothering Sunday was a day that servants were given off just so that they could visit their moms, which would have been difficult then. Now it’s a permanent fixture of the calendar, celebrated in over 100 countries.

Personally, I love this day! It’s a good time to truly say ‘thanks’ to the woman who helped raise you into the fantastic human you are today. She’s endured every tantrum and wiped every tear. It’s time to give back to that special woman who gave consistently and unconditionally, right?

There are plenty of ways to say, ‘hey mom, I love you!’ Namely with your words. Of course, you could also make her breakfast in bed, or bake a cake. Or just gift her with something she’ll love!

Whether it’s clothing, chocolates, flowers or something else that’s special, make sure it’s ethical and sustainable.

Not sure where to begin looking? I’ve found some gorgeous ethical gifts for Mother’s Day that are guaranteed to make her smile.

10 Perfect, Sustainable Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

white peonies

1. A Bearaby weighted blanket

Did you know? When you can’t sleep well, a weighted blanket can help. Fact! Apparently, the weight helps stimulate sleep hormones. This is something that Bearaby knows well!

They’ve created a whole collection of weighted blankets made from TENCEL™ Lyocell and organic cotton. This soft heap of comfort is the perfect edition to anyone’s blanket collection. Made ethically by two brands that care, this luxurious blanket belongs in your mother’s lap

Price: From around $200 – $350

Ethical Gifts For Mother's Day 2022

2. Cosy, ethical loungewear

What woman wouldn’t like a comfortable set of sleepwear for the best nights rest?

These sustainable pajamas from Hanro are 100% TENCEL™ Interlock made of Lyocell fibers, known for their excellent breathable and temperature-regulating properties. The comfortable yet stylish pajamas maintain an excellent drape and smoothness that can counter even the worst of morning bed heads! 

Every woman needs her beauty sleep, with TENCEL™ one can sleep beautifully too.

Price: $220.00

3. Some pretty jewelry

Who doesn’t love opening a velvety gift box to find some sparkle inside?

The classic brilliance of the Moissanite Fine Jewellery collection by Charles & Colvard is a must have in anyone’s jewellery box. It’s perfect for those who are looking for the highest quality jewellery that’s also responsibly sourced.

Namely, the stunning moissanite used by the brand is lab-created, not mined. That means a whole lot of CO2 is saved, as is the Earth’s crust.

Price: Around $800

ethical mother's day gifts

4. Natural hair care products

It’s a fact that most moms will have grey hair after 40. And Mayraki has all kinds of natural solutions to get rid of it!

They’ve actually created a serum that you apply at night that can apparently help reverse grey hair. But that’s not all! They also create a plant-based hair dye shampoo that’s super simple to use.

In fact, Mayraki has some of the best ethical gifts for Mother’s Day for women who like their mane to look its best. Check out their hair oils, shampoos, conditioners and more, and see what’s best for your mom!

Price: From $15 and up

mayraki hair products

5. Warm, handmade vegan slippers

Does your mom often complain about being cold? These handmade slippers are the perfect ethical Mother’s Day gift for her!

The removable insoles contain aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds. When she’s cold, just heat the insoles up in the microwave. Her slippers will be snuggly warm, and they’ll smell of lavender. If she’s too hot in summer, cool the shoes down in the fridge for some sweet heat relief.

Price: Around $49

vegan slippers

6. A print that’s all about family

Remind your mom about all the love that surrounds her with a print that’s about just that.

Artist Veronica Ballart’s personalised watercolor prints are one of those ethical Mother’s Day gifts with a seriously sentimental touch. Inspired by botanical illustrations and herbarium sheets, your illustration will is hand painted on paper. It expresses the hobbies, qualities, and achievements of family members that you share with Veronica.

Price: From around $85

Ethical Gifts For Mother's Day 2022

7. A tea of the month subscription gift

Is your mom a tea fanatic? If so, this is one of the best ethical gifts for Mother’s Day for her!

It’s actually three gifts, that arrive over three months:

First Gift: Soothing blends of green tea, honey, fruit, and edible flowers are hand-sewn into eight exquisite tea pods that blossom into beautiful bouquets of flavor when brewed.

Second Gift: From the chestnut aroma of Longjing green tea to the bancha tea and roasted rice in Genmaicha, there’s a world of flavour to explore in these 10 tubes of globally sourced loose teas.

Third Gift: 25 quick-dissolving tea drops are organic blends of tea, sugar, and aromatic spices with flavours like Rose Earl Grey, Matcha Green, and Blueberry Acai.

Price: Around $140 for three months

tea subscription box

8. Personalised IOU cards

The truth is, moms often love deeds more than goods. And you can do all kinds of good deeds with this pretty, personalised IOU cards!

Whether it’s taking her out for lunch to the restaurant of her choice, cleaning her house or giving her a massage, you can choose what acts of kindness you’d like to ‘owe’ her for Mother’s Day! Browse through 40 fantastic voucher ideas and choose the 10 options you know your mother will love.

Created by artist Sandrine Froehle, this charming collection is printed on sustainable plywood. Customize the box colour, personalise it with her most popular nickname (Mom, Momma, Mama, Ma, or Mommy), and let the caring coupon redeeming begin!

Price: Around $45

Ethical Gifts For Mother's Day 2022

9. An eco friendly candle

Cire Trudon has been making all-natural, beeswax candles since 1643. I think it’s safe to say they’re experts, right?

Their latest scent, Cire, has sweet, balsamic undertones and light freshness in its plant-based perfume. All notes come together in a gorgeous scented candle that’s powerful without being overwhelming.

We love how, since 2018, in partnership with the local Orne Dark Bee Conservatory, Maison Trudon has helped protect the European dark bee, an endemic species and an essential link in the region’s biodiversity chain. 4% of the sale of each candle will go to help conserve these vital bees.

This candle (or any candle from Cire Trudon) is the perfect ethical Mother’s Day gift for moms who love relaxing in a bubble bath or kicking back with a good book.

Price: From £39

Ethical Gifts For Mother's Day 2022

10. A non toxic perfume

Is your mom in the market for a new perfume? Why not gift her one that’s not packed with cancer causing chemicals?

Fragrance Du Bois is a high-end perfume house that makes some gorgeous ethical gifts for Mother’s Day. The luxury brand offers rich scents like citrus, spice and fruits, which last all day long. They make all of their perfumes with natural, plant based oils that are highly concentrated.

These elegant fragrances come beautifully packaged in recyclable glass and paper packaging, too.

And now you can get a 10% discount on all items! Just add the code SPRING10 at the checkout.

Price: From around $280

fragrance du bois

Jessica Dickson

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