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The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2020

These non toxic nail looks for fall work for everything from the office to Hallowe’en costumes!

By Katy Caric

When it comes to non toxic nail looks for fall, I’ll bet you’re probably thinking of something Hallowe’en themed. Or maybe you want a colour change that will last past the scariest day of the year, and go well into the winter months? But most likely, you’ll want something that’s easy to do.

It’s a fact that many of us suffered a bit of frustration when the nail salons closed due to the pandemic. If you are a regular at the stools of the gel manicure bars, you’ll definitely know what I mean! As a result, many of us either gave up elaborate manis, or learned how to do them ourselves, at home. But overall, the trend for this season is a simpler look, compared to last year. That means shorter, easier-to-maintain shapes and fewer decals and details. It also means a surge in the purchase of press-on nails. That’s the easiest way for mani addicts to get their nail art fix when the salons are closed!

Of course, as you surely know, nail polish often holds lots of nasty chemicals. Chemicals we don’t want to bring into our houses! While no varnish is completely “toxin-free,” the industry has come leaps and bounds from where it was even five years ago. Today, most nail polish is free of the top 5 most toxic ingredients that used to be commonly found in nail polishes – and that includes formaldehyde, a known carcinogen! Can you even believe that was used in something we painted on to our bodies?!

To keep you and the planet healthy, all the brands tagged below in the best non toxic nail looks for fall 2020, are all at least 5-free. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free.

Which look will you try first?

The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2020


1. Monochrome Art

It’s still all about artistic looks for non toxic nail looks for fall this year. But the twist? Those looks should be monochrome! Whether you want to draw black designs on white nails, or white designs on black nails, feel free to get as abstract as you like!

To get this look below, Misty Morning by Deborah Lippmann paired with Nailberry’s BlackBerry is the ideal choice.

Pic: @nail_unistella

Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2020

2. A Touch Of Fall

Rust, gold, deep red, copper…these are all the hues that come to my mind when I think of autumn! If you generally love having a light, neutral manicure, but also want to display a touch of the season, why not paint most nails in a nude shade, then add one or two nods to fall?

For example? Paint most nails with Rose Milk by Kure Bazaar, then add one or two nails with Firenze by Mavala.

Image: valerija_sokolova_

Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2020

3. Super Shiny Reds 

Deep red is a staple autumnal colour – even the trees agree it’s a must-have after August! Whether you’re looking for a chocolate red, a rich burgundy, or that classic cabernet red, to make it look perfect for this year’s trend, you’ll just have to make it shiny. Yep, that’s right: shiny nails AND super-shiny lips are both hot this fall!

To get our nails super-slick, we love Ella + Mila’s topcoat. 

Image: @nailpatrolchief 

Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2020

4. Bright Berries

Dark berry hues – think, raspberry, blackberry, or cranberry – are always chic for autumn. But to make your nails totally bang-on-trend for this year, make yours shiny!

I’d use Tart, the 10-free, vegan shade by 100% Pure, and top it off with loads and loads of top coat!

Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2020

5. Dark And Chic

This look is a bit Goth, a bit Halloween, and very chic for autumn! Choose a dark hue you love – it will certainly match everything in your wardrobe! For a satin look, we’d go for Nailberry in BlackBerry with lots of topcoat for extra shine.

Image: @Salonvictoria_

Non toxic nail looks for fall 2020

6. Arty Press On Nails

This is a kind of Jackson Pollock look on nails and lips! I love it. It’s arty, makes a statement, and it’s colourful. But it’s also at the ‘pro’ level of makeup artistry. To get the look, you may need some professional help – or just get some press ons!

These aren’t usually all that eco-friendly, but we found some that are. Re-Nails makes all of their press on sets from recycled plastic – and you can use them again and again! Their Peacock set is pretty similar to what you see below.

Image credit: @ReNailsUSA

Non toxic nail looks for fall 2020

7. Creamy Caramels

Caramel is another traditional autumnal hue, and we love how it goes so beautifully with gold! You can choose any shade, from a darker, chocolately colour to a lighter toffee. And if you’d like a touch of added sparkle, why not add some gold glitter on a nail or two?

Our pick to try this style would be Nailberry’s Taupe. It’s a good-enough-to-eat, neutral colour that’s the new natural!

Image: @valerija_sokolova_

Non toxic nail looks for fall 2020


8. Nude…With A Subtle Decal

The truth is, if the nail bars shut again, the easiest manicure for most of us to do is a nude look. It’s perhaps for that reason that nude nails are trending again, after a few seasons of wild, Euphoria-inspired manis.

To get this look, use a transparent nude base like Rose Milk by Kure Bazaar. If you’d like to make your nails look a bit more exciting, add a decal! Here, there are stars, but for fall, why not add tiny leaves?

Pic: we_love_nails_bar

Non toxic nail looks for fall 2020


9. Dip Colours

I love this really unique idea! Here, Dip Colours are painted on, going from darkest to lightest. Start with the darkest hues on your thumb and index; a medium matching shade on the middle and ring fingers, and the lightest colour on the pinkie.

This works with any colour that can be graduated, but for fall, why not go with leafy reds, sweet toffees, or firey oranges? My pick would be to go for a Mavala nail kit. The 5-free brand sells sets of shades that match – perfect for getting this look!

Image: @sarahknuth

Non toxic nail looks for fall 2020

10. Phantom Grey

This look is turning out to be a perennial favourite of all the non toxic nail looks for fall! It’s not as harsh as black, but not as girly as a pastel shade. Instead, phantom grey nails are more elegant and more sophisticated than, say, metallic silver talons.

Depending on your mindset, this could be the colour of fluffy bunnies and kittens or steel and ashes. To get this look, it’s super easy: just paint your nails with a matt grey hue, like Tove by Zoya, which is 10 free!

Image: @RenailsUSA

the best non toxic nail looks for fall

Main image credit: Fancy Image credit 2: @thesecretgardenspa

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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