The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services Near You

These vegan meal delivery services near you will make your life a lot easier, tastier, and healthier, too!

By Lora O’Brien

There has never been a better moment for vegan delivery services to enter our lives! There are so many benefits they bring, whether you’re:

  • aiming to lose weight
  • trying to go vegan but don’t know what to eat
  • are sick to death of your own cooking when in lockdown
  • are too busy to cook
  • aren’t the best cook, but want something tasty and fresh to eat
  • just want to dine on something different for a change

These vegan meal services take the headache out of cooking and meal planning. Whether you want your meals pre-cooked so all you have to do is heat them up, or you’re looking to cook them from scratch with easy-to-follow recipe cards, there are lots of ways to enjoy beautiful foods this year!

Of course, your location matters, so I’ve found the best vegan meal delivery services in both the UK and USA, which you can see below.

The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services


Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a fully vegan food delivery service providing plant-based meals to those looking to eat better. The recipes cater to a big range with breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes to choose from. There is also a ‘recipe’ section on Purple Carrot that shares plenty of delicious vegan recipes. Check it out!

How it works: Purple Carrot works on a 2 serving or 4 serving plan. The former provides 3 or 4 meals a week and the latter provides 2 or 3 meals per week. Once you’ve selected your plan you simply need to find the meals that tickle your tastebuds. Purple Carrot make this easy with their categories like Quick and Easy, which are meals ready in under 30 minutes, and Comfort Foods, which are perfect if you’re looking for heartier meals!

You can also browse the meals on Purple Carrot by dietary concerns and preferred ingredients, so it’s really easy to cater it to your lifestyle.

Serves: 2 or 4 people

Price: $71.94 – $119.88

Need to know: Fancy a snack? This is one of the best vegan meal delivery services for you! There are plenty of add-ons, like mushroom jerky and vegan chocolate bars.

Recipe below: Korean Tofu Tacos

korean tacos

Green Chef

Love eating delicious food – but don’t enjoy the prep? Green Chef makes it easier than ever to enjoy delicious dishes week in, week out. All without getting your hands dirty! Green Chef delivers the food you need,  pre-chopped, marinated, and portioned in colour-coded packages. This means less time is spent chopping and more time enjoying every single tasty bite – yum!

How it works: First, start by selecting the Plant-Powered menu to see the vegan options. Then you choose how many people you want the food for and then select how many meals you want to be delivered. This is great if you have a bigger family, as you can order 4 meals per week for up to six people.

On Green Chef you can opt for either weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries. Then the tasty part: picking your menu! Green Chef has a rotating weekly menu, so it keeps the food fresh and exciting.

Serves: 2, 4 or 6 people

Price: $80.93 – $266.73

Need to know: All their food is organic, so this is one of the best vegan meal delivery services for the health conscious.

Recipe: Spicy Cauliflower with Tahini

vegan meal delivery services


Looking to make those gains in the gym, and want the best meal delivery service to support that? This is one of the best vegan meal delivery services for you! If you want to enjoy whole foods without spending endless hours in the kitchen, then you can save time with this time-saving meal service. Their vegan box is a creative mix of veggies, protein, fibre and complex carbs.

How it works: Start off by choosing the plant-based option you want. Then, select between the Standard Plant-Based food box or the Low Carb/Low Cal Plant-Based box. Next, you choose how many meals per day you’d like. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, or choose between the three, which is ideal if you’re looking for ultimate flexibility with your food delivery box.

There is also the option to exclude up to 3 ingredients from your meal plan – which is great if there’s a food you really despise! You can also list any allergies you have, with all means being gluten-free.

Serves: One person 

Price: $63.20- $202.23

Need to know: There are plenty of snack options to add on, such as granola, nuts and veggies!

Recipe: Confit Garlic Roasted Potatoes with Chickpeas and Chilli Lime Almonds

vegan meal delivery services

Daily Harvest

If you’re a fan of smoothies, soup, and power bowls, then you’ll be in food heaven with Daily Harvest. The modern food delivery service packages meals and treats in convenient cups, delivering them directly to your door.

How it works: Start by choosing how many items you want to add to your box. You can begin with 9 or go large with 24. Then you simply fill your box up with the food you like the looks of. You can pick from smoothies, plant mylks, nourish bowls, soup, oat bowls, chia bowls . . . there’s plenty! You can even get plant-based ice cream! Pretty cool, huh?

Serves: You can order either a 9, 10, or 24-item box

Price: $5.99 to $8.99 per item

Need to know: This is one of the best vegan meal delivery services for variety. There is so much to choose from on Daily Harvest! Everything is covered from meals down to lattes and snacks.

Recipe: Strawberry + Peach Smoothie

vegan smoothie bowl

The Very Good Butcher

Don’t let the name fool you when it comes to this food delivery service! It may be called The Very Good Butcher, but no cruelty is involved with these guys. In fact, everything is vegan – and may help to conquer any meaty cravings you have. Whether you’re new to veganism, or a seasoned pro and looking for a convenient place to buy your mock-meats for meal-making, this is a handy monthly service! All foods are all minimally-processed and handcrafted with whole-foods you’ve likely got in your kitchen. Think: beans, grains, vegetables and spices.

How it works: Start off by choosing the box that best suits you. There is three available: A Very Good Box, The Charcuterie Box and the A Box of Plant-Based Meat. The smallest box provided 13 meals, and the largest provides you with over 28. You can also choose whether you want a box every 30 or every 60 days. It will contain all kinds of vegan meats, from chick’n and ‘roast beef’ to vegan ribz and BBQ jackfruit.

Serves: Between 13 – 28+  meals

Price: $50.00 – $99.00

Recipe: Plant-Based Lasagne

vegan lasagne


Plant-based eating doesn’t get any easier than at Veestro! They deliver frozen ready made vegan meals in an insulated container. Simply pop them in your freezer and thaw them in your refrigerator before eating. Then heat them up and you’re ready to chow!

How it works: Firstly, choose your meal plan. There are currently two options: A La Carte, which allows you to choose 10, 20, or 30 meals. All meals are chef-prepared and made from fresh organic, non-GMO plants. The alternative is the Weight Loss box, where you can choose from a 5 or a 7-day plan. These meals all add up to 1,200 tasty calories per day.

Once your box is selected, simply choose your meals and then check out. If you subscribe, you’ll save money on your box and are able to cancel at anytime. Alternatively, if you’d like to sample a box before committing you can buy a one-off box minus any discount.

Serves: One person

Price: A La Carte box from $117.00 – $297.00. Weight Loss from $175.50 – $226.80

Need to know: This is one of the best vegan meal delivery services for those not willing or ready to commit to a subscription.

Recipe: Golden Chickpea Stew

vegan meal delivery services

Territory Foods

Territory allows you to select a plan that works for your appetite, lifestyle, and taste buds! They offer weekly plans which are easy to personalise. You choose when they’re delivered, what size meals you’d like, which lifestyle you’re following and the ingredients you like to eat – and those you don’t!

They can drop meals off for free at local gyms and other convenient locations, too. Otherwise, they will deliver direct to your door for a small charge.

Territory also gives back in a big way. Knowing that 40% of food in the US goes to waste, while 1 in 7 Americans struggle with hunger, they work with Feeding America. In doing so, they send over a pound of recovered food to a local food bank for every order.

How it works: Start off by selecting the vegan filter to only show the vegan meals available. Then choose the plan that best suits you. You can select from either the Custom Plan, 18 Meal Plan or the 10 Meal Plan. You can change the calories for each of these, choosing either meals with 250 to 450 calories per meal, or meals with between 400 to 650 calories instead. You then decide whether you’d like breakfast dishes or lunch or dinner, or both!

Serves: From one to a family

Price: $13.95 per meal

Extras: There is also the option to avoid certain foods if you have a dislike or an allergy.

Recipe: Cauliflower Rice Salad

vegan meal delivery services usa


Foodflo is a food delivery service that’s PETA-approved and created by celebrity chef and health coach Florence Bertheau. Foodflo well and truly goes the extra mile to provide plant-based meals that you’d likely never think to make yourself at home. Bombay curry sauce or caponata tart, anyone?

How it works: First thing is to select your location. It’s worth noting that Foodflo currently only delivers to California, Nevada and Arizona. If they deliver to you, you can then choose a plan. There are four plans available. Reboot Small offers 6 meals, whereas Reboot Large offers 9 meals. Complete: Reboot Small offers an addition 3 items, or you can opt for the Reboot Family plan, which delivers 18 items. These all contain a variety of soups, salads, entrees and side dishes.

Serves: From one person to a family

Price: $97.00 – $274.00

Need to know: There are lots of add-ons on Foodflo. From chia jam and probiotic cashew cheeses to a one-on-one food coaching session!

Recipe: Kasha & Winter Roots Apple Pom Salad

vegan meal delivery services usa



We know plant-based eating is best for us. But sometimes, you really don’t want to spend vast amounts of time in the kitchen prepping veggies and turning them into magical dishes. On those days, order from Planty!

They strive to be kind to the Earth from their food right down to the packaging used to deliver it. Their boxes, insulation, trays, films, and sleeves are fully recyclable. And the boxes and insulation are also biodegradable.

How it works: Choose your box size. The options are 6 meals, 8 meals or 10 meals. The more meals you buy, the cheaper the price per meal.

Serves: 1 or 2 people

Price: £40.20 – £49.50

Need to know:

You can also purchase a one-off box with no subscription.

Recipe: BBQ Banana Blossom Burrito

planty delivery box

Feast Box

Feast Box is a delivery service on a mission: to help people enjoy the pleasure of authentic, nutritious global cuisines. This box is perfect for anyone who loves to travel or who is keen to try different food from around the globe. The creators behind the Feast Box spend hours sourcing and preparing the best ingredients, writing and rewriting recipes so that consumers can make from their very own kitchens.

Whether your taste buds want to wander around Africa, China, the Caribbean or Korea, this box provides easy to follow dishes that are loaded with flavour and culture!

How it works: You can either opt for a 2-person or a family box, which you can choose up to 4 recipes for. These recipes change weekly, like most of the food subscriptions. You’ll never get bored of eating the same dishes every week! Add the recipes you fancy to your box, hit the checkout and await your delivery.

Serves: 2 people or a family

Price: £19.60 – £107.20 (the more meals you buy, the more you save. You get up to a 30% discount, reducing the price)

Need to know: They recommend alcoholic drinks which suit every meal, which can be added on at the end before checkout. There are also other additions they send, such as kimchi, samosas and chilli sauce.

Recipe: Pad Kee Mao

feast box delivery

Riverford Organic

Riverford started out with their boxes of organic veggies. And now they’re selling organic recipe subscriptions, and there’s a vegan option – hurrah! Since Riverford is an organic food company, it’s the perfect delivery box if you’re looking for exclusively organic vegan food.

How it works: Choose the vegan option and order as many recipes as you’d like – it’s as easy as that!

Serves: Each serving is for two people

Price: £12.45 per serving

Need to know: There are lots of other items to buy, too, from fruits and veggies to everyday essentials.

Recipe: Chestnut & mushroom casserole with miso mash

chestnut mushroom casserole

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef is a simple delivery service which is focused on helping the consumer lead a healthier life. Each recipe is made to reduce your intake of sugar and refined carbs, so they will never deliver pasta, bread or white rice. Instead, all of their recipes are based on innovative uses of fresh vegetables. They also donate a school meal to a child living in poverty for every meal ordered, which I love!

How it works: Start by choosing how many people the box is for. The options for Mindful Chef are for one person choosing between 3-5 recipes, two people choosing 2-5 recipes or the family box which allows you to select 2-3 recipes. Once you’ve selected your box size, choose the meals you fancy most.

Serves: 1 person, 2 people or a family

Price: £34.00 – £70.50

Recipe: Sweetcorn Fritters, Black Bean Salsa & Avocado

black bean fritters with avocado


Gousto is a food delivery service which has been around since 2012, and is really popular in the UK. With the demand for vegan food higher than ever before, the food delivery service has added a range of plant-based dishes to their weekly rotation, allowing vegans in the UK to be part of the subscription service. The Gousto box will send you everything you need to make four meals a week, plus easy-to-follow recipe cards.

How it works: Start by choosing your subscription. You can either select a 2-person box or the family box which feeds either three adults or two adults and two children. You then choose a delivery day before you start building your box. There are around 40 recipes to choose from and it’s easy to filter the food into sections, so if you select plant-based you’ll have all the vegan recipes to readily choose from.

Serves: 2-4 people

From £24.99 – £47.75

Extras: You can add on extras from the Gousto Market. These vary from side dishes and wine to desserts and kitchen utensils.

Gousto Recipe: Onion Bhaji Burger with Coconut Raita

uk vegan meal delivery services

Vibrant Vegan Co

Ever wished you could have a chef cook for you every night? Well, now you can, kinda! Chefs are behind the meals cooked for Vibrant Vegan Co. All meals are frozen from fresh to lock in both taste and nutrition. Once delivered to you, they take just 8 minutes to cook, which is fabulous if you don’t have much time.

How it works: Start by choosing the subscription you’d like – the options are either for one person or two. Then scour the list of meals and add six to your box. Once your box is full, simply select a delivery date and then choose how often you’d like one of these meals. The options are every week, every fortnight or monthly. You can also do a one-off payment for one box, which is great if you’re wanting to try it out before buying it regularly.

Serves: 1 or 2 people

Price: £54.00 – £60.00

Recipe: Butternut Squash Lasagne

uk vegan meal delivery services

Balance Meals

If you’re looking for a delivery service to cater to ALL your meals, this is one of the best vegan meal subscriptions for you. Forget prepping – Balance Meals take care of everything so you can just sit back and put your feet up!

How it works: Start off by choosing how many meals you want to be delivered. Balance Meals provides a 2 Day Taster, which is a great way to try the plan without heavily investing. Of course, all meals can be made vegan. You’ll receive a 2-day plan providing 3 balanced meals and one healthy snack per day.

The other box which is vegan-friendly is their Power & Plants box. This will deliver fresh, balanced vegan prepped meals that add more plant-based goodness into your life. The box contains a 5-day plan, which includes 3 meals per day and one healthy snack. Then you just have to choose your meals for each mealtime and check out.

Serves: 1 person

Price: £49.00 – £120.00

Recipe: Protein-Packed Banana Pancakes

vegan meal delivery services uk


Allplants is a delivery service that provides meals straight to your freezer, ready to be heated up and eaten any time. The subscriptions are flexible. You can skip a box or cancel whenever you feel like it. Allplants is really giving a makeover to frozen foods, proving they can be good for you.

How it works: Start by choosing whether you want them to feed one or two people to alter the portion size you’ll receive. Then you simply pick the six meals you’d like to eat. There is an option to filter the meals into microwave and oven dishes. They also have a section of 450 calories meals, which is great is great if you’re looking to drop some weight.

Serves: 1-2 people 

Price: £40.50 – £59.98

Extras: You can add on sides, breakfast recipes, desserts and smoothies. These range are £4 and under.

Recipe: 30-minute Mushroom & Ginger Stir Fry

vegan meal delivery services uk

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