Our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide For 2022

Our ethical Christmas gift guide for 2022 has something for everyone: men, women and kids!

By Lora O’Brien

Anyone else kind of love – but kind of hate – the holiday season? You marvel at all the gorgeous lights on the high street…and then wonder how much electricity they’re using. You’re thrilled when you open up your gifts…but wonder why Aunt Sally couldn’t have used a recyclable gift bag instead of plastic ‘paper’ for wrapping. You need to buy gifts for your nephew, mom, boyfriend, sister, colleague…but dread the idea of filling up the world with more wrapping pollution and unwanted gifts.

So, what to do?

Well, for starters, be sure that whatever you buy is ‘wrapped’ in something eco-friendly, be it an old newspaper, recycled Kraft paper or a reusable gift bag.

Secondly, make sure you gift something that people will love. Something useful. Something targeted towards that person, but a gift that’s not too particular or personal. Just in case.

Personally, I think I’m pretty good at gifting. No complaints so far! So I’ve been assigned by Eluxe the task of coming up with gifts for him, her, kids, and everyone, that are sustainable, ethical, and above all, highly desirable.

The result? Our ethical Christmas Gift Guide for 2021. I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone on your list this year!

Our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide For 2022

ethical Christmas gifts


A Vegan Leather Care Kit

Whether it’s his Tesla car or his vegan leather shoes, this care kit will have all his accessories looking as sharp as possible. Understanding that vegan leather behaves differently from traditional leather, Dr. Beasley’s vegan leather care kit uses a plant-based formula that is safe and 100% VOC-free. 

The cleaner and conditioner kit helps keep faux leather goods free of grime and stains, leaving them luxuriously soft and supple, making them last even longer. No wonder it’s one of our favourite ethical Christmas gift ideas for this year!

Price: $64.99

Best for: The man who takes pride in everything, his cars to sneakers.

vegan leather care kit

Cool, Ethical Base Layers 

Sure, gifting clothing is great, but let’s not overlook the importance of the basics, such as socks! Understanding how much baselayers matter, Arvin Goods offers wardrobe basics that marry sustainability with modern versatility.

They’re also the only brand using discarded fabric scraps to create the softest, best-fitting, most responsibly made socks. This dedication has recently earned them Amazon’s Climate Pledge Certified badge, meaning the product is made with 50% or more certified organic materials.

Whether traditional white socks are your thing or you lean towards playful designs, you’ll find socks for every type of man at Arvin Goods. Whether he likes hiking, walking, sporting, or simply lounging, grab a pair to make him smile.

Price: From $12.00

Best for: The man wanting to do good and lessen their impact on a daily basis.

Stylish sustainable Sneakers 

Does the man in your life care about the footprint he’s leaving? 8000Kicks creates stylish sneakers for men made from industrial hemp. Hemp, the sober relative of marijuana, has been used as far back as 8000BC and is renowned due to being anti-bacterial. When it comes to growing hemp, the plant needs no fertilizers and almost zero water. It also cleans and restores nutrients in the soil which is pretty cool!

But how does it hold up as sneakers? Well, if you’re wondering about its durability, hemp is so strong that Henry Ford even built a car out of it. Impressive, right?

8000Kicks is making hemp trendy by using this natural fibre to make amazing sneakers. We know it’s cool to care about the planet, and now you can look good while being ethical, too!

Price: Around $125

Best for: Those wanting to tread lighter on the planet

Barista Kaldis Edition Gift Set

Does your man love watches…and coffee? Combine the two with this stunning gift set. Featuring an elegant watch made by JORD, it’s minimalist with a unisex cork-based band with design elements that are seeped in coffee. Cuts in the dial depicts the colour changes in the coffee bean roasting process.

The watch strap is super soft and made from premium Suberhide™ cork infused vegan leather. The rich hues and visible grain patterns offer a warm look. The Suberhide™ straps are 100% vegan and sustainable.

Alongside the watch, there is a bag of the tastiest coffee beans and a stainless steel insulated thermos all stored in a collector’s coffee tin. Perfect!

(PS: Click here for more luxury vegan gifts)

Price: $204

Best for: This is the ultimate gift for coffee lovers!


ethical Christmas gift ideas


A Vegan Backpack

Is your guy a modern nomad? Gift him the perfect ethical gift that will allow him to navigate the planet – or the city – easily and stylishly. GOT bag’s recycled ocean plastic backpacks set offers functionality with a touch of sleek elegance. All without harming the planet!

This backpack the perfect size to take him everywhere, from work to hikes. It features a safe closure upper flat, magnetic snaps and a drawstring closure for added protection.

Price: $100

Best for: The modern man on the go

vegan backpack


Toxic Free Beard Dye

Hey, it’s not ladies who like to change their hair colour. Whether it’s a total overhaul or to hide some silver strands, we don’t want to douse our hair (or skin) in chemicals, right?!

Saach Organics Natural Beard Dye is a semi-permanent beard dye made purely from a specialised blend of plant-based ingredients used over the centuries. Providing a rich natural-looking colour, the ingredients will leave your skin free of irritation. And everything you need is included: gloves, an applicator brush, a shampoo to lock in the colour and some nourishing conditioner for a little pampering!

Price: $16

Best for: The man wanting his beard to look epic, no matter what his age.

ethical Christmas gift ideas


Ethical Jewelry

We simply couldn’t do an ethical Christmas gift guide without adding in some gorgeous, sustainable jewellery!

Linjer is a brand that encourages you to wear gorgeous – yet ethical – jewelry every day. Offering the same quality as luxury brands, Linjer sell directly to their customers online, allowing them to keep their costs low so more of us can enjoy the finer things in life.

Price: Starting at around $25

Best for: The lady who deserves a treat, even if it’s from you to you!

ethical Christmas gift


A Cruelty-Free Handbag 

Vegan handbags make the perfect ethical Christmas gift. After all, there are no issues with it not fitting; different bags can match different outfits, and there’s nothing as useful as a handbag! But choosing the right one is important. That’s why we’ve included LaBante London in our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide this year.
All of their 100% vegan friendly bags are made to last for decades, with close attention to detail being one of the defining features of the bags. Think: sturdy hardware, durable materials, perfect stitching, and impeccable design. LaBante London makes a wide variety of styles, from purses and clutches to backpacks and crossbodies. Whatever you choose, it will be the ideal gift to put under the tree for any mom, sister or friend.

Price: Starting at around $50

Best for: The stylish woman in your life, who wants to look chic without harming animals

ethical Christmas gift ideas

Julie May Lingerie

Let’s face it: most women just buy whatever bra and panty’s on. sale at H&M or whatever. It’s pretty rare that we treat ourselves to something truly luxurious. And that’s why this is one of those ethical Christmas gift ideas we’d love to receive!

Julie May creates luscious bras and underwear from organic pima cotton and silk. Which is important, because artificial fabrics and dyes can actually harm your health. Especially when they’re right next to your lymph glands, day in , day out. But the best part? Their styles! They’re sexy, feminine and delicate.

Price: From around $29

Best for: Someone who needs a bit of a confidence boost.

julie may lingerie


Zodiac Nail Polish

Struggling with what to get your teenage niece or cousin who seems dissatisfied with everything? We’ve got the perfect solution!

These vegan, 5-free polishes are infused with micronized crystals related to each sign in the zodiac. It’s a sparkly way to give a nod to the receiver’s personality. The lacquers were designed for yogis to keep the powers of crystals on them as they practiced. Moonstones, for example, are thought to bring emotional balance; so sensitive Cancer’s pale blue polish is full of them. Flashy Leo’s red wine hue contains Tiger’s Eye to encourage constructive manifestation. Beautiful!

Price: Around $18

Best for: Those into crystals, beauty and spirituality; stocking stuffers.

ethical Christmas gift ideas

Better Sleep

Did you know that light – even moonlight – can interfere with melatonin production, and thus, your sleep?

That’s why a By Dariia Day sleeping mask makes for a luxurious gift!

Made from 25 momme organic mulberry silk and generously filled with pure silk floss, they are soothing and gentle on your eye area. Each eye mask comes with an elegant grey velvet pouch with golden snap closure. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, these masks are also great for frequent travellers.

sleep mask


A Old-School Board Game

Rip their eyes away from their devices for a while, and engage kids’ brains with a fun, old-school board game. Know Nine? is a fast-paced work-linking game that is as unique as the children playing it.

It’s a race against time game which children will absolutely love. Link words, defend your answers and score the most to win. Can be played with two players or more and is ideal for 12+. It builds word skills and confidence, too!

Kids will have heaps of fun playing this over the festive period, and it’s perfect if you’re visiting family. After all, who says adults can’t join in, too?

Price: $19

Best for: Some old school fun – this game is perfect for kids and adults alike this holiday!


Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

A Dare-U-Go Bib

This one is a great idea for smaller kids! Made from natural, food-grade silicone, it’s a bib, plate, and food storage all in one. This industrial bib will be a lifesaver for any parents, and the silicone is fabulous because it’s easy to wipe clean and reuse again and again.

The Dare U Go bib is the perfect pick from our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide for families on the go. The bib helps implement healthy, proportioned snacks and meals for little ones from 7 months to 7 years. Pop snacks or meals into the sections and they can eat easily, with any mess falling back into the bib – hurrah! These are great for road trips, snack times and even meals.

Price: $22.99

Best for: Gifting to moms struggling to keep their kids well-fed and tidy, when out and about

dare you go bib

Ceramic Craft Kit

What kid doesn’t love to tackle a craft project? This beginner-friendly kit by Pottery with a Purpose provides everything your little one will need to design and sculpt their own ceramics. It comes with ceramic clay, detailed pottery instructions, carving tools, and a smoothing sponge. There’s even a dried flower bouquet to put inside, if you make a vase, and a plantable wildflower seed coaster!

Kids will absolutely love having free reign over their own clay, and it’s a lovely project to do with siblings or friends. There are two sizes available, which is fabulous if you have a bigger group and want to size up. The smaller box is made for up to two people, whereas the larger box serves up to four.

Price: $78

Best for: Creative kids to love to make stuff!

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Organic Kids’ Clothing

I love to gift organic clothing at Christmas. There is something wonderful about buying a pair of pyjamas or a new dress for your child and seeing their delight when unwrapping it. Though it can be tricky navigating which brands are really ethical, My Little Green Wardrobe is here to make the job easier for us when shopping!

They’re an online store that sells only sustainable children’s clothing brands, helping parents to dress their children in top to toe ethically produced garments. Whether you’re shopping for a newborn, toddler or a preschooler, the clothes fit kids up to 6 years. There’s so much to choose from: leggings, dresses, outerwear, underwear and shoes. You name it!

Got a new baby in the family? This Baby’s First Christmas Gift Box is the perfect gift. It includes an organic festive reindeer romper, a memorable wooden tree decoration, a book and an adorable candy cane rattle.

Price: Start at around $12

Best for: Parents who are conscious about the kind of planet they want to leave for their kids; kids with style



Bathtime Fun

Who wouldn’t want an ethical Christmas gift they can use for months to come? That’s what this WOW package from LUSH offers!

Inside, you’ll find dozens of limited-edition holiday creations. These include vegan, natural:

  • bubble bars
  • bath bombs
  • bar soaps
  • shower gels

…and so much more! But that’s not all. Later in the year, you can fill this oversized, reusable box with whatever you need to store.

Price: $320

Best for: Gifting to families


Ethical Christmas Crackers

Christmas isn’t really Christmas without a festive cracker, right? They’re the perfect accompaniment to every family dinner. But the downside? They’re usually made from – and filled with – plastic. Horrendous for the environment. Not ideal at all.

Well, not this year! You can keep it ethical with these Petrossian Christmas Crackers. These include 6 crackers that are made locally in eco-friendly packaging. They contain a unique, posh, eco-friendly gift and a Petrossian-themed Christmas joke guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Price: $90

Best for: Perfecting your Christmas table! Ethically made and funny, win!

A Gorgeous Scented Room

The colder weather makes us want to huddle indoors and create the perfect comforting ambience. And one way to create a cosy atmosphere is by burning a candle. But unlike many which are laden with chemicals, you’ll want to opt for a cleaner brand, such as Sophie James.

The candles are 100% vegan and made from plant-based waxes. They’re also paraffin and paraben-free, so you can feel good about burning and inhaling their gorgeous scents. Plus, each candle burns for up to 60 hours, which is perfect for those long winter nights.

Not sure which type to buy? The Key is the perfect candle choice, be it a gift for you or a loved one. Floral notes of oud, rose, geranium and jasmine are met with a velvety base of cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and a hint of raspberry. And how does it smell? Heavenly!

Price: Starting at around $65

Best for: Those their cosy home to smell beautiful

Clean Home Accessories

Sea Witch Botanicals is a unique brand that makes everything from dish soap and perfume to cosmetics and candles. They work hard to craft products which are good for the body, soul and environment and their certifications help to qualify that effort.

They are a certified B Corp and certified “Towards Zero Waste” company which chooses to recycle, compost, and reuse any ingredients, packaging, and waste. Sea Witch Botanicals makes a concerted effort to source from manufacturers who use less plastic and more compostable packing materials.

And speaking of packaging, their cool, somewhat Goth designs make this brand perfect for gifting!

Price: Starting at around $25

Best for: Consciously clean people with a Gothic edge

sea witch botanicals

A Healthy Coffee 

Gift your friends and family some delicious, sustainably sourced coffee and meet the farmers who grew it! You can learn who grew and made the coffee thanks to AR technology on all Pure Origin Coffee bags.

Their 3 Pack Bundle includes their Kenya, Colombia, and Organic Indonesia single origin coffee that are light, medium, and dark roasts.

Plus, with the purchase of Pure Origin Coffee, you are empowering coffee farmers around the world! Some of the ways your purchase will change their lives include clean water initiatives, access to safe medical care, advancing women’s education and more.

Why not throw in a cool mug to make a great ethical Christmas gift?

Price: From $14.99

Best for: Conscious coffee lovers, of course!

pure origin coffee

A Unique Crime Puzzle Game 

There’s something so fun about putting your crime-solving hat on and getting to the bottom of whodunnit!

This game has all the charm of murder mystery dinner party. Begin by reading the story of the incident. Then, guided by the narrative rather than a visual reference, you can piece together a jigsaw and by doing so, solve the crime. The finished image provides all the clues you need to find the guilty party!

Price: Around $20

Best for: The man who appreciates old school fun – and who loves a brain teaser

ethical Christmas gift ideas

The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate

In the spirit of Christmas, why not treat your tastebuds with some delicious chocolate? But not just any chocolate – how about the world’s most expensive chocolate?

To’ak Chocolate is one of those sustainable gifts that will really wow the recipient. This is an ultra-luxurious dark, fermented chocolate aged in French oak cognac cask.

But this is more than just a tasty confection! The brand aims to resurrect hundred-year-old cacao trees in the valley of Piedra de Plata, Ecuador, to conserve a rare species of cacao.

Not within budget? No worries! The brand also offers affordable luxuries, from cacao powder and drinking chocolate to make delicious beverages, to minimalist chocolate starting at $40.

Price: Starting at around $22

Best for: The serious chocoholic!  Your loved one will truly appreciate tasting this exceptional chocolate, no matter what you opt for. Let’s hope they share it around the Christmas dinner table!


toak chocolate

1Tree Cards 

While my favourite part of Christmas is sitting down to write out my Christmas cards, the part I don’t like so much is the waste. Each year 6 billion Christmas cards are thrown away – that’s shocking, right?

So, if you’re old school like me, and still want to send physical cards to your loved ones over the festive period, make sure you choose cards that are ethical as well as gorgeous.

1 Tree Cards have two festive boxes to choose from. Not only are their cards super cute with festive motifs, but they’re also great for our planet. Made with 100% recycled card, vegan inks and completely plastic-free, the company also work with Eden Projects, and have pledged to plant one tree with each and every card sold.

Oh, and each card comes with a flower seed token to plant which is such an adorable gift to the recipient.

Price: $18.00

Best for: Gifting to colleagues BEFORE the 25th, of course!

ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Eco Gift Wrap

An ethical Christmas Gift Guide should also include ethical Christmas gift wrapping, right?

Whether you’re a full-on eco-warrior or someone who is trying to make small changes towards being a little more environmentally conscious this year, gift wrap is a fantastic place to start. Each year, we use copious amounts of gift wrapping which is tossed aside mere seconds after the gift is opened – which is horror for the planet as most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because it’s dyed, laminated or contains non-paper additives.

What is the answer, then? Wrappily! The brand creates reversible gift wrap printed on local newspaper presses. The renewable newsprint which is milled, printed and packed in the US, with many of the prints being created by local artists. Each piece of newsprint can be recycled up to 7 times! And the printing requires less energy and uses gentler, soy-based inks. Your presents still look absolutely fabulous – what’s not to love?

Price: From $10

Best for: Making small steps towards being eco-friendly this Christmas!

eco friendly gift wrap


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