The Best Natural & Organic Beauty Boxes

Crave new beauty products? Adore surprises? You’ll love these natural & organic beauty boxes!

By Diane Small

Attention Beauty Junkies! It’s now easier than ever to get pressies in the post every month. The trend for organic beauty boxes has really taken off, thanks to subscribers getting quickly addicted to the anticipation of  getting a veritable cornucopia of beauty treats delivered right to the door every month.

Shampoo? Perfume? Eyeliner? Skin cream? Who knows? Every month holds a new surprise (or five!) for subscribers to natural and organic beauty boxes.

Apart from the obvious pleasure of receiving a lovely monthly package, a good organic subscription box can also save you a lot of time, money and hassle in finding new organic beauty products that work for you, especially if you don’t live in an area where organic beauty products are widely available. There are other benefits, too! For example, you will:

  • Benefit from the convenience of have a box delivered to your door, instead of having to go to the shops
  • Receive great discounts on products you may have previously thought were too expensive
  • Get stuff that really suits you, after you fill out a profile card for the brand describing your preferences

Ready to treat yourself to a natural or organic beauty subscription box?

Here, we’ve found over a dozen gorgeous natural and organic beauty boxes that come packed with everything from luxurious lippies to natural nappies. As an added bonus, many of these boxes can be delivered anywhere in the world.

The Best Natural & Organic Beauty Boxes to Try

the best organic beauty boxes

1. Birchbox

Cost: $10 a month or $110 for the year

Ships: All over the world

What’s Inside: Of all the best natural and organic beauty boxes, this is possibly the biggest and the best known of them all. Birchbox is a beauty junky’s dream come true, because you get to create a profile that customises whatever you get in the box.

For example, we would just choose ‘organic, vegan and all natural’ products, for dry skin and a fair complexion.

That being said, all the stuff on Birchbox isn’t organic – it pretty much carries gazillions of different brands.

What we love: Unlike most other subscriptions, Birchbox offers a box for dudes.



2. Glossybox

Cost: $21.00 per month

Ships: Worldwide

What’s Inside: According to the brand, you’ll find five ethical products that are ‘carefully selected by our experts’ to suit your tastes, skin type and complexion. This is not a designated organic beauty box, but there are plenty of organic and natural brands to choose from.

What we love: The boxes themselves are so pretty, you’ll want to keep them to store all your beauty products in.

the best organic beauty boxes


3. Ecocentric Mom

Cost: $24 bi-monthly.

Ships: USA only

What’s Inside: Your monthly box will contain natural, vegan and eco-friendly goodies from businesses that care for the planet and your health. There is a strong focus on healthy, natural, non-toxic and organic products exclusively for moms, moms-to-be, and babies.

You might get some vegan snacks, 9-free nail polishes, or organic body oil, for example. This is definitely one of the best natural and organic beauty boxes for gifting at a baby shower or a child’s first birthday.

What we love: Makes a great gift for an expecting or new mom!

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the best organic beauty boxes

4. The Honest Company

Cost: $35.95/month for an Essentials Bundle or $79.95/month for a Diapers Bundle

Ships: USA and Canada

What’s Inside: This is beauty for your baby from the company co-owned by Jessica Alba. More a bundle of products than a box, the Diapers Bundle is a monthly supply of eco-friendly nappies, whilst the Essentials Bundle is comprised of natural & organic baby care and home cleaning products.

In short, everything you need when you have a baby, but are too busy to go out and buy!

What we love: You get to pick 5 products you prefer for the Essentials Bundle each month.

honest company box

5. Petit Vour

Cost: $15 per month (U.S.), $23 per month (Canada), $30 per month (international)

Ships: The whole wide world

What’s Inside:  4-5 natural and organic sample and full sized products. Any samples you may get will be rather large, meaning you have more than  enough product for you to decide  if it’s right for you. You  can also earn points in their shop with every purchase, review, and friend recommendation.

What we love:  These guys carry over 35 different brands, all of which are vegan and cruelty-free. If you’re in the USA, you can enjoy free shipping. Oh, and the boxes are lovely! Candy pink and tied with a lovely re-usable ribbon. Definitely one of the best organic beauty boxes for gifting!

petit vour


6. The Detox Box

Cost: From $39.95 to $55 a month

Ships: USA only

What’s Inside: Favourite online beauty retailer, the Detox Market, is now offering their best tried-and-true beauty discoveries. Each month you’ll receive one or more products that are worth $90 or more – with free shipping costs. Products are most likely to be high-end skincare items from brands like Josh Rosebrook, Pai, Osea, or One Love Organics.

What we love: The Detox Market has strict ingredient standards and high expectations for performance for all the brands they carry, so you’ll never get a dud product!

Image: My Subscription Addiction

detox beauty box

7. Akamai

Cost: $33 per month

Ships: USA, Hawaii & Alaska

What’s Inside: In every box, you’ll find three essential products that are everything you’ll need for clean and healthy teeth, skin and hair. You’ll find a mineral toothpaste, a 3 in 1 bar that can be used to wash, shave and shampoo hair, and a skin fuel moisturizing oil. All three of these products are created to replace at least ten in your typical beauty routine, thus saving you money in the long run. Plus, almost all their packaging is recyclable. 

What we love: This is one of the best organic beauty boxes for minimalists! Whilst many companies are trying to sell us multiple products, Akamai is built upon the ethos of wanting to sell you less! What they do deliver is stuff you will definitely want to use.


Natural & Organic Beauty Boxes to Try

8. BoxWalla

Cost: $49.99, bi-monthly

Ships: Free to the USA, prices to other countries vary, depending on location ($11.95 for Canada, $18.95 ROW)

What’s Inside: This is one of the best organic beauty boxes for those obsessed with natural and cruelty-free skincare. You usually get 1-3 products that are worth up to around $180 in total, and you can check their website to see what’s on offer. Then, if you like it, you can subscribe to that one box. Or you can subscribe to multiple boxes. Just make sure that you add each subscription as a separate order.

What we loveThis brand also offers subscription book boxes for those who love reading. Great idea!

the best organic beauty boxes

9. Box for Two

Cost: $100-$380.

Ships: Australia and New Zealand

What’s Inside: While being pregnant can be an incredible experience, it can also be tough. And honestly, you need some pampering during those nine months. Luckily, Box for Two is one of the best organic beauty boxes for mamas!

Curated from award-winning, organic pregnancy skincare products that will both rejuvenate and refresh anyone who is pregnant, the boxes are targeted to different trimesters. They’re also personalised to soothe different symptoms of pregnancy, ranging from morning sickness and stretch marks to general self-care. All products are, of course, 100% natural, free from harmful chemicals, and are safe for your growing belly!

What we love: This brand offers three different packages. Whether it’s a gift for a pregnant friend, yourself or a family member, there’s something for everyone.

box for two subscription box

10. Love Goodly

Cost: From $34.95 per month.

Ships: USA only.

What’s inside: This ethical subscription box concept contains skincare, makeup and lots of other cool stuff, too. Think: home accessories, snacks and wellness products. Whether you get a brand-new organic mascara, anti-ageing serum, healing crystal, facial loofah sponge or organic baked chickpea snack, you’ll be delighted with every box! Plus, with every purchase Love Goodly gives back to a good cause.

Finally, there are several subscription options with Love Goodly. There’s the Essential Bi-Monthly Subscription (4-5 full sized products worth $75+). Or choose the VIP Bi-Monthly Subscription (5-6 products worth $105-115+).

What we love: This is one of the best organic beauty boxes for those who have embraced a cruelty-free lifestyle, and love a good surprise!

love goodly box

Main image: Glossybox

Diane Small

18 thoughts on “The Best Natural & Organic Beauty Boxes”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful list, I appreciate having the names of some good organic subscription boxes

  2. I don’t see Clean Routine Beauty listed here. They are a wonderful subscription box that is non-toxic and cruelty-free! Check them out…

  3. Please note Bare Bliss is no longer in business and has TONS of complaints against them. Their website is still up so they continue to take peoples money (myself included) when you sign up but do not send anything and are no longer in business, have a valid phone number or email address. You should remove Bare Bliss.

    1. I love Pearlesque! They are my new obsession. I’m on my 4th box this month! almost everything they send I will use. Everything but the botanical steam anyway, lol!

    2. I love Pearlsque Box, I have been getting this subscription for a couple years and it never disappoints me. It is a wonderful subscription box, highly recommend

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