The Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World

Having difficulty shedding pounds? These best weight loss retreats around the world can help!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

So there you are, sitting at your desk, bored, thinking of biscuits. Or a big, hot gingerbread latte, with extra whipped cream. Or maybe, what you’ll make for dinner. And in the winter time, it’s probably not a big, crisp salad you’re planning.

Winter is the time of the year we’re less likely to go outside and move our bodies and more likely to sit indoors and overeat. Our bodies crave warm, filling food, and this, combined with inactivity, can lead to some serious weight gain.

Some people go to extreme measures, skipping meals for days on end or exercising to extremes. Let me say two words about that: not. sustainable. The healthiest way to get back into shape for good is to reshape your eating and fitness habits completely.

If you know a bit about which superfoods to eat in which quantities, have a good workout routine and how much energy your body actually needs based on its size and energy output, great! You should be able to drop some kilos on your own. Others, however, may need a bit of expert education to help them understand how a permanently better body is realistically achievable.

And why not get that education in a stunning setting? From the majesty of the mountains in Canada’s Whistler resort to the lush jungles of the Philippines, we’ve found some of the best weight loss retreats around the world. All have highly effective programs in place, run by well-trained, knowledgeable staff who are guaranteed to help you reveal a slimmer you.

12 Of The Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World

1. Whistler Fitness Vacations, Canada

This Canadian resort is stunning, and from May to November, women-yes, only women – can benefit not only from its incredible scenery, but also a weight loss retreat than can run up to eight whole weeks. The boot-camp based program includes alpine hiking in the world-class luxury resort, indoor workouts in their five star hotel Health Club, and a dietary regime that’s dreamed up by three time Canadian Trainer of the Year, Cat Smiley, who founded the program.

The plant based diet meals served up here are based on Cat’s nutrition book, The Planet Friendly Diet. Nutritional education, cooking classes, and  private health consultations are all held in luxurious suites here, complete with housekeeping and concierge.  

Given the weather here, you might think this is one of the best weight loss retreats to visit in summer, but trust me – this place is even more gorgeous in winter!

Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World

2. Lefay Resort & Spa, Italy

Sure, Italy is a top destination for culture, food and history, but it’s also got one of the best weight loss retreats in the world!

We’ve already featured this extraordinary resort in Eluxe, highlighting its eco-friendliness. But did you know staying here can also help you lose weight? Their weight management program takes into consideration that weight gain may not be solely determined by physical factors, but also mental ones such as stress.

Lefay’s diet programme aims to address both the body and mind through the use of Chinese medicine over the course of a 5 day stay.

You will have several nutrition consultations throughout the treatment, which will determine the best diet for you. You can also opt for personal trainer sessions, hydrotherapy, reflexology treatments and massages.

When you exit the Lefay Resort at the end of your stay, both your body and mind will feel super-rejuvenated.

Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The WorldBest Weight Loss Retreats Around The World Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World

3. Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort, India

If you want a top-notch Ayurvedic Slimming Programme, the treatment in India’s Somatheeram Retreat will be just your cup of (Masala) tea!

This is one of the best weight loss retreats in the world for those who. have a lot of time on their hands, and a lot of weight to lose. You’ll have to dedicate almost a month of your time – 28 days to be exact – to this programme, but it will be well worth the commitment.

This is also one of the best weight loss retreats if you’re a lover of Ayurveda, the oldest known form of healthcare in the world, and four weeks of an Ayurvedic vegetarian diet plan, matched with yoga classes, herbal juices, and steam baths will set you anew. Not only will you be able to fit into your tight dresses but all every imaginable toxin will be expelled from your body.

ayurvedic health retreats in india best weight loss retreatsBest Weight Loss Retreats Around The World

4. Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof, Austria

The Ayurvedic theme but with a change of scenery,  this Austrian resort offers spectacular views of the Tyrolean mountains. The Sonnhof Resort’s Shiva Shakti Energy Garden of the Five Elements will soothe your soul and their ‘Ayur-detox’ programme will make you drop those extra pounds.

The specific diet here combines  modern nutritional science with the ancient wisdom  of traditional Indian dietary forms, targeting your body with the foods it most needs, according to your Ayurvedic dosha. Massages and other targeted detox spa treatments are also designed to help you expel waste materials from your body. Finally, one-to-one yoga or Qigong classes are available to help you get in tune with your body.

This is one of the best weight loss retreats for those who would love to try an Ayurvedic approach, but don’t want to (or can’t) go to India.

Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The WorldAyurveda Resort Sonnhof, Austria


5. Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, Spain

Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton has developed a Life Changing Weight Loss Retreat at Spain’s stunning resort, Shanti-Som. Food here is based on a spa cuisine menu that is matched to your metabolism to optimise healthy weight loss. Eating as much as you like, you’re guaranteed to lose weight nonetheless, as all meals are centred around what your body really needs, depending on your physical makeup, lifestyle and age. Forget about quick body fixes: this is a program that you can take home with you and use for life.

You’ll also enjoy just the right amount of exercise with daily hikes and some inclusive sessions with a personal trainer to leave you feeling invigorated and fitter. In fact, this is one of the best weight loss retreats for those who love hiking!

Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, Spain Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World

6. Capri Palace, Italy

Capri is always a lovely place to visit, and the Capri Palace offers yet another great reason to head to this gorgeous Italian island. Their Remise En Forme regime makes it one of the best weight loss retreats in the world!

It combines weight-loss with pampering treatments to make the whole process much more enjoyable. Your stay will only last 4-nights, yet rest assured that the effective treatments included in this programme will be enough to get you motivated and on the right track to losing weight.

A daily dietetic lunch or dinner will ensure you are getting adequate nutrition that’s also low in calories, whilst combined spa treatments will encourage weight-loss through lymph-draining massages, for example. Of course, there are also daily fitness activities, including ecological walks and hikes, and yoga sessions, too.

Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World Capri Palace, Italy

7. Grayshott Spa, UK

Fairytale England comes alive at this stunning spa, which was once the home of none other than Lord Tennyson! Set in 47 lush acres of verdant countryside, Grayshott specialises in restructuring your gut for weight loss and better overall health.

Your stay begins with a body composition analysis, followed by a nutritional consultation and personal training session, after which you’re given a bespoke, long-term diet and fitness plan to take home and implement for life, optimally.

But it’s not all hard work! This is one of the best weight loss retreats for having some relaxing fun, too! There are tennis courts, a heated swimming pool, wonderful spa massages and other relaxing treatments, as well as soothing hydrotherapy baths to enjoy.

Grayshott Spa, UK Grayshott Spa, UK Grayshott Spa, UK

8. Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

The Thai Absolute Sanctuary takes a highly holistic approach to achieving weight loss. Your diet here will be healthy, maintainable and sustainable, addressing your physical, mental and emotional needs. The 7-Day treatment includes an initial wellness consultation with a Bio Impedance Analysis, emotional therapies such as hypnotherapy and reiki, along with cleansing therapies to help eliminate any physical blockages.

The Pevonia slimming treatments are centred around a green coffee concentrate known for its fat burning properties so the body gets a little kick start to dropping the pounds.

Since losing weight isn’t only about vanity but also health, the programme includes a variety of personalised fitness sessions including cardiovascular exercises, fit ball, endurance and resistance training to help raise your activity levels.

Last but not least, you will be bequeathed with a balanced diet routine before you leave: the Absolute Sanctuary offers a class to ensure that you are equipped with all the tools you’ll to carry on eating healthily at home.

Thai Absolute Sanctuary Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The WorldBest Weight Loss Retreats Around The World

9. Epic Sana Algarve, Portugal

Understanding your body is the first step to reaching your best personal shape. Epic  Sana, set in the hypnagogic Portuguese Algarve, is a prime fitness retreat that features wellness coaching, slimming meals and nonsurgical cosmetic anti-ageing. The expert advice and tailor-made meal plans will help you achieve your weight management goals in the course of 6 days. Three hours of your day will be dedicated to workouts, which include military training, cycling, TRX, cardio circuit, BTT, stretching and cardio boxing.

The aim is to learn to push your limits, while obtaining your target weight. In addition, this is one of best weight loss retreats for those with cellulite: you can combine this holistic approach with transdermal mesotherapy sessions that will help to reshape your body using needle free therapy to treat both cellulite and resistant fat.

Epic Sana Algarve, Portugal Epic Sana Algarve, PortugalEpic Sana Algarve, Portugal

10. The Farm at San Benito, Philippines

The Farm at San Benito in the Philippines is one of Eluxe’s favourite of all the best weight loss retreats around the world!

Holistic health consultations, nutritional microscopy, psycho-emotional clearing and colonic hydrotherapy are just a few of the treatments that compose your detox diet stay. As this programme is about creating sustainable changes, so you won’t leave without receiving long-term recommendations from the experts about how to keep up your progress so you can continue to benefit from your retreat long after it has ended.

A personalised diet treatment for your specific body type will ensure the very best results, not only addressing the physical aspects of weight-loss, but also the emotional issues  related to weight-management.

Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The World Best Weight Loss Retreats Around The WorldBest Weight Loss Retreats Around The World

11. Miraval Resort & Spa, United States

If you’re seeking bodily rejuvenation in the USA, the Miraval Resort & Spa is one of the best weight loss retreats for you!

Here, you will find you the right nutrition and exercise plan to fit your lifestyle. The retreat’s Mindful Weight Management offers an integrative approach where guests can benefit from up-to-date information about nutrition and exercise physiology whilst recognising the importance of overall health issues, emotional eating patterns, and lifestyle habits to help you create an effective strategy for success.

Over the course of your 4 night stay, you can take advantage of the unlimited access to the daily fitness and yoga classes, as well as cookery classes, adventure activities, and consultations with the resort’s experts to devise a personal fitness plan, diet plan, and address any emotional issues that you may be struggling with.

Miraval Resort & Spa, United States Miraval Resort & Spa, United StatesMiraval Resort & Spa, United States

12. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Six nights at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland will utterly transform you. This is one of the best weight loss retreats, with one of the best medical spas in Europe.

Its weight loss programme is designed to help  you attain your optimum body weight through diet and exercise. You’ll work with your personal trainer, be given a healthy diet from the ‘Cuisine Equilibree’, enjoy several body spa treatments, and all of this with constant medical supervision. During this retreat you will learn how to maintain and optimise your weight now and in the future.

Apart from the weight loss program, you may opt to enjoy the Wellbeing & Thermal Spa, Tamina Thermal Spa, the fitness centres, and incredible exclusive activities offered by the Grand Resort, including staying in their winter igloos, should weather allow it.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

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  1. How about Unite Fitness Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are truly one of the best weight loss retreats in the world.

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