Luxury Vegan Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

These luxury vegan gifts are the perfect cruelty-free gift suggestions for anyone, on any occasion!

By Lora O’Brien

Vegans can be notoriously tricky to give gifts to. Chocolates? Oops – they’ve got milk in them. Gloves? They’d better not be leather! Socks? Ok, but just remember that wool is shunned by these true animal lovers. But if you’re wanting to give luxury vegan gifts, it can be even tougher!

Alpaca pashminas, leather shoes, cashmere sweaters and even pearls are all big no-nos. So, what little touch of luxury can you give to the animal lover in your life?

What’s meant by ‘luxury’?

Dang, but that’s a hard word to define. One woman’s ‘luxury’ is another’s daily must-have. According to the most basic dictionary definition, luxury can be defined as: Something that isn’t essential, but provides pleasure and comfort.

So let’s go with that!

Think about your recipient. What’s something they’d like, but  probably wouldn’t get for themselves, because they’d think it was too indulgent? Would that object bring them ‘pleasure and comfort’? If so, viola! You’ve just found the perfect luxury vegan gift.

To help you navigate the shops and choose the perfect vegan present – OR to drum up a vegan gift list you can pass on to friends and family if you’re vegan yourself  – I’ve selected some luxury vegan gifts that I know I (as a vegan myself!) would love.

Luxury Vegan Gifts Anyone Would Love

luxury vegan gift guide


1. A Luxury Vegan Handbag

Every woman loves getting a handbag as a gift. After all, there’s no issues with it not fitting; different bags can match different outfits, and there’s nothing as useful as a bag! But choosing the right one is important. Finding great handbags can be tricky for vegans. Either the best designs are leather, which is off limits, or they’re made of terrible, plasticky ‘vegan leather’, which is environmentally harmful.

That’s why we’ve included LaBante London in our vegan gift guide this year. The label creates a wide selection of vegan satchels, vegan backpacks, vegan purses and vegan laptop bags. Each piece is constructed from reclaimed plastic bottles and vegetable by-products, and is made to last for decades.

Best for: The working woman who wants to look chic without harming animals.

Image credit here.

Labante london bags

2. A Rich Luxurious Cream

Winter can be heck on skin. So who wouldn’t appreciate a thick, luxurious body cream?

One of our favourites is evolve together. This conscious brand makes unscented creams for those with super-sensitive skins. But if you like a light perfume, there’s Monaco – a citrus scented cream, or Provence, which uses lavender oil. Perfect for using all over the body!

Not only are these creams seriously effective and natural enough to eat (almost), but all the packaging is recyclable, too.

Best for: Stocking stuffers

Price: Around $49

evolvetogether cream


3. A Piece of Statement Jewelry

Forget diamonds! Modern women want jewelry that’s conflict-free and ethical. One brand you can shop with 100% confidence is Mejuri. Encouraging us to wear fine jewelry every day and not save it for special occasions, the brand is dedicated to being sustainable through its materials, and ethical through its traceability.

All of their jewelry is offered at fair prices and makes the perfect gift for someone you love. Or if you’re just wanting to treat yourself – you go, girl!

Not sure what to buy? Their Engravable Necklace is perfect. Its recycled 14k gold is made to last forever and will never oxidize or discolour. Plus, you can engrave an initial or a message across the pendant, lending a unique touch that someone can treasure forever.

Best for: Giving someone a sentimental gift with meaning

Price: From $250

luxury vegan gifts

6. A Relaxing Vegan Candle

What’s not to love about gifting and receiving a candle? Not only do they help to make any room cosy and heavenly scented, but they’re also the perfect way to help a loved one unwind.

If you love the scent of Lush bath bombs, then you’ll love their candles! Whether you’re basking in the warmth of the Mediterranean with sweet floral and citrus notes, or prefer the mystical scent of spicy black pepper, earthy patchouli and creamy vanilla, each scent brings a hygge vibe to your home.

Made with a natural base of rapeseed, coconut and castor waxes, they’re all palm-free, GM-free, soy-free and 100% vegan. Encased in a beautiful frosted reusable glass jar, they chic looking candles provide between 12 to 15 hours of burn time.

Best for: Those wanting to create the perfect haven at home.

Price: $18

lush candles



1. A Luxe Vegan Haircare Set 

The truth is – many men are just as concerned about their hair as women are. And so this duo gift set will be one of the most successful luxury vegan gifts for men. It contains Antonin B‘s multi-award-winning, best-selling serum and styling product.

The brand uses complex formulas based on high-quality ingredients that harmoniously together to lend the best results to the tresses. Their Desert Serum only requires 3 drops to bring vibrancy back to dry, dull hair. The formula is lightweight yet powerful with its combination of high-end botanical oils and green science.

Their Backstage Cocktail Street Fix is a versatile, rum-based hair styling product in spray form. It instantly gives a lift to flat hair, and keeps fine or thin hair in place all day long. And get this: as a Christmas bonus, he’ll get some vegan choccies to enjoy, too!

Best for: Thinning hair that is in need of a little boost

luxury vegan gifts

2. Sustainable Vegan Trainers

The perfect pair of lace up vegan trainers is a welcome vegan luxury gift for any guy! But especially when they’re made from hemp and other responsible materials, like this pair by 8000 Kicks. We love that these shoes are 100% waterproof, yet totally breathable, too!

These are a classic style that will look fab with everything, from cargo shorts to jeans.

Best for: Active, stylish vegan men

Price: $135

8000 kicks


3. A Modern Backpack

If he’s still keeping all his belongings inside his pockets, it’s the perfect time to surprise him with a bag. And Tote & Carry’s Apollo Backpack allows him to make a statement – without any animal cruelty!

Showcasing how effortlessly style and sustainability go hand in hand, this Apollo backpack is casual yet sleek, minimal and modern. It offers enough space to carry your man’s essentials from morning to evening, and is made from eco-styled, full-grain faux snakeskin and gold zipper accents.

Best for: Busy urban professionals who care about the planet

Price: From $129

tote and carry vegan backpack



1. A Vegan Subscription Box 

A subscription box is always one of the most welcome vegan gifts. It extends beyond the special occasion, and provides the recipient with a monthly treat long after the holidays have ended. And who doesn’t want to receive gifts every month, right?

GlobeIn boasts artisan partners from around the world. With the goal of enriching individuals and their communities, they connect conscious consumers with gorgeous products made by those talented artisans. Those products could include anything from Italian wine glasses and Portuguese water jugs to Kenyan wooden games and much more.

Each month, your recipient will get 3-5 exclusive, handcrafted items that have been ethically sourced. They’ll also receive information about where the items come from, and even the odd photo of the person who made them.

Best for: The world traveller, or someone who wishes they were one

Price: From $72

luxury vegan gifts

2. A Cork Travel Yoga Mat

Know someone who likes to travel as well as keep fit? Combine both with this gorgeous travel mat by Corkyogis. At 1kg, this mat can be taken with you anywhere. It’s perfect for yoga and Pilates, but can be used for other forms of exercise, too.

Not only does this cork mat look fabulous, but it’s antimicrobial, too. That means viruses, bacteria and fungus will never grow on it. Not to mention cork has low thermal conductivity, which means you’ll always feel comfortable no matter the temperature of your body during your workout. Plus, the mat comes with a grip spray bottle to help prevent slipping.

Best for: Active men and women who don’t want to do their downward dogs on toxic mats

Price: $54

luxury vegan gifts


3. An Elephant (Kind Of)

Of course, vegans love all animals, and elephants are always a popular favourite. So adopting one of these gorgeous creatures would be one of the best luxury vegan gifts ever! All proceeds from these elephant adoption packs help protect the elephant family living in Amboseli National Park in Kenya (monitored by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants).

Adoption starts from just £2.50 per month. Everyone that takes out an adoption with Born Free receives a unique pack including:

  • A cuddly toy Elephant
  • A glossy photo of your adopted Elephant
  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • A copy of your Elephant’s story
  • Born Free window sticker
  • Born Free folder
  • Two copies of Born Free’s Adopt! Magazine throughout the year with updated on the Elephant family’s progress.


Prefer other animals? There are orangutans, tigers, lions and other fur babies, too!

Best for: Serious animal lovers and conservationists

Price: From $3 per month

luxury vegan gifts


4. The ‘Thinking of You’ Friendship Gift

The last few years have been tough, and many of us have missed out on precious moments with our loved ones. With the rest of the year still uncertain, it’s the perfect time to show that special someone that you’re thinking of them with this luxury vegan gift.

The Long Distance Friendship Lamp is the perfect way to show your love from afar. It works like this: you touch your lamp and theirs will emit the same glow to send a little ‘I’m thinking of you right now’ message their way. Plus, the cosy colours are perfect for winter nights.

Best for: Showing someone that you care when you’re not nearby

Price: From $100

luxury vegan gifts



1. Fair-Trade, Eco-Friendly Toys

Looking for Christmas gifts for vegans who are teeny tiny? Wee ones will adore these amazing organic cotton stuffed animals by Konges Slojd. Whether it’s a bunny, unicorn or lion, these charming stuffed animals will bring joy and comfort without harming little one’s health, animals or the environment.

Looking for more eco friendly gifts for kids? Check these out!

Best for: Newborn babies and toddlers

Price: Around $21

organic cotton stuffed animal


2. A Vegan Book

Books are such a great way for kids to learn, and one of my all time faves is Charlotte’s Web.

The E.B. White classic includes illustrations by Garth Williams, the acclaimed illustrator of E. B. White’s Stuart Little and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series, among many other children’s classics.

Born as the runt of his litter, tiny little Wilbur just wants a friend. Farmer Zuckerman’s daughter, Fern, saves his life initially, but it seems Wilbur will be destined for the slaughterhouse unless a miracle occurs – fast. Then, one day, words appear in a spider’s web: Some Pig. Humble. Radiant. These mysterious occurrences save his life….but deplete the life of his new friend, Charlotte.

This is a tender, beautiful novel of friendship, love, life, and death that will make a serious impact on anyone who reads it.

Best for: Inspiring compassion in kids.

Price: From $8.99

vegan books for kids

3. A Plastic-Free Medical Kit 

The imagination of a child knows no bounds, and one of their favourite thing to do is to role play! Whether they’re an astronaut, a doctor or a vet, it’s as fun for them to play as it is for us parents to watch.

Given that the pandemic had such a traumatic effect on many kids, this wood-based medical set will allow young ones to feel empowered, as they learn about health and pretend to be doctors.

Best for: Kids who love to role play!

Price: Around $52

plastic free toys for kids

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