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15 Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids For All Occasions

Ditch the plastic toys and consider these eco friendly gifts for kids instead!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

It should be easy, but personally, I find it really hard to buy gifts for kids these days.

The main reason? The sad fact is, no matter how hard you try, when you need to find a present for a kid, it’s going to be made of one evil material: plastic. It’s so ubiquitous, it seems that finding eco friendly gifts for kids is pretty much impossible; everything from dolls and trucks to games and clothing has the stuff in it.

And that’s a shame, for so many reasons.

For little babies and toddlers, it’s likely they’re going to end up chewing a bit on plastic, and that’s not good – gnawing on it can actually lead to microparticles of plastics entering their bloodstreams. In fact, you can read more about the health threats from plastic toys here.

For older kids, giving them plastic presents only normalises the stuff, and that’s not good either. We adults should be sending out a message that natural materials are best for people and the planet.

And then, of course, there’s the whole reality that whatever plastic gifts you give kids today will end up as plastic pollution when they’re adults. Not exactly the kind of planetary legacy you want to leave for that wee one you love, is it?

Take a look at these Eco Gifts for kids – they cover all ages, tastes and genders, too!

15 Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids For All Occasions

eco friendly gifts for kids


1. A Wooden Name Puzzle 

The sad fact is that kids seem to be losing touch with manual and creative activities, thanks to their parents increasingly putting devices in front of them to keep them busy. But you can easily help their brain development by gifting them with this wooden name puzzle.

Handmade in the USA, this is an educational tool that helps kids not only with their spatial development by allowing them to fit the letters in the appropriate space, but also teaches them how to spell their name and know the alphabet.

Price $29.99

Best for: Educating kids aged 1-3

We love: How this is so simple to customize: choose your favourite names, words and colours!


eco friendly gifts for kids

3. A Unisex Organic Cotton Tee

How great is the message on this printed organic cotton-jersey T-shirt by Stella McCartney? It basically tells kids that ‘the sky’s the limit’ for your dreams! It’s the perfect gift for boys and girls who are fascinated by outer space – it may even inspire them to become an astronaut when they grow up! It goes great with jeans, tights or a skirt, is wonderfully unisex and suits all ages, too.

Price $72.00

Best for: Kids of all ages

We love: The powerful graphics!

eco friendly gifts for kids

4. An Eco Friendly Dress Up Doll 

Dolls are a much-loved classic toy, and I remember how much I adored my paper cut out dolls, which came with loads of exciting outfits to dress them up in! This Camille doll made by La-di-dolls is a bit more durable since it’s made from wood. She’s hand painted and comes with eight eco-friendly outfits, and loads of hemp hair! How awesome is that? She also comes with her own eco-friendly carrying case, which is perfect for taking Camille and all of her outfits on outings, holidays and car trips.

Price $13.95

Best for: Creative kids

We love: That hemp hair!

eco friendly gifts for kids

5. Wood Beads 

Kids love beads! But unfortunately, they’re usually made of plastic. Not this beautiful set of assorted round wood beads, though. They’re colourful, eco-friendly, and easy to string into necklaces, friendship bracelets, or even to use as hair adornments. And the best part? You’ll be super touched if your kid makes a gift, just for you!

Price $6.99

Best for: Creative kids

We love: The fact that you can do so many cool things with these – and of course, the fact that they’re not plastic!


6. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare 

Ok, so this one is more likely to delight moms than kids, but how charming is this beautifully illustrated suitcase?The Aurelia Probiotic Skincare gift set includes not only a plethora of gentle skincare products such as soaps, shampoos and creams for kids, but also comes with a limited edition hardback copy of Sleepy Time Tales, a book that’s full of sweet, woodland-inspired adventures. 

Price $225.00

Best for: New moms

We love: The fact that all of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s products are designed to protect the natural biome of the skin, through the use of natural ingredients

eco friendly gifts for kids

7. BeginAgain Bathtub Ball Shark Tank 

Kids will learn to love bath time once they sample the BeginAgain Bathtub Ball Shark Tank! This natural rubber toy makes it more fun to splash around with. Kids can exercise their imaginations, pretending they’re guiding a deep sea expedition fraught with adventure, sharks and other sea creatures.

Price $24.99

Best for: Stimulating the imagination

We love: The fact that these toys blow bubbles when fully submerged underwater


8. Veja Sneakers 

Adults are crazy for Veja’s stylishly sustainable sneakers, and now children can enjoy strutting around with the same ethical brand on their feet. These Esplar printed sneakers are comfy, durable, and trendy. They’re great for any occasion, be it an indoor game of dress-up or running around in the playground outside.

Price $90

Best for: Kids on the move

We love: The vibrant tropical pattern, and the fact that these are unisex

9. Ecotribe Wooden Unicorn Toddler Swing 

We adore this gift, because it looks like so much fun! (wonder if they make adult sizes…?) The Ecotribe Wooden Unicorn Toddler Swing is handcrafted from natural birch wood and cotton rope, and works wonderfully indoors or out. This totally eco-friendly swing is guaranteed to keep toddlers and babies busy for hours.

Price $64.97

Best for: Restless babies and toddlers

We love: That this is a unicorn, not a horse!

10. LoveShackFancy Kids Bag

I remember my first purse: it was one of my mom’s old ones, and I kept everything in it, from candies to Barbie Doll shoes. This LoveShackFancy Kids’ bag is a bit more fancy than mom’s old hand-me-downs, but is perfectly sized so your little one can carry her snacks, coins and toys wherever she goes.

The lightweight, natural raffia bag is lined with elasticated voile to keep belongings safe. It’s really comfy to hold, from either the soft floral-print top handles or the detachable shoulder strap. If you’re gifting this, why not add some small ‘bonus’ presents inside?

Price $115

Best for: Budding fashionistas

We love: The pretty, floral fabric straps

11. Crazy Crayons Eco Stars

What kid doesn’t love crayons? And these 20 star shaped, solid colours fit perfectly in kids’ hands. These star crayons are made with crayon stubs collected by the National Crayon Recycle Program. The purchase of this product supports “Recycling Education” and employs people with developmental disabilities, creating a positive earth conscious impact.

Price $11.45

Best for: Little Picassos

We love: All the gorgeous colours!


12. A Ceramic Piggy Bank

Maybe you remember the thrill of having your first ‘own’ money? Kids will love the notion that all the coins in this ceramic piggy bank are theirs – and only theirs – to spend!

There’s an array of colours and styles to choose from here, and it’s big enough to ‘eat’ a lot of savings! The best part is that the rubber stopper on the bottom means that coins can be removed without smashing the bank. Why not add some money in the piggy to make your little recipient extra happy?

Price: $19.99

Best for: Teaching kids the value of savings

We love: How you can customise the colours of this one

15 Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids For All Occasions

13. What Does It Mean To Be Green? Book

We couldn’t do a list of Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids without adding something highly educational! The sooner kids learn about ecology, the better, and this easy-to-read book explains it all very well! Rather than terrorising kids with the notion that ‘we have 12 years to save the planet!!’ this book instead empowers children to make easily implementable, greener choices for their future.

Price: $19.99

Best for: Teaching kids the value of savings

We love: How you can customise the colours of this one

14. Kids’ Ski Goggles

Teaching your wee one to ski? These lightweight ski goggles will help to protect his or her eyes from snow, wind, dust and harmful UV rays, while also allowing crystal-clear vision to ensure they make it safely down the slope. The soft foam backing prevents them from fogging up and helps to seal out the cold winds, while the non-slip elasticated band can be adjusted for a secure fit. This particular pair of goggles is made from partly recycled materials, by none other than Stella McCartney.

Price: $140

Best for: Sporty tykes

We love: The idea of learning to ski as a kid – much easier than teaching adults! #abitjealous

15 Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids For All Occasions

15. National Geographic Break Open Geodes

This is one of my personal favourite eco friendly gifts For kids! Rocks, like plants and animals, are a living part of our planet, and this kit really allows kids to get in touch with what geology is! This science is made even more exciting by the fact that the kids get to smash open rocks….to discover the crystal treasures that lie within!

The kid comes with 10 geodes filled with various crystals, safety goggles, and a full-colour learning book. It’s a great science toy for both boys and girls, and is guaranteed to get them perceiving rocks in a different way.

Price: $24.00

Best for: Kids aged 7-10 with an interest in science

We love: The fact that some of these ‘rocks’ are actually healing crystals! Bonus!


15 Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids For All Occasions




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