10+ Of The Best Organic Conditioners

Organic Conditioners

These are some of the best organic conditioners – and all natural ones, too! Learn why you need one here

By Chere Di Boscio

Most of us worry about what’s in our shampoo, especially after learning that harsh sulphates like sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) can hurt our hair, and even our health. But few of us consider the benefits of using a natural or organic hair conditioners.

And we should. Not only do hair conditioners often contain pig-and-cattle derived keratin as a strengthening agent (which is problematic for those who are vegan, Halal or Kosher) but there are also plenty of nasty chemicals in hair conditioners that are included in the products to keep our hair sleek and smooth. For example?

Some chemicals to watch for are:

Behentrimonium chloride: A suspected environmental toxin and human allergen

Amodimethicone: A form of silicon. Generally considered safe, and won’t harm your health. That being said, it can build up on the hair, ultimately leading to dryness

Formaldehyde releasing preservatives: Known to cause cancer. These include quaternium-15. DMDM hydantoin. imidazolidinyl urea. diazolidinyl urea. polyoxymethylene urea. sodium hydroxymethylglycinate

Parfum/Fragrance: Unless this is listed as being derived from natural oils it likely indicates a synthetic perfume, which can lead to skin and lung irritation and organ toxicity, and possibly even cancer

PEG-80/ Sorbitan Laurate: Can lead to allergies or organ toxicity

Parabens: Preservatives that have been linked to cancer

Quaternium 15: This releases formaldehyde and can cause cancer, irritation of skin and eyes, and organ toxicity

Linalool: Can lead to respiratory disturbances; not vegan friendly

Frankly, it’s hard to find a great organic conditioner

Even if you do find an organic conditioner, quite honestly, they don’t often cut it. Some have a weird smell, or you need tons more product to get the same effect you would with a cheap chemical conditioner. Others just don’t seem to work to remove tangles and make hair soft at all. So, what can you do?

You could make your own. For example, it’s easy to whip up a hair mask rich in Vitamins A and B by blending one super ripe avocado with ½ cup mayonnaise or coconut milk. Apply to hair once a week; leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off. It doesn’t last forever, though – just about a week in the fridge. It takes longer to use than commercial conditioners. And of course, it’s kind of a pain to make, and smells pretty yuk.

For something a bit easier to use and sweeter smelling, we’ve tried and tested loads of the best organic conditioners for you. You may never know about the bad ones, because we refuse to list them here. But we can promise you: anything that is written about below is there because it works! (and remember: we never accept payment for making such lists).

Which one of the organic hair conditioners is right for you?

Our List of the Best Organic Conditioners

1. John Masters Organics Lavender Avocado Conditioner

For us, this is the crème de la conditioners! John Masters has created a whole range of natural shampoos, conditioners and styling products that we love, not only because they’re all natural, but because they get the job done. Their Lavender and Avocado conditioner is meant to be used like a hair mask, but it’s perfect as an everyday conditioner for very dry or colour treated hair – especially in the winter, when static can be a problem.

Best for: All hair, especially long and thick Price: Around $30

best organic hair conditioners

2. Josh Rosebrook Nourish Conditioner

Lavender, orange, rosemary and Ylang Ylang essential oils form the natural scent that underlies this amazing conditioner! It’s mainly based on aloe vera leaf juice, but the rest of the nourishing ingredients read like a shopping list for the seeds you’d want to plant in your garden: rosehips, flax, sage, chamomile and goldenseal, for example.

There are absolutely no chemicals in this formula, which detangles and softens hair beautifully.

Best for: This is one of the organic hair conditioners for everyday use for normal to dry hair. Price: Around $59


best organic hair conditioners


3. Leonor Greyl Nourishing Conditioner

Dyed hair can reveal brassy undertones over time – but this conditioner helps keep those hues at bay! It’s made from 96% natural ingredients, which include rice proteins and meadowfoam seed oil, which strengthens the hair and infuses it with plant based pigments that nourish and intensify brunette hair colours. This is one of the best organic hair conditioners for those with processed, darker hair.

Best for: Those with dyed brunette hair  Price: Around $60

best organic hair conditioners

4. Rahua Voluminous Conditioner

We love the fact that Rahua’s natural shampoos and conditioners are produced in a sustainable partnership with the people of the Amazon, but we’re not going to lie: for some reason, you do need to apply more of this product than you would a mainstream commercial conditioner to get the same effect.

Nonetheless, the end result is softer, healthier hair in the long run, thanks to the selection of hair-strengthening ingredients in this, such as quinoa, lemongrass and green tea.

Best for: Those who prefer lighter conditioners Price: Around $30

rahua conditioner

5. Original & Mineral

Have you got lifeless, flyaway hair? Give it a boost with Original & Mineral’s ‘Fine Intellect’ conditioner! It’s enriched with plant-based goodness such as lilly pilly, a powerful plant that adds fullness and volume, as well as nettle extracts, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. All of these ingredients work together to promote healthy hair growth and leave your tresses deeply nourished and feeling super soft.

Bonus: there are some sun protecting ingredients in this formula, too!

Best for: Those who spend a lot of time in the sun  Price: Around $29


best organic hair conditioners


6. Aveda Cherry Almond Conditioner

This softening conditioner contains 38 flower and plant essences (yep, 38!) including cherry blossom extract, almond oil and organic shea butter to deeply condition and restore shine. Its sweet, floral scent will last all day on your newly-bouncy locks, too. In fact, I’d say this is one of the best organic hair conditioners for those who love their hair sweetly scented!

Best for: Smoothing hair and enhancing shine Price: Around $20



7. Avalon Organics Refreshing Conditioner

If you choose your conditioners based on scent, you’ll like this brand! They normally use a blend of oils from grapefruit to peppermint to  make their range smell sweetly refreshing, and all their formulae are packed with ingredients that are good for your hair, such as Vitamin B5, olive, jojoba, borage and sunflower oils.

This conditioner is also  great if you are trying to help your hair grow: aloe vera prevents breakage and arginine, stimulates blood circulation. My fave may well be the Biotin + B Vitamin  thickening conditioner. Yes, I have thin hair, and this one really does plump up the hair shaft to give a thicker look.

Best for: Hair growth, nice scent, thin hair Price: Around $20


avalon organics


8. Acure Argan and Stem Cell Conditioner

Argan oil is known to be a highly moisturising, repairing conditioner for normal to dry, damaged, curly hair, and Acure knows it. So no surprise that the label packed in loads of that precious hair protector in as well as argan stem cells in this conditioner to help manage your locks and repair follicles.

Free of all nasties, this also has loads of other natural ingredients like CoQ10, pumpkin seed oil and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This is one of the best best organic hair conditioners for those seeking a reasonably priced option.

Best for: Deep conditioning Price: Around $10


best organic hair conditioners



9. 100% Pure Burdock & Neem Conditioner

100% Pure has become a trusted and well loved brand in the world of organic and natural beauty thanks to its great products, and this conditioner is no exception. This hydrating cream rinse moisturises, softens and detangles your hair, while soothing and treating your scalp to put an end to any dryness, itching and flaking.

It’s rich, but gentle enough for colour treated locks too. And like all 100% Pure products, this conditioner smells lovely, too – it’s got a slightly floral, rosy scent.

Best for: Those with dandruff Price: Around $19

10. Organic Surge Moisture Boost Conditioner

Got dry hair? Your mane gets a big boost from this  lightweight, silicone-free conditioner, which smooths and softens using the power of natural oils, like antioxidant olive leaf extracts and natural moisturisers from organically grown fruit oils, which both work to restore silkiness and manageability.  This is fully vegan friendly, easy on the budget, and does actually leave your hair feeling silkier after the first wash.

Best for: Vegans with dry hair Price: Around $10

best organic hair conditioners

11. Tabitha James Kraan Amber Rose Conditioner

I love this organic conditioner! It smells amazeballs, thanks to its infusion of rosehip, argan, coconut and essential oils of rose, patchouli, neroli, chamomile and ylang ylang. This rich conditioner’s blend of certified organic ingredients deeply penetrates and protects your locks to create manageable, soft hair without any build-up. Suitable for all hair types, this also reduced my fly-away hair and frizz beautifully.

Best for: Gorgeous, luxurious packaging, great scent Price: Around $40 Find it: here.


best organic hair conditioners



12. Dr PawPaw Everybody Hair & Body Conditioner

Based on just three, all natural ingredients – those being papaya, olive oil and coconut oil – this plant-based hair treat offers super hydration for your hair – and a moisture fix for your skin, too! We love that it gives your hair some healthy shine, and it smells wonderfully tropical, too: kind of like a coconut/mango shake! Use it as a wash out conditioner on your hair, or rub it into your hands and elbows when they’re feeling rough.

Best for: Taking with you to the gym or on vacay – this is a 2 in 1 formula that reduces packing space Price: $12.99


Of course, this is just our own list of the best organic conditioners in the market. If we’re missing a brand you know and love, share it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

Chere Di Boscio
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