Cult Organic Beauty Brands From Around The World

These cult organic beauty brands from around the world prove that clean skincare is more than a trend – it’s a worldwide phenomenon!

By Sophia Hussain

Let’s face it – most organic beauty products we read about in English language magazines are from America or the UK. Whether it’s Josie Maran, Green People or 100% Pure, most of us are already familiar with top US/UK brands. That’s also thanks to shopping sites like LookFantastic, the Detox Market, Sephora. And magazines like Eluxe, of course!

But organic beauty is a trend that’s growing throughout the world. And women throughout the globe are making the switch from toxic cosmetics to natural ones.

You may not have heard of some of these cult organic beauty brands from around the globe, for various reasons. Exporting and importing cosmetics into some countries – namely those in South America – is extremely restrictive, for example. And of course, the global mega-corps, such as Estée Lauder and L’Oreal, love to maintain their stranglehold on the beauty industry by making life more difficult for competitors, especially foreign ones.

But these are brands worth knowing!

All of them offer organic and/or natural ingredients. Which is an absolute must for maintaining beautiful healthy skin. Often housed in minimalist packaging, these eco-friendly beauty brands offer chic collections created by brilliant founders whose personal visions inspires the creation of an eco-friendly healthy cosmetics collection.

Discover now why you must add some of these cult organic beauty brands from around the world to your personal apothecary supply.

After all, it’s chic to go global!

Cult International Organic Beauty Brands


Born into an Irish family that consumed homemade, homegrown, and natural as much as possible, Shirley Conlon went on to create her own line of all-organic skincare products. Today, her line includes everything from serums and cleansers to masks to look after your skin from the inside out.

Although Conlon is Irish, she launched her eponymous range in Dubai. And it has remained very popular there ever since!

And speaking of Dubai… The abundance of luxury and beauty there is captured in an elite organic skincare collection created by a Dubai-based dermatologist. Shiffa. Want to learn a bit of Arabic? Shiffa means “it heals”. The brand offers simple solutions to hydrate, tone, and nourish the skin, using exotic ingredients such as roses, frankincense, and meadow foam.


Looking for all the most potent natural ingredients this continent has to offer? Look no further than Corium Skincare. It uses Earth-based elements like clay, plant based oils, leaves and flowers to create an all natural line of serums, creams, soaps and much more.

All their raw materials come from supplier partners in sustainable development organisations, or from individual artisans who are ethically compensated.

As the cruelty free brand itself states: “We make every effort to operate as an ethical and transparent entity.”

Our top pick? Their famous African black soap!

cult organic beauty brands from around the world


Long known for their stunning, clear skin, Scandinavian women have a secret. Namely: organic beauty products! One of the best is by Maria Akerberg. The former makeup artist makes not only natural makeup, but also gently scented organic skincare products.

One of our favourites is her Cardamom Orange hand cream. This is packed with nourishing shea butter, bee’s wax, and jojoba oil. These work to hydrate hands, while extra vitamin C prevents wrinkles and brown spots.

Her lipsticks, which are highly pigmented but contain absolutely no harmful chemicals, come in a wide array of flattering hues, and are exactly the kinds of formulations that beg to be kissed.

One more top brand we’d like to share is from Norway. Alexander Sprekenhus makes minimally packed, basic skincare such as body oils, facial cleansers and scrubs that are designed to be perfect for both male and female skincare routines (and bathroom designs!)

cult organic beauty brands from around the world


Eastern Europe is another hot spot for cult organic beauty brands from around the world. After all, women here, deprived of cosmetics during the dark years of Communism, crave them more than most!

For example? Check out MADARA Organic Skincare. This Baltic beauty brand merged the passion for a healthy lifestyle of four passionate Latvian ladies who co-founded to create it. Named after the wild madder plant (bedstraw) which is grown in the Baltic meadows, and comprises organic botanicals in the skincare and cosmetics collection designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Now, let’s shift a bit to beautiful Bulgaria.

A popular Bulgarian beauty regimen is using rose water or rose oils for maintaining youthful skin. So organic-certified luxury beauty brand Arbu Cosmetics offers a fragrant Rose Garden line and an anti-aging line comprised of botanical extracts, essential oils, and natural active ingredients – all of which use the power of nature to protect your skin.

This plant based beauty brand smells amazing, boasts high concentrations of essential oil ingredients, and is highly luxurious!

cult organic beauty brands from around the world


What could be more European than a brand that uses cold-pressed virgin olive oil in its products? That’s exactly what Matarrania does. This is a highly pampering organic skincare collection, handmade in the Spanish village of Terul. The olive oil they use has a high vitamin E content, an essential potent antioxidant for promoting youthful skin.

cult organic beauty brands from around the world

Hailing from further south in Greece is Odeia, an organic skincare collection influenced by hydrosols (floral waters) distilled from either lemons or oranges. There are five lines (red, yellow, orange, purple, and green), with each corresponding to the colours of the fruits and botanical blends included in each cohort.

odeia skincare


Though China is reconsidering its law that requires all cosmetics to be tested on animals, there are still very few pure, organic beauty brands coming from the most populated nation on Earth. However, Japan is extremely forward thinking and produces several great  brands, many of which  focus on skin lightening and sun protection.

One of the best organic brands for this is Naturaglace, which produces a light, transparent SPF 43 cream that contains no nasties. The brand is also well known for its skincare and makeup range.


Over in Korea, Innisfree is a brand that has become so popular, it has now gone global!

Established in 2000, Innisfree calls itself Korea’s first natural cosmetics brand, and many of its ingredients are inspired by the natural beauty and resources of Jeju Island, like volcanic clay or green tea. Though many of the brand’s flagship products use ingredients sourced from Jeju, like green tea grown on an organic farm, not all of them are vegan, so make sure you check the labels if that’s important to you.

cult organic beauty brands from around the world


Ayurveda rules in India, and there are plenty of brands using this ancient knowledge. Kama Ayurveda is one such brand.  Launched  in 2002, this company represents top of the line luxurious Ayurvedic care.

They have a wonderful package that involves a complete care pack for three months prior to a wedding, consisting of Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment, Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Scrub, and the Nalpamaradi Tailam Skin Brightening Treatment. The pack uses the power of 12 herbs to bring vibrancy to the skin, and the powerful Nalpamaradi treatment has a similar effect on the entire body. No wonder this is one of the top cult organic beauty brands for brides in India!

cult organic beauty brands from around the world


Australia is on the cutting edge when it comes to eco-beauty brands. In fact, it’s worthy of an entire article of its own. But one I’ve grown to love myself is Inika, a luxury certified-organic and mineral makeup collection with a brilliant line of vegan cosmetics brushes. In fact, it’s one of the best known cult organic beauty brands from around the world!

Given that it was born in such a sunny clime, one of the main ingredients used in this comprehensive range is zinc oxide. Of course, this acts as a natural sunscreen. Inika goes a step further in the ‘natural stakes’ by ensuring their sunscreens are non-nano, and non-micronised. This means the particles are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Their award-winning Mineral Foundation is a serious triple threat product. It’s a concealer, foundation, and powder all-in-one. And their creamy lip glosses and lipsticks will leave your lips feeling sensuously soft!

inika organic


How could we possibly do a list of cult organic beauty brands from around the world without including South America? It’s home to so many great eco-friendly brands!

One of them is Boti-k. This company was founded by Argentine couple Florencia and Ignacio after they faced a challenge with their son. Born on the autistic spectrum, he was very sensitive to chemicals in cosmetics. Especially preservatives, fragrances and parabens. So the pair decided to create their own range of soaps and shampoos to help him.

Now Boti-k has developed a range of products that can be used by other people that find themselves sensitive to synthetic chemicals. They work wonderfully on babies, children and adults.

cult organic beauty brands from around the world

Right beside Argentina, you can find Brazil. This nation is well known for its beautiful women and stunning natural scenery. Natura is one of their biggest brands there. It contains many of the organic and natural ingredients the country is rich in, from acai and guarana to yerba mate and more.

Their Ekos skincare range, which includes creams, serums, face washes and more, is a top seller in the South American country. But sales are not limited to Brazil. This is also one of the top cult organic beauty brands sold in France, too!

cult organic beauty brands from around the world

As anyone who has visited Machu Picchu knows, Peru is a country that values nature and all things organic. Begonies’ Botanicals, based in the Sacred Valley, Peru, exemplifies this perfectly. It boasts a range of 100% natural, plant based sunscreens, creams, shampoos, soaps and more.

In keeping with the spiritual side of the Sacred Valley, the range also includes things like ‘aura sprays’ and plenty of aromatherapy based products, too.

Which country are you from? Did we miss any cult organic beauty brands from your nation? If so, let us know in the comments section, below!

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