There is no denying it – fur is cruel. 85% of the fur industry’s skins come from animals living in captivity in factory fur farms, as Stella McCartney well knows. The vegan designer prioritises  the welfare of the animals above all, but also points out that fur requires numerous toxic chemicals for preservation and dyeing, which can be extremely harmful for the natural environment and workers.

That being said, the decision to include faux fur in her own designs has not been without much debate – Stella didn’t want to encourage people to use real fur by making a ‘fur look’ chic. Ultimately, she concluded that by offering a luxury Fur-Free-Fur product that’s a great alternative to real fur, she could demonstrate that no animal ever needs to be harmed for fashion. She clearly placed a ‘Fur-Free-Fur’ label on the outside of faux fur garments, just in case anyone has any doubt about what the coats are really made from.

Although she works ethically with a few select mills, and ensures that all her materials are produced in an environmentally sound way, her coats themselves are not biodegradable, as they’re made from a blend of acrylic, polyester and ethically sourced wool or mohair. But on her website, Stella urges her customers to care for their items responsibly, washing rarely, and  never throwing them away – the faux fur can easily be upcycled into pillow cases, toys or even rugs, with a bit of creativity.

Like Calcaterra, Stella has also started working with Ecopel (more of which below), a company that makes faux fur from recycled plastic bottles. We can’t wait to see her new collection that uses this!

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