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Our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide For 2021

Our ethical Christmas gift guide for 2020 has something for everyone: men, women and kids!

By Lora O’Brien

Anyone else kind of love – but kind of hate – the holiday season? You marvel at all the gorgeous lights on the high street…and then wonder how much electricity they’re using. You’re thrilled when you open up your gifts…but wonder why Aunt Sally couldn’t have used a recyclable gift bag instead of plastic ‘paper’ for wrapping. You need to buy gifts for your nephew, mom, boyfriend, sister, colleague…but dread the idea of filling up the world with more wrapping pollution and unwanted gifts.

So, what to do?

Well, for starters, be sure that whatever you buy is ‘wrapped’ in something eco-friendly, be it an old newspaper, recycled Kraft paper or a reusable gift bag.

Secondly, make sure you gift something that people will love. Something useful. Something targeted towards that person, but a gift that’s not too particular or personal. Just in case.

Personally, I think I’m pretty good at gifting. No complaints so far! So I’ve been assigned by Eluxe the task of coming up with gifts for him, her, kids, and everyone, that are sustainable, ethical, and above all, highly desirable.

The result? Our ethical Christmas Gift Guide for 2021. I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone on your list this year!

Our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide For 2021


Skin Care He Needs

Have you noticed your man pinching a little of your moisturiser? Give him the gift of his own plant-based skincare this Christmas!

Native Atlas offers simple, clean and effective products for men. They’ve all been sourced globally from their local origins. Made with love, compassion and suitability at the forefront of the brand, their products are made from wildcrafted or certified organic plants. Cold-pressed, unrefined oils work wonders on all skin types!

There’s everything he needs, from face wash and cream to balms for sore muscles – and more!

Price: $58 for the travel pack

Best for: The man who is conscious of his appearance, and the planet!

native atlas

A Vegan Backpack Set 

Is your guy a modern nomad? Gift him the perfect ethical gift that will allow him to navigate the planet – or the city – easily and stylishly. Miomojo’s recycled nylon/plastic vegan set offers functionality with a touch of sleek elegance. All without harming the planet!

The set includes Miomojo’s waterproof Orlando backpack. It’s the perfect size to take him everywhere, from work to hikes. It features a safe closure upper flat, magnetic snaps and a drawstring closure for added protection. With adjustable handles, it’s easy to hold or wear on your back. And the interior laptop compartment makes it perfect for carrying your laptop on the go.

Also included are Miomojo’s Giacomo card holder, with 4 slots for carrying essential cards, and their perfect vegan, Filippo wallet.

Price: $218

Best for: The modern man on the go

A Classic Button Down Shirt

When it comes to sustainable fashion, there is a huge focus on women. But a lot of men care about the the planet, too! A classic button down shirt is something every man should have in his closet. And if it’s made from organic cotton or other eco materials, all the better!

Looking for the perfect shirt for him? Check out what Neem London has to offer.

Their organic materials are odourless, weightless, and fast drying. They proudly claim this will be ‘the most comfortable eco shirt you will ever wear!’

Whether it’s a button down shirt, tee or jacket, each item Neem London makes is tailored down to the finest detail, making the wearer feel confident in both their ethics and clothing choices.

Price: Around $99 for a classic shirt

Best for: The fashionable man who is also a conscious consumer.

neem london clothing

A Healthy Coffee Substitute

Know a coffee lover who’s aiming to cut down caffeine? MUD\WTR has created the ultimate coffee alternative which makes the perfect morning cuppa. No wonder this is always a favourite in our Ethical Christmas Gift Guides!

With one seventh of the caffeine that regular coffee has, MUD\WTR gives you a natural energy boost with its organic ingredients – minus the jitters and caffeine crash.

It’s a super healthy morning drink that’s comprised of immunity boosting and cancer-fighting ingredients: Cacao, Masala Chai, Turmeric, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Chaga Mushrooms, Cordyceps, Reishi Mushrooms, Lions Mane – and nothing else!

This trial kit makes the perfect gift to get started. It comes with 30 servings of MUD\WTR , a sample of their creamer and an electronic frother – perfect for whipping up the perfect beverage!

Price: $40

Best for: Health food fanatics and coffee lovers who want to cut down on the stuff


ethical Christmas Gift Guide

The Gift Of Memories

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the man in your life? Why not give the gift of your favourite memory? Maybe it’s a photo of your children, wedding day or just a portrait of them themselves.

Whatever image means a lot to him, Paint Your Life can paint it. The company boasts 80 artists, who can reproduce his favourite moments in your choice of oil, charcoal, acrylic, watercolour, pencil or pastel. You’re also able to choose the artist you like best to paint your photo before choosing a size.

The end result is a beautifully painted photo that freezes a favourite memory in time forevermore. And as a Christmas bonus: Eluxe readers will get £50 off any order with the code ELUXE50 until the end of March. 

Price: Prices start at $170

Best for: Preserving memories. This is the kind of gift that may well get passed down through the generations

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide For 2021

A Unique Crime Puzzle Game 

There’s something so fun about putting your crime-solving hat on and getting to the bottom of whodunnit!

This game has all the charm of murder mystery dinner party. Begin by reading the story of the incident. Then, guided by the narrative rather than a visual reference, you can piece together a jigsaw and by doing so, solve the crime. The finished image provides all the clues you need to find the guilty party!

Price: Around $20

Best for: The man who appreciates old school fun – and who loves a brain teaser

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide For 2021


A Cruelty-Free Handbag 

Every woman loves getting a handbag as a gift. After all, there are no issues with it not fitting; different bags can match different outfits, and there’s nothing as useful as a handbag! But choosing the right one is important.
That’s why we’ve included LaBante London in our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide this year.
All of their 100% vegan friendly bags are made to last for decades, with close attention to detail being one of the defining features of the bags. Think: sturdy hardware, durable materials, perfect stitching, and impeccable design. LaBante London makes a wide variety of styles, from purses and clutches to backpacks and crossbodies. Whatever you choose, it will be the ideal gift to put under the tree for any mom, sister or friend.

Price: Starting at around $50

Best for: The stylish woman in your life, who wants to look chic without harming animals

A Precious Stone Necklace

Once upon a time, diamonds were a girl’s best friend. But now it’s all about ethically sourced precious stones! And we couldn’t do a Christmas Gift Guide without adding in a gorgeous necklace that is as empowering as it is ethical.

And this necklace isn’t to be saved for special occasions! Mejuri is a brand that encourages you to wear your fine jewelry every day. Based on the ethos that jewelry is an expression of self, the brand is dedicated to being 100% sustainable through its materials, and ethical through its product traceability. And the best part? All their eco jewelry is offered at very fair prices.

Price: Starting at around $50

Best for: The lady who deserves a treat, even if it’s from you to you!


Enjoy 20% off everything at Mejuri with a minimum spend of £100 from November 24-29 2021!

Impact Ad ID 1189409. Discount automatically applied. Gift cards excluded. d

Mejuri necklace

Gorgeous Undies

Beautiful, ethical underwear is a gift that can never fail. And Savara Intimates is a brand that is as beautiful to wear as it is to receive as a gift.

Savara means ‘glowing from within’, and wearing the brand’s gorgeous styles makes you feel like you’re doing just that. Each piece of lingerie is created from soft, sustainable fabrics, with Savara working tirelessly to provide the best fit and look – no matter what your size.

Our favourite? The Willow is a real winner when it comes to being both sexy and comfortable. Who wouldn’t love to unwrap this?

Price: $86

Best for: Gifting to that friend who just got a new boyfriend!

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

A Signature Scent

Gifting and receiving a fragrance is very personal. So what better way to let someone discover their signature scent than with a discovery set?

Fragrance Du Bois is a world-class brand that is renowned for its luxury fragrances. They collaborate with only the very best suppliers in the industry. Together, they share their gift, passion and creative vision to make olfactory masterpieces.

Stepping inside their fragrance empire, you’ll discover the very best of Arabian, Modern Contemporary and Classical French artistic perfumery. For us, Fragrance Du Bois’s Discovery Set makes the perfect gift. It allows someone you love to experience the finest sustainably sourced pure perfume oils, allowing them to select their new signature scent.

Price: $134

Best for: The woman who never feels truly dressed without a splash of fragrance

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

A Stylish Wrap

Sure, ethical fashion is a great choice when it comes to buying gifts for the women in your life. But clothing can also be tricky. Guessing their style and size are two hurdles nobody wants to dive into. But one piece of fashion that you can never get wrong? A gorgeous cape!

Made from 100% Himalayan premium wool and ethically handmade by rural artisans in India, wraps by Fifth Origins are luxury gifts that will be staples in a woman’s wardrobe for years to come.

They can be worn in many different ways: belted, loose, long, short or reversed. It can even be worn as a scarf! And they’ll fit pretty much any body shape – even pregnant women. They come in a wide variety of colours and styles, and look elegant on women of all ages, too. We think this will be another favourite from our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide!

Price: $180

Best for: A versatile fashion accessory that can be worn in a multitude of ways, by a wide variety of people

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

The Perfect Candle

When the weather is dark and miserable outside, nothing feels nicer than coming home, getting changed into your comfies and lighting a scented candle. Candles give the room a warming glow, and they smell heavenly. Which is why they’re always popular whenever we do an Ethical Christmas Gift Guide!

Just Bee candles are made of 100% 100% natural cotton wicks immersed in soy wax, organic coconut oil, naturally gathered beeswax, pure fragrances and essential oils.. You can be assured that no candle will ever contain the unhealthy ingredients found inside many commercial brands.

Our pick? Just Bee’s forestal Hinoki Sanctuary, blended with cypress, gin botanicals and aged cedar oils.

Price: $12.98

Best for: Your mom, sister, bestie…anyone you want to treat to a bit of relaxation. Plus, these are great stocking stuffers!


A Old-School Board Game

Rip their eyes away from their devices for a while, and engage kids’ brains with a fun, old-school board game. Know Nine? is a fast-paced work-linking game that is as unique as the children playing it.

It’s a race against time game which children will absolutely love. Link words, defend your answers and score the most to win. Can be played with two players or more and is ideal for 12+. It builds word skills and confidence, too!

Kids will have heaps of fun playing this over the festive period, and it’s perfect if you’re visiting family. After all, who says adults can’t join in, too?

Price: $19

Best for: Some old school fun – this game is perfect for kids and adults alike this holiday!


Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

A Dare-U-Go Bib

This one is a great idea for smaller kids! Made from natural, food-grade silicone, it’s a bib, plate, and food storage all in one. This industrial bib will be a lifesaver for any parents, and the silicone is fabulous because it’s easy to wipe clean and reuse again and again.

The Dare U Go bib is the perfect pick from our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide for families on the go. The bib helps implement healthy, proportioned snacks and meals for little ones from 7 months to 7 years. Pop snacks or meals into the sections and they can eat easily, with any mess falling back into the bib – hurrah! These are great for road trips, snack times and even meals.

Price: $22.99

Best for: Gifting to moms struggling to keep their kids well-fed and tidy, when out and about

Ceramic Craft Kit

What kid doesn’t love to tackle a craft project? This beginner-friendly kit by Pottery with a Purpose provides everything your little one will need to design and sculpt their own ceramics. It comes with ceramic clay, detailed pottery instructions, carving tools, and a smoothing sponge. There’s even a dried flower bouquet to put inside, if you make a vase, and a plantable wildflower seed coaster!

Kids will absolutely love having free reign over their own clay, and it’s a lovely project to do with siblings or friends. There are two sizes available, which is fabulous if you have a bigger group and want to size up. The smaller box is made for up to two people, whereas the larger box serves up to four.

Price: $78

Best for: Creative kids to love to make stuff!

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Organic Kids’ Clothing

I love to gift organic clothing at Christmas. There is something wonderful about buying a pair of pyjamas or a new dress for your child and seeing their delight when unwrapping it. Though it can be tricky navigating which brands are really ethical, My Little Green Wardrobe is here to make the job easier for us when shopping!

They’re an online store that sells only sustainable children’s clothing brands, helping parents to dress their children in top to toe ethically produced garments. Whether you’re shopping for a newborn, toddler or a preschooler, the clothes fit kids up to 6 years. There’s so much to choose from: leggings, dresses, outerwear, underwear and shoes. You name it!

Price: Start at around $12

Best for: Parents who are conscious about the kind of planet they want to leave for their kids; kids with style

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Zodiac Nail Polish

Struggling with what to get your teenage niece or cousin who seems dissatisfied with everything? We’ve got the perfect solution!

These vegan, 5-free polishes are infused with micronized crystals related to each sign in the zodiac. It’s a sparkly way to give a nod to the receiver’s personality. The lacquers were designed for yogis to keep the powers of crystals on them as they practiced. Moonstones, for example, are thought to bring emotional balance; so sensitive Cancer’s pale blue polish is full of them. Flashy Leo’s red wine hue contains Tiger’s Eye to encourage constructive manifestation. Beautiful!

Perfect for: Teens, and stocking stuffers.

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide


The Comfiest Sweatshirt

Italian brand Miomojo knows you can still choose comfort and style without compromising on ethics. Their Kind Yoga sweatshirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe – his or hers! The unisex design comes in a wide variety of sizes to suit every body type and size. And I promise: once you’ve pulled this super soft top on, you’ll never want to take it off!

Whether you’re buying it for a guy to wear as a pyjama top, or a woman to throw on after yoga class, this is a wardrobe staple anyone would love.

Price: $77

Best for: Everyone! This unisex sweatshirt provides classic comfort in an ethical fashion


A Nice Soap

Not sure what to buy someone this holiday? You can never go wrong with a scented soap in a gorgeous bottle. Primal Elements Hygiene Chic Liquid Hand Soap is free from phthalates and parabens. Instead, it uses natural botanicals that will leave hands feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

There are lots of scents to choose, too! Candied Ginger, Cloudberry, Blueberry Lavender and Salted Lemonade, for example. And if you’re wanting to elevate your gift, you can also buy a scented hand lotion to go alongside the wash.

Price: $9

Best for: Last minute gifts for anyone. Plus, great for stocking stuffers!


1Tree Cards 

While my favourite part of Christmas is sitting down to write out my Christmas cards, the part I don’t like so much is the waste. Each year 6 billion Christmas cards are thrown away – that’s shocking, right?

So, if you’re old school like me, and still want to send physical cards to your loved ones over the festive period, make sure you choose cards that are ethical as well as gorgeous.

1 Tree Cards have two festive boxes to choose from. Not only are their cards super cute with festive motifs, but they’re also great for our planet. Made with 100% recycled card, vegan inks and completely plastic-free, the company also work with Eden Projects, and have pledged to plant one tree with each and every card sold.

Oh, and each card comes with a flower seed token to plant which is such an adorable gift to the recipient.

Price: $18.00

Best for: Gifting to colleagues BEFORE the 25th, of course!

ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Eco Gift Wrap

An ethical Christmas Gift Guide should also include ethical Christmas gift wrapping, right?

Whether you’re a full-on eco-warrior or someone who is trying to make small changes towards being a little more environmentally conscious this year, gift wrap is a fantastic place to start. Each year, we use copious amounts of gift wrapping which is tossed aside mere seconds after the gift is opened – which is horror for the planet as most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because it’s dyed, laminated or contains non-paper additives.

What is the answer, then? Wrappily! The brand creates reversible gift wrap printed on local newspaper presses. The renewable newsprint which is milled, printed and packed in the US, with many of the prints being created by local artists. Each piece of newsprint can be recycled up to 7 times! And the printing requires less energy and uses gentler, soy-based inks. Your presents still look absolutely fabulous – what’s not to love?

Price: From $10

Best for: Making small steps towards being eco-friendly this Christmas!

eco friendly gift wrap


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