Aromatherapy Associates, Reviewed

Looking for some natural oil products, but not sure which brand to get? Check out our Aromatherapy Associates review!

By Chere Di Boscio

My friend Lucy always knows where to find the coolest stuff. From the best yoga retreats to the prettiest jewellery; from tasty teas to hip holidays, Lucy’s got it sussed, so when she recommended Aromatherapy Associates’ products for better sleeping and smoother skin, I simply had to try them.

The brand prides itself on harnessing the power of plant extracts to care for the body and mind alike. Their beautifully packaged Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, for example, uses vetivert, camomile, sandalwood and coconut oil to release tension and promote peaceful sleep. Or so goes the claim. My fingers were crossed that it were true.

My Aromatherapy Associates Review

A notorious insomniac, I poured a capful of this delicious oil into a hot, deep bath, hoping it would get me dozing off before 4am. The bath was indeed relaxing, and my skin smelled and felt wonderful afterwards, but I was still working during the wee hours, with no chance of entering the Land of Nod before dawn.

Not to fear: Perfect Partners offered more hope. This pair of pure oils came in a luxurious metallic box and contained a concentrated version of the Deep Relax oils, countered by its opposite, the Revive Morning oils, based on pink Grapefruit, Rosemary and Juniper oils, specifically chosen to refresh and clear the mind. Again, after massaging a bit of this on my pulse points the Deep Relax had me deeply relaxed and calm, but still unable to sleep.

Ah well! At least I tried. And the truth is, my insomnia is hardcore. Sometimes, even sleeping pills won’t send me off!

On the other hand, the Revive Morning really did clear my mind a bit. Every time I’ve been staring at a computer screen for too long, I take a whiff of this, stretch a little, and am soon ready to type something interesting once again. Packed with pink grapefruit, juniper and rosemary essential oils, it’s meant to be used in the shower, but frankly, I love a bit of this when I’m feeling blurry.

Aromatherapy Associates Review

Not Just For The Mind

Aromatherapy Associates doesn’t just make oils that are designed to lift your mood. They also make skincare products such as masks and creams.

I tried their Renew Rose Body Cream. Immediately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, I noticed the scent. It smells like springtime, is easily absorbed and leaves no oily excess whatsoever. It’s light, it’s floral, and it’s the perfect summer body moisturiser. And speaking of summer, their Rose Hydrating Mist, distilled from Damask and Bulgarian rose petals, is an excellent refresher in the heat. Put it in the fridge for extra-hot days and spray liberally on the face and chest. Ahhh!

But the most impressive product for me, the one that will be in my beauty kit for years to come, is the Overnight Repair Mask.

As the sad owner of terribly dry skin, I hoped this mask would ease the flakiness that plagues me even in summer (thanks to air conditioning, mainly). And it certainly did. The mask is created from millet and strawberry seed oils, as well as rose and geranium and crucially, palmitoyl oligopeptides.

Aromatherapy Associates Review

Unique Ingredients

Wondering what the heck palmitoyl oligopeptides are? I was too! I discovered they’re peptides, or small proteins, characterised by a generic structure of a string of amino acids. Generally, palmitoyl oligopeptides have similar uses in skincare, and cosmetic formulations are often used as an anti-aging ingredient. They are thought to be beneficial in anti-aging formulations due to their potential to help stimulate collagen production and promote healthy cell functioning

Do they really work? Well, I’m not sure which ingredient it was that made the difference, but after just one use of this mask, I did note that my skin had what you might say is a ‘glow’ and it also felt dewy to the touch. Who knows how great my skin will be after continued use? I’m quite confident the results will be remarkable.

To end my Aromatherapy Associates review, I’d like to sum the products up like this: they are beautifully packaged, wonderfully formulated products that smell delicious and may well make an impact on how we feel and think.

I definitely owe Lucy for the recommendation. Wonder if she can find me a good herbal sleeping pill?

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Chere Di Boscio

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