Why Maison Atia Is More Sustainable Than Ever

Think faux fur isn’t eco-friendly? Well, Maison Atia is more sustainable than ever! Here’s why

By Lora O’Brien

In a world where it’s cool to be kind, it has never been easier to wear your ethics. Fusing together a haute aesthetic with humane ethics, vegan fur brand Maison Atia has been disrupting the fashion world with its bold designs.

The brand offers statement alternatives to fur coats and accessories. That are bright, bold and coveted by all the coolest girls – including Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid!

The fashion house has always focused on creating faux furs that feel and look like the real thing – to avoid killing animals for fashion, of course. They’ve also gone on the slogan: ‘Buy a (faux) fur, save a puppy’, since they’ve partnered with the PAWS Chicago animal shelter to donate a percentage of their profits towards saving street dogs.

Each coat purchased provides lifesaving transportation for a homeless pet living in a high kill shelter to PAWS Chicago, where he or she is guaranteed life. Every pet saved takes us closer to a humane and compassionate community.

But now Maison Atia is more ethical and sustainable than ever. And that’s thanks to two things: the use of recycled plastic bottles to make their furry fabrics, and the fact that they’re heading towards zero waste.

From Scrap Heap To Tres Chic

For example, they’re turning excess fabric into chic accessories, such as scarves, caps and headbands. One of their founders, Chloe Mendel, sports hers to great effect. These headbands are thick, high, and sit on the head like a fuzzy halo. And if there’s a single piece of fabric left, they’re working with FabScrap to recycle those leftovers.

And if you thought they were socially responsible when they first launched in 2017, well, get this: Maison Atia stepped things up with their Fall 2019 sustainable capsule collection. The range, tailored for babies and toddlers, used Koba, a fabric that’s 100% made from plants and recycled water bottles. The line featured sustainable faux fur coats lined with soft, organic cotton. Koba consumes up to 30% less energy and produces up to 63% less greenhouse gas than conventional synthetics.

How Maison Atia Is More Sustainable Than Ever

But Maison Atia has recently become even more conscientious with its Autumn/Winter 2021 launch. This also uses Koba fabric to create its daring designs. The colourful capsule line was apparently inspired by the late 60’s aesthetic of Mondrian art and Yves Saint Laurent fashion. Whether you’re attracted to the blue brocade midi coat or the leopard-trimmed lavender chub, you’ll look super chic and damn unique!

Yep, that’s right: you can rest assured that you won’t find styles like these from any other design house. Mendel herself said of the collection that it’s comprised of “easy, fun styles that will not be found anywhere else.”

Maison Atia uses traditional fur ateliers and techniques to create carefully crafted and timeless pieces that push the boundaries of faux fur. Combining a modern aesthetic and sensibility with five-generations of fur heritage craftsmanship, they’re constantly reinventing and elevating the faux fur market, offering a conscientious and luxurious alternative to fur coats and accessories.

Ensuring sustainable faux-fur fashion is appealing to a younger, hipper audience, the new collection by Maison Atia will hopefully take a fresh generation of clientele into a kinder, more sustainable future.

Maison Atia Is More Sustainabledesigner faux furMaison Atia Is More Sustainabledesigner faux fur

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