The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2023

These non toxic nail looks for fall 2023 work for everything from the office to Hallowe’en costumes!

By Katy Caric

When it comes to non toxic nail looks for fall, I’ll bet you’re probably thinking of something Hallowe’en themed. Or maybe you want a colour change that will last past the scariest day of the year, and go well into the winter months? But most likely, you’ll want something that’s easy to do.

Overall, the trend for this season is a simpler look, compared to last year. That means shorter, easier-to-maintain shapes and fewer decals and details.

Of course, as you surely know, nail polish often holds lots of nasty chemicals. Chemicals we don’t want to bring into our houses! While no varnish is completely “toxin-free,” the industry has come leaps and bounds from where it was even five years ago. Today, most nail polish is free of the top 5 most toxic ingredients that used to be commonly found in nail polishes – and that includes formaldehyde, a known carcinogen! Can you even believe that was used in something we painted on to our bodies?!

To keep you and the planet healthy, all the brands tagged below in the best nail looks for fall 2023, are all at least 5-free. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free.

Which look will you try first?

Main image: @marinadobyk.nails Photo below: @elinanailsart

The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2023

milky white nails

1. Alternating Fall Shades

What better way to embrace fall nails than with gorgeous autumnal hues? Colours like moss green, rust red, and mustard yellow are stunning. But if you can’t decide which to go for, why not choose them all? Use a different colour on each nail to embrace the season ahead. Or use abstract patterns to make a statement.

There are lots of earthy autumnal shades available, such as Zoya’s Nyssa for a go-to taupe, Zoya’s Rumi for a warm blush, Zoya’s Dree for a khaki, and Kure Bazaar’s Saffron is the perfect mustardy yellow.

Photo: @overglowedit

the best non toxic nail looks for fall 2022

zoya nude

2. Egyptian Blue

One of my favourite nail looks for fall 2023? Egyptian blue! I’m not sure why it’s called that. For me, it looks more like a deep indigo or midnight blue. There’s definitely a hint of red undertone here. And this hue looks fab on short and long nails alike!

Kure Bazaar’s Navy is the closest we’ve seen to Egyptian blue. Have you found anything closer?

Image: @saskiafenwick

The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2023


3. Classic Red 

Deep red isn’t just one of the best non toxic nail looks for fall 2022. It’s a staple manicure colour all year round! Whether you’re looking for a chocolate red, a rich burgundy, or that classic cabernet red, to make it look perfect for this year’s trend, you’ll just have to make it shiny. Yep, that’s right: shiny nails AND super-shiny lips are both hot this fall!

To get our nails super-slick with a non-toxic product, we love Ella + Mila’s topcoat. 

Image: @j.e.m_nails

the best non toxic nail looks for fall 2022



4. Gorgeous Gold Highlights

Gold is always super luxe. And the metallic shade pairs effortlessly with the rich colours of fall, offering the wearer a super stylish yet cosy mani! There are so many ways to adopt this trend: gold tips, gold feature nails, gold decals – you name it!

Many brands have golden hues to choose from this year. If you’re looking for a subtle gold sheen, Kure Bazaar’s Or Pur is beautiful. Want your nails to make a statement? Nailtopia’s Liquid Gold is as luxe-looking as it gets!

Image: @thenotverywedding

5. Café Colours

There’s something comforting about the colour of your morning coffee, am I right? If you don’t like bold shades for your mani, then you may love this, which is another of the best non toxic nail looks for fall 2023. It was inspired by every shade found in a coffee shop. There are lots of shades when it comes to this trend: think creamy beige, warm caramel, and deep mocha.

Kure Bazaar has lots of gorgeous java-inspired hues, such as Nomade, Sofisticato, and Beige Milk.

Image: @morgantownbeautybar

the best non toxic nail looks for fall 2022


6. Ombre Nails 

Ombre has been a huge hair trend for some time now, with gradient tones of dark to light. And now, ombre is one of the hottest nail looks for fall 2023! And there’s no surprise it’s so popular. Why have one hue when you can wear a few?

Want the perfect grey hues to use on your nails? After black, use Pacifica’s Dolphin Grey and finish off your tips with Pacifica’s Grey Matters for the perfect ombre blend.

Image: Pinterest

The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2023


7. Frosted Metallics

Want to elevate your autumn nails? Metallic nails have been a growing trend for the last year, and they make the perfect statement nails for the season ahead. There are multiple ways to embrace this trend, too. For example? Use metallic decals for a smattered effect, or use a metallic polish to create an ombre nail, as seen below.

Or Rose by Kure Bazaar is a gorgeous pinkish metallic shade that’s perfect for trying this trend.

Image: @thegelbottlespain

The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2023

kure bazaar or rose

8. Soft Pink Nails

Nude nails are always on-trend, no matter the season. But 2023 is giving the style a little pink fusion. The balletcore – or perhaps, it’s Barbiecore? – design pairs perfectly with any outfit even as the weather drops and gets cooler. .

You’ll want to find a blush toned light pink shade. Essie’s Mademoiselle is is as perfect as it comes for balletcore nails.

Image: @pegi_nails
barbie pink nails
nail looks for fall 2023

9. Floral Fusions

I’m just going to say it: nails get kind of depressing in the cooler months. Summer nails are so vibrant and fun, and some of us want this vibe even while wearing coats and boots! So, I’m happy that one of the biggest nail looks for fall 2023 is floral nails. You can go bright and bold with neon shades, or keep it sophisticated with Bridgerton vibes, such as the nails below.

Not the most artistic? Buy some cute decals and revamp your nails in minutes! Dashing Diva’s Wallflower accents are gorgeous and easy to wear on your nails.

Image: @nailsbypaulin

nail looks for fall 2023

10. Lip Gloss Nails
Remember the glazed donut trend of fall last year? Well, it has evolved into the ‘lip gloss’ trend. It involves the same shiny finish at Hailey Bieber’s famous nails, but with a nude polish underneath which is matched perfectly to your skin tone. It’s pretty much the nail equivalent of wearing a lipliner with matching gloss. Simple and cute!

Essie has lots of neutral hues perfect for matching your nails to your skin tone. Essie’s The Snuggle Is Real is great for pink tones while Paintbrush It Off has a lovely caramel tone.

Image: @matejanova

nail looks for fall 2023


11. Wine Hues

Dark berry hues – think, raspberry, blackberry, or cranberry – are always chic for autumn. But to make your nails totally trendy for this year, make yours shiny! Kind of like how a glass of wine looks, literally.

To get this, which is one of the top nail looks for fall 2023, I’d use Nailberry’s Purple Rain, and top it off with loads and loads of top coat!

Image: @checkyesmichelle

nail looks for fall 2023

nail looks for fall 2021

12. Gothcore Nails

This is probably one of the most popular nail looks for fall 2023: gothcore! It’s a bit goth, a bit Halloween, and very chic for autumn! Choose a dark hue you love – it will certainly match everything in your wardrobe.

Want to elevate it a little? Create a statement nail or two to break it up.

There are so many hues that are perfect for grunge nails. Nailtopia’s Respect is the perfect jet black shade. For a satin look, we’d go for Nailberry in BlackBerry with lots of topcoat for extra shine. Use nail decals for a statement pinky!

Image: @Disseynails
nail looks for fall 2023

13. Candy Red Nails

TikTok has caused candy red nails to be a huge summer trend, and it’s one that it following us into the cooler months, too. There is even a red nail theory flooding the social media app that suggests if you wear red mails on a date you’ll attract your date to you more.

I can’t say for sure whether or not this works, but the red nails are a statement shade nonetheless!

Nailtopia’s Red Hot Summa offers the perfect bold red shade for this trend.

Image: @thegelhouse

candy red nails

nail looks for fall 2023
14. Galaxy Nails

We love how chameleon nails are one of the top nail looks for fall 2023, and what’s not to love? It’s like 100 colours in one! It’s not easy to find 5-free or more polishes like this, but Pacifica’s Abalone is perfect. Plus the green hue is super grunge, too!

Image: @pop_polished 

pacifica nail polish

15. Hot Chocolate Nails

The temps are dropping. The leaves are falling. You feel a slight chill in your bones. What are you craving? Well, if you’re like me: hot chocolate. And if you want to be bang-on-trend with nail looks for 2023, you’ll be wearing a hot choccie hue on your fingertips!

The best way to get this colour? Nails Inc London’s Zen Out Of Zen. Is creamy, rich and chocolately!

Image: @gel.bymegan

nail looks for fall 2023

vegan nail polish

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Katy Carik

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