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15 of the Best Places To Buy Vegan Makeup Online

Hate the idea of wearing dead animal products on your face? Here are some of the best places to buy vegan makeup online

By Bona Kim

Over the last few years, the word “vegan” has been buzzing around various different industries. What was once thought to be “hippie” and “alternative” has now become mainstream, with 3.5 million people in the UK and 1.6 million people in the USA identifying as being vegan – and these numbers are continuing to rise each year. The Economist has even declared 2019 as “The Year of the Vegan”.

The food industry was quick to pick up on the growing trend, and today, supermarkets offer vegan alternatives to our favourite pantry staples. With more people becoming more conscious about the things they put into their bodies, it makes sense that they are becoming more concerned about the things they slather on their faces as well.

But bear in mind that just because a product is labelled “vegan”, it does not necessarily mean that it is also cruelty-free – the two are not the same. Simply put, vegan beauty products do not contain any animal ingredients, while cruelty-free means that animal testing wasn’t involved in the creation of the product – though it may contain animal parts and products.

It may seem like a tedious task to unpack the ingredients list of all the products we have in our beauty cabinets and makeup bags. Luckily, many websites have made it easier for us to find vegan makeup online that is 100% free of all animal products.

Here is a list of 10+ of the best places to buy vegan makeup online. They may not all be purely vegan makeup stores, but they will all have a decent offering of vegan products. Just click the title links to get shopping!

15 of the Best Places To Buy Vegan Makeup Online

1. Love Lula

This is one of the pioneering shops when it comes to offering vegan options. From the very beginning, LoveLula has aimed to bring together an unparalleled selection of the world’s finest natural and organic beauty products. They now have over 200 global brands providing makeup, haircare, perfumes and even babycare.

Examples of brands: INIKA Organic, PHB Ethical Beauty, Emani

Based: In the UK 

All clean beauty? Yes

Delivery: Free shipping worldwide

2. Look Fantastic

With over 22,000 products, it’s no wonder LookFantastic has become one of the most popular beauty retailers in Europe. Their dedication to delivering the very best in beauty means they are constantly updating their portfolio of partners to make sure they can provide for every individual beauty need and concern. You can find over 40 vegan beauty brands and over 2000 products – and the list continues to grow. 

Examples of brands: INIKA, Cover FX, Urban Decay, Pureology

Based: In the UK

All clean beauty? No

Delivery: Free worldwide shipping to over 200 countries


3. Detox Market

Selling green beauty products since 2010, the Detox Market is a leader in the field. They offer loads of vegan brands, The Detox Market was born from a love for purity and an eagerness to support our communities in their healthful lifestyles. Since our first pop-up shop on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach in 2010, our mission to create an educated community of health and beauty experts and to offer pure, effective, and elegant products has remained the same. We are passionate about being the go-to resource for those who already believe in the power of pure products,

Examples of brands: Fitglow, Hynt Beauty, Kjaer Weis, Ere Perez, Alima Pure…lots!

Based: USA, Canada

All clean beauty? Yes

Delivery: To USA and Canada

4. Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty strongly believes that chemicals which are known or suspected to be harmful should never be in the products that we use on our bodies (and which can get into our bodies) every single day. They also hold that ingredients that come from unsustainable sources should be avoided when there are better alternatives. So if you’re looking for an online clean beauty site with loads of vegan makeup options, look no further!

Examples of brands: Jillian Dempsey, Kosas, CredoCrush, Lily Lilo and many more

Based: USA

All clean beauty? Yes

Delivery: Free delivery for US orders over $50


5. True Natural

With an emphasis on exclusively organic and natural brands, it’s no surprise that True Natural also has a selection of vegan cosmetics and skincare products. They also, of course, carry their own eponymous brand, too.

Examples of brands: Lavera, True Natural, Benecos

Based: USA

All clean beauty? Yes

Delivery: Free delivery for US orders over $25, Canadian orders over $65, International orders over $75



One of the most loved vegan brands, LUSH offers not only delicious smelling skincare and bath products, but now, a range of vegan makeup, too! Their range includes skin tints, mascara, eye liners and more.

Examples of brands: Just LUSH!

Based: Canada

All clean beauty? Hmm…kind of. LUSH could be ‘cleaner’ in our opinion!

Delivery: Ships to the USA and Canada – rates will vary depending on the region.

7. Feel Unique

With 11 years in business, FeelUnique is an expert in providing the best for your beauty routine. They have partnered with over 400 brands to offer hundreds of vegan makeup products ranging from lower-end to luxe. This is makeup that the pros – and customers – love.

Examples of brands: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Cover FX, Hourglass, Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury

Based: Europe, UK

All clean beauty? No

Delivery: Free delivery available for orders above country threshold. Ships to over 120 countries. Free delivery on all orders to the UK over £20

8. Birchbox

Love testing out new makeup but hate the commitment of having to finish every product? Birchbox will give you the opportunity to test out a diverse range of products across all beauty categories – hair, skin, body, and makeup. After completing your Beauty Profile (short questions regarding your beauty preferences), Birchbox will send you 5 deluxe sample and travel size beauty products that are perfectly tailored to your taste for just $15 a month.

They recently released “The Natural Edit” – a limited edition box containing vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. Be on the lookout for similar launches that are vegan-friendly!

And if a subscription service is not what you’re after, they also offer vegan beauty products that can be purchased separately.

Examples of brands: Lumene, Inika, Beautanique, Inika Organic…

Based: USA

All clean beauty? No

Delivery: Free standard shipping on all full-size product orders of $50 and over. Available only in the US.

9. Net-a-Porter

Net-A-Porter is another great place for finding amazing vegan beauty products by big-name brands. We love this online shop because it’s getting ever-more sustainable, with more eco-friendly clothing options, and cleaner beauty buys, too – including quite a few luxury vegan makeup brands online, too.

Examples of brands: Omorovicza, RMS Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury

Based: USA

All clean beauty? No

Delivery: Delivers around the world. Free US deliveries. Varying costs for international shipping.

10. 100 Percent Pure

Oh my, how I love this company! It’s not only 100% vegan friendly, but it’s clean, and cruelty-free, too! What more could you ask in a makeup brand? Well, maybe that it looks gorgeous, right? And heck, these products do indeed! Choose from fruit pigmented colour cosmetics, excellent foundations, delicious, all natural lipsticks, and much more. They do, of course, also offer awesome vegan skincare products, too!

Examples of brands: Just 100 Percent Pure

Based: USA

All clean beauty: Yes!

Delivery: Delivers to the USA, EU, UK and Canada. Free USA and Canada delivery for orders over $50. Free delivery to the UK and EU for orders over $100.

11. Planet Organic

It may have started out as a grocery store, but now, Planet Organic has grown….big time! They include loads of organic, natural and vegan beauty products in their selection of what you can buy online, and of course, they deliver to your door, too – if you live in the UK, that is!

Examples of brands: Nui Berlin, Ere Perez, Glossworks, Lily Lilo and more

Based: UK

All clean beauty? Yes

Delivery: Free UK delivery if orders are over £50; otherwise, it’s £6.95 for next day delivery

12. Cult Beauty

The Cult Beauty team consists of beauty devotees that are committed to providing customers with a “Beauty Hall of Fame”. With a highly curated selection of the best in vegan beauty, you’re bound to discover some new vegan beauty favourites. We love their transparency in disclosing the full ingredients list of all the products featured on their website.

Examples of brands: Venus XL, Confession, Zoeva, Too Faced, Milk Makeup

Based: UK

All clean beauty? No

Delivery: International delivery. Free UK delivery on orders over £15/ Free standard shipping on most countries for orders over £40

13. Sephora

Sephora is every beauty-lover’s favourite place to stock up on all things beauty-related. As one of the biggest online and in-store beauty retailers in the world, it may be surprising to find that they also carry a surprising amount of not only both vegan and cruelty-free makeup options, but ‘clean’ ones, too. Sephora’s customer reviews will really come in handy when you’re unsure about which products to add in your cart.

Examples of brands: Kat Von D, Hourglass, Tarte, Milk Makeup, Axiology

Based: Globally

All clean beauty? No

Delivery: Free standard shipping to Canada and the US on all orders over $50. Varying costs for international shipping.

14. Little Vegan Makeup Shop

YES! One stop vegan makeup brands online! No guesswork, no surprises – everything here is vegan!

Here you’ll find a rather limited range of vegan beauty products from smaller indie brands. The site isn’t that easy to navigate, but we love their ethos: they state they are a 100 percent shame free zone, because they “want to create a place where compassionate babes can feel comfortable expressing their personality with gorgeous products from the very best brands.”

Examples of brands: Lime Crime, Coco Betty, A Beautiful Weirdo

Based: USA?

All clean beauty? No

Delivery: Free international shipping on orders over $100

15. Dome Beauty

This gorgeous makeup brand began with the idea of developing a range of clean beauty products with shades that harmonise with everyone of all ages, sizes and skin tones. With the limitless possibilities that makeup brings, Dome Beauty focuses on developing high-quality pigmented eye makeup products and synthetic makeup brushes that can be seamlessly used across all skin tones.

What we love most about this vegan makeup brand online is that it will take back your old makeup containers for recycling!

Examples of brands: Just Dome!

Based: USA

All clean beauty? Yes

Delivery: To the USA, Canada and Europe only

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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