1. Maison Atia

Known as the ‘faux fur brand for cool girls‘, Maison Atia is co-headed by none other than designer Chloe Mandel, the wife of Smashing Pumpkin founder Billy Corgan.

The super-chic brand has started to use Koba, a soft, fluffy fabric that’s 100% made from plants and recycled water bottles. Recent collections have featured sustainable faux fur coats made with the stuff, that were also lined with soft, organic cotton. And in case you didn’t know, Koba consumes up to 30% less energy and produces up to 63% less greenhouse gas than conventional synthetics.

Materials: Koba

We love: The fact that this eco friendly fake fur brand supports an animal shelter in Chicago. For every coat sold, they ensure an animal is adopted! Awww…..

Price range: High

2. Stella McCartney

There is no denying it – fur is cruel. 85% of the fur industry’s skins come from animals living in captivity in factory fur farms, as Stella McCartney well knows. We love that whether she’s designing vegan shoes, clothes or bags, this vegetarian designer prioritises the welfare of animals above all.

That being said, the decision to include faux fur in her own designs has not been without much debate. Stella didn’t want to encourage people to use real fur by making a ‘fur look’ chic. Ultimately, she decided to put a ‘Fur-Free-Fur’ label on the outside of faux fur garments, just in case anyone has any doubt about what the coats are really made from.

Stella urges her customers to care for their items responsibly, washing rarely, and  never throwing them away. Her faux fur can easily be upcycled into pillow cases, toys or even rugs, when they’re at the end of their lifecycle.

Materials: Upcycled materials, Ecopel

We love: How real these look. But never fear – the Fur-Free-Fur label will let people know you’re not a dick!

Price range: High

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