10 Natural Halal Beauty Brands To Try

Whether you’re a practicing Muslim, a vegan or just want to stay gorgeous without using toxic chemicals, you’ll love these natural halal beauty brands!

By Sophia Hussain

It’s a bit of a truism that Muslim women love to be beautiful. They line their eyes with kohl, wear the finest perfumes, are always perfectly manicured. But those who are the most devout can face obstacles. What if their cosmetics contain ingredients forbidden by their faith? Some forbidden – or ‘haram’ in Arabic – ingredients commonly found in cosmetics include alcohol, pig-derived collagen or gelatin, or pig derived fat. In fact, it could be argued that Muslim women should use only vegan brands, as their religion demands that should never harm or abuse animals for the sake of beauty.

Another no-no ingredient for strict Muslim women is a very common one: alcohol. This is almost impossible to avoid in facial toners, hair conditioners and even face creams.

What is Wudu?

To complicate matters even further, historically, Muslim women couldn’t wear nail polish because of wudu – a ritual washing of the hands, lower arms, face, head, and feet that is performed before praying.

Wudu is a ritual of purification, and to be performed in the correct (halal) manner, water must touch all parts of the aforementioned body parts. Many Muslim women have foregone wearing nail polish because by applying the lacquer to their nails they would be blocking water from touching them.

Step in halal (‘permissible’ in Arabic) beauty products. These are cosmetics that are sure not to contain any haram ingredients, and are usually also made by Muslims, and/or halal certified by a religious leader. Halal nail polish will be water-permeable, meaning it’s suitable for wudu. Fortunately, many halal beauty brands offer fabulous luxe options to enhance beauty regimens today.

Why non-Muslims should use clean halal beauty products

You certainly don’t need to be Muslim to enjoy halal beauty products! These are great for everyone, since they’re free from so many nasties. These include no alcohol or animal parts, which means they’re usually perfect for vegans (but check the label – they might use milk or honey, for example).

I’ve collected some highlights of the best natural halal beauty brands from around the globe, which means you can find a halal beauty option for you, no matter where you live.

Most of these companies ship internationally, and they are all free from alcohol, animal-derived components, harmful chemicals, and are cruelty-free, too.

Natural Halal Beauty Brands From Around The World

henna hand dye

1. England

PHB Ethical Beauty

PHB was founded in 2012 by Rose Brown, a vegetarian, animal lover, and daughter of Jimmy Brown. You music buffs will know he was in the famous 90’s British pop/reggae band UB40. Rose discovered that there was a lack of vegan products on the market, which prompted her to create PHB, or Pure Health and Beauty.

This Birmingham-based family business is one of the most comprehensive natural halal beauty brands.

You can choose from an extensive range of hand-made, halal certified [by the Halal Cosmetics Standards Agency UK], natural, and vegan-certified beauty products.

There is a unique collection of natural remedies for treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and all products are housed in minimal recyclable packaging with colour coded labels corresponding to specific skin types.

What they offer: Products that literally cover all your beauty needs

Try: Their incredible skincare ranges!

phb beauty products

Sampure Minerals

This is another of those British natural halal beauty brands we love. And you certainly don’t need to be Muslim to enjoy it! They offer a vast range of mineral based cosmetics that are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, alcohol and animal ingredients.

These colour cosmetics are lightweight, long-lasting and are guaranteed to bring out the best of your eyes, cheeks and lips.

What they offer: Mineral based makeup of all kinds

Try: Their very precise eyeliners. Perfect for making cat eyes!

Natural Halal Beauty brands

2. North America

Amara Cosmetics

This was the first company in North America to make 100% halal-certified cosmetics. It was designed specifically to promote awareness in the Muslim community that halal isn’t limited to what is consumed as food ,but also applies to what is put on our skin.

Amara means “eternal beauty, lasting forever, always existing, unfading” in Arabic. And that’s exactly the image wants their customers to have of their halal cosmetics. Modern design, colour palettes and high quality ingredients define this brand. Their offerings include lipsticks, eye shadows, blushers, foundations, nail polishes and all the makeup goods you need make yourself pretty. Without any animal ingredients, nasty chemicals or alcohol, of course!

What they offer: All the colour cosmetics you lust after

Try: Their lipsticks, which come in a wide range of hues and finishes.

Halal Natural Muslim Beauty

Tuesday in Love

Another of the natural halal beauty brands we love from this continent is Tuesday In Love. It was launched by a Muslim husband who became sad when his wife grew frustrated at the lack of Islamic beauty brands . He basically started one for her!

Famous mainly for their non-toxic, completely breathable and porous halal nail polishes, the label has now branched out into all kinds of animal-and-alcohol-free colour cosmetics, too.

What they offer: Beautifully coloured eye shadows, lippies, foundations and much more

Try: They’re most famous for their nail polishes, but try Destiny, their alcohol-free perfume! And if you’re looking for more halal and alcohol free perfumes, click here.

All Natural Halal makeup Brands

3. Australia

Inika Organic

This is one of our favourite natural halal beauty brands! They use only the purest botanicals and top quality minerals to produce natural halal makeup for your face, eyes and lips. They’re also certified organic, vegan, and cruelty free. No wonder they’ve garnered more than 35 international awards for their product excellence and innovation!

We suggest treating yourself to a trial pack, which includes lots of goodies! There’s their best selling Mineral Foundation Powder, as well as the Liquid Foundation and Pure Primer. Their Long Lash Vegan Mascara is also a top seller.

What they offer: A wide range of skincare and cosmetic products

Try: Their skincare range is the bomb! Gentle, effective and super clean, there’s something for every skin type

Natural Halal Beauty brands


Zahara is another Aussie halal beauty brand – but this one is best known for their nail varnishes. They ensure that all their products are wudhu-friendly. In other words, their nail polishes not only come in loads of vibrant shades, but they’re water-permeable, too. Their special formula allows for oxygen and water vapour to pass through during ablution (wudhu), so its super-halal.

What they offer: Gorgeously packaged, richly pigmented nail polishes

Try: Matching one of their wonderful nail polishes with a lipstick hue!

zahara beauty

4. Asia

Three Beauties

This is one of those natural halal beauty brands that’s based mainly in Malaysia and Singapore. They deliver their colour makeup and nail polishes internationally (and cheaply!) from their Amazon shop.

And did I mention that Three Beauties has a wonderful reputation? They’ve been in business since 1952, and they are certified by the International Halal Integrity Alliance. They’re also 100% vegan friendly.

What they offer: Lipsticks, BB creams, eye makeup, nail polish

Try: Matching one of their lipsticks with a nail polish!

three beauties cosmetics

5. Turkey

Mihri Istanbul

This is a luxury skincare line launched in 2012. Mihri, which means “sun” in Turkish, boasts a brilliant collection of natural origin-derived, exotic ingredients in their products. These include calendula flower, carob tree, red seaweed, and decaffeinated green bean extracts.

This is another of those natural halal beauty brands that has a wide range of innovative cosmetics. These include an anti-cellulite lotion, anti-wrinkle creams, a body hair inhibitor lotion, and an anti-hair loss serum.

Mihri is halal-certified by the GIMDES Halal Products Research Institute of Turkey. There are exciting plans to launch the collection in France soon, too.

What they offer: Beautifully packaged skincare and hair care

Try: Their beautifully scented body lotions

Natural Halal Beauty brands

6. Poland


Whilst Poland has only a teeny weeny Muslim population, this is the land where one of the most popular natural halal beauty brands comes from: Inglot.

With prayers five times a day and a pre-prayer ritual that requires washing the hands and arms, traditional fingernail polish has been mostly off limits for Muslim women. Why? Because it prevents water from making contact with the nails. But Inglot’s revolutionary ‘breathable’ nail polish solves that problem.

The polish was the first ever on the market to let air and moisture pass through to the nail. And thanks to its permeability, it complies with Muslim law. And did I mention it comes in a whole rainbow of amazing shades?

What they offer: Skincare, colour cosmetics, nail polish and more

Try: Their famous nail polishes! They come in such a wide range of colours. But honestly, once you see their gorgeous colour cosmetics, you’ll want to try a full makeup look.

inglot cosmetics

If you liked this article on natural halal beauty brands and are interested in learning about halal nail polishes, click here to see our article!


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