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10 Eco Friendly Gifts for Guys

By Chere Di Boscio

Although we don’t usually cover menswear, we believe that all those hard working dads, partners and sons out there deserve a bit of pampering not only on special occasions like Father’s Day and Christmas, but all year round, too. The only thing stopping many women from showing their appreciation to a special guy is the fact that men are notoriously hard to buy for.

Fortunately, there are loads of fabulous eco-friendly brands out there aimed at men, which means that by gifting your special guy, you’re not only making him happier than you’d imagine, but you’re helping the planet, too.

Here’s our pick of the best Eco Friendly Gifts for Guys.

1.  Pants to Poverty

Let’s face it–most guys need new skivvies. They seem to wear theirs till their grey, baggy and full of holes, so Pants to Poverty is the perfect place to pick up half a dozen or so shorts for your guy. The brand aims to lift Indian agricultural workers out of poverty by providing fair wages, educational and agricultural support to organic cotton farmers.



2.  Paguro Bags

For motorcycle loving men, these bags from Paguro make a unique and useful gift. Crafted from recycled motorcycle seats, these are durable, stylish, and of course, totally sustainable gifts. The brand is also well known for making wallets from tyres and ‘manbags’ from recycled inner tubes and mosquito netting.




3.  Run & Fell T Shirts

Made from Organic Cotton or Bamboo fibres, these soft urban Ts come with super-stylish graphic designs.



4. 66 °30  Skincare

The organic French brand aims to pamper the male complexion with natural oils, butters and plants. Rich in nutrients and free of chemicals is especially good for maturing skin. Bonus–you can ‘borrow’ it when necessary!


5.  Bamboo Revolution Bamboo Watches

This company produces oversized bamboo watch faces, set off by locally sourced eco-leather in an array of shades. Lovers of the local fauna, Bamboo Revolution also donates a portion of their proceeds to Project Rhino KwaZulu-Natal, which is an anti-rhino-poaching initiative.


6. Wooden Sunglasses

Schwood is one of the first brands to have made eyewear from wood, and now Ilina Popovska is also using repurposed wood from either old skateboards or branches from trees to do so. In the past, she has worked with recycled silver to create filigree jewellery frequently bought by ambassadors in Macedonia, and today, her clients include eminent political figures and famous artists–and maybe your dad!

Shwood is a Oregon based company that hand makes wooden sunglasses.


7. Abel Vintage Organic Cologne

Billing itself as ‘possibly the world’s first organic perfume,’ the brand’s signature scent, Vintage 13, features clove, ginger and vetiver. It’s very warm and spicy–maybe just like your guy? Packaged in 100% recyclable materials, we can’t think of a single man who wouldn’t adore this scent. And if you want to win 5, 3ml samples of it before committing to buying, just click here.

Abel Vintage '13_MG_5133_1

8. Undies by DaDa Quarterly Underwear Club

DaDa knows that men tend to hate shopping, so the innovative company makes a gift that keeps on giving: the company delivers bamboo and organic cotton mens underwear directly to the customer’s door three times a year. Manufactured ethically in Sri Lanka, the line features undershirts, boxers, and briefs in a variety of colours and patterns, and ensures your guy’s special day lasts all year round.



9. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather Vegan Shoes

This chic French label shows that leather isn’t a necessity to create stylish footwear. Made from eco-friendly materials, these shoes are perfect for men of any age.



10. Button down fashion by People Tree

Is your guy not a fan of the T-shirt, but does he still like to dress ethically? People Tree offers the perfect solution. Plenty of blazers, button-down shirts and trousers made from organic cotton are on offer…as well as T-shirts, of course!

grey-jamie-fleece-jacket-36d0c724ee66 alfie-check-shirt-52a2ddc5c2d1

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  • Reply
    Jun 4, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    I love this clock!! I really do! It is so original!
    Clock is the only jewels that a men can buy SO they really should get this one!

    • Reply
      Jun 5, 2014 at 1:06 am

      It is indeed original, Chloe, but I think you mean the watch? 😉 It’s by Bamboo Revolution, an eco-friendly company based in South Africa. Good choice!

  • Reply
    Anna Herman
    Jun 11, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    While it looks like you were able to find some men’s lines. There aren’t that many good ones.I’ve been having an Eco Fashion Show every year for 6 years . I am the only one who has ever shown any men’s clothes in it . Most of my friend designers make women’s wear. Just go online anywhere and you see t shirt after t shirt it doesn’t tell if they are fair trade. My guess most are not.We have a long way to go. Hey, I shouldn’t mine There is little comp. for my line, but we need to change the way things are done in The fashion world. We need more great men’s clothes .
    Designer Anna Herman

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    Dec 22, 2017 at 2:06 pm

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