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The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2019

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These non toxic nail looks for fall work for everything from the office to Hallowe’en costumes!

By Katy Caric

When it comes to non toxic nail looks for fall, I’ll bet you’re probably thinking of something Hallowe’en themed. Or maybe you want a color change that will last past the scariest day of the year, and go well into the winter months? And I’ve found ten great looks that are perfect for both options!

But first – what do we mean by non-toxic? Well, as you surely know, nail polish often holds lots of nasty chemicals, and while no varnish is completely “toxin-free,” the industry has come leaps and bounds from where it was even five years ago. Today, most nail polish is free of the top 3 most toxic ingredients that used to be commonly found in nail polishes – and that includes formaldehyde, a known carcinogen!

The brands tagged below are all at least 5-free, and are also vegan and cruelty-free, of course. Which look do you love the most?

The Best Non Toxic Nail Looks For Fall 2019

1. Halloween-Inspired 

Get into the spooky spirit this fall with some bright orange colors like Sunkissed or Peach Melba By Cienna Rose. This is a nail brand that raises the non-toxic game with their  formulas that are a full 12-Free! It doesn’t get much less toxic than that.

Paint your nails all pumpkin orange and add little Jack-O-Lantern faces using a fine brush and some black polish…alternate between orange and black nails, or add a couple of cute and creepy decals for Halloween. The possibilities are endless!  

Pic from @the.hex.kitten and @PolishedByLeanne

3. The New Nude 

If nude nails are what you wear year-in-year-out, maybe it’s time for a change. I’m not suggesting anything drastic; just swap out your flesh tone for something equally neutral, like this taupe hue called Beachin’ by Deborah Lippmann. It’s a bit darker than what your normal nail bed would be, but it’s just as neutral as any nude, and a bit more interesting, right? 

4. Deep Red Hues 

Deep red is a staple autumnal color – even the trees agree it’s a must have after August! So whether you’re looking for a chocolate red, a rich burgundy, or that classic cabernet red, you’ll be in good company with nature. Your nails will be happy, too, because 100% Pure is vegan, cruelty-free and 10-free nail polish.

Pics from @nikitishynanails and @nvstjuszkv 


5. A New French Manicure

Give the French mani an update by gilding your tips! Instead of the traditional white tips, a streak of gold adds a bit of elegance. To get this look, use a transparent nude base like Rose Milk by Kure Bazaar and once dry, top those tips with a gold polish like Good As Gold by Essie. If you prefer, why not color your ‘half moons’ gold instead of the tips? Same gorgeous effect!

Pic from Sienna Byron Bay  



5. More Than Black

This look is a bit Goth, a bit Halloween, and very chic for autumn! Choose a black you love, be it matte, satin, or with glitter, to jazz up your winter wardrobe. For the satin look, we’d go for Nailberry in BlackBerry with lots of topcoat for extra shine, and of course, the sparkly black below is by Dirty Baby by Smith & Cult.

Images: @Salonvictoria_ and @Swatchandlearn

6. Ombre Nails

A satin black fades into a bloody red – great for the Halloween season, but actually, quite pretty any time this fall! To get the look, you may need some professional help – or just get some press ons! These aren’t usually all that eco-friendly, but we found some that are! Re-Nails makes all of their press on sets from recycled plastic – and you can use them again and again! This look called Bewitched, below, is by them.

Image credit: @ReNailsUSA

7. Multicolored Polish

This look is perfect for the color lover who can’t quite decide which fall shade is her favorite! Combine all the leafy fall hues on one hand. To do this, we recommend Pacifica 7-Free nail polish in colors, London Tomboy“, “Cinnamon Girl“, “Eternal Flame, and Desert Highway for the perfect array of fall foliage. 

Pic from @miasolx

8. Navy Looks 

For a dark nail look that isn’t as abrupt or as dark as black, opt for navy. A great polish to get this color is Londontown Lakur’s Beau of the City.” Londontown boasts a 9-free vegan formula and a Florium Complex, which is a mix of botanicals and essential vitamins for nail health. 

Pic by @thatnailsguy

9. Olive Hues

When you think “olive” your mind might dart to the brown end of the color wheel, but for this season’s trend, definitely stay in the earthier side of green, like the Yara shade by 10-free brand Zoya, which also features a bit of gold glitter. If you prefer something more matte and with a cool blue undertone, try this Nailberry polish in La Vegan, below, which is also 10-free.

Pic by @smilinskull

10. Phantom Grey

We kind of love this look! It’s not has harsh as black, but not as girly as a pastel shade. Instead, phantom grey nails are elegant and more sophisticated than, say, metallic silver talons. Depending on your mindset, this could be the color of fluffy bunnies and kittens or steel and ashes. To get this look, it’s super easy: just paint your nails with a matt grey hue, like Tove by Zoya, which is 10 free!

Image: @RenailsUSA

Main image credit: Fancy Image credit 2: @thesecretgardenspa

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