17 Great Nail Looks For The Holidays

Make your outfits even more festive this season with these great nail looks for the holidays!

By Jenna Catherine

When you’re opening Christmas presents, holding a glass of bubbly at the office fete or grasping a clutch whilst celebrating New Year’s Eve at the most decadent bars in the city, you know your nails will be on display. They’re essentially an  accessory for your holiday outfit, and should be ‘dressed’ accordingly.

While summer skin demands corals, pinks and primaries in terms of nail colours, winter requires something a bit sultrier. Think: deep berry shades, sparkly rock hues and flashy metallics. All of which are perfect matches for a festive LBD, of course!

Needless to say, you should only use eco-friendly nail polish shades on your festive mani. I’m talking nail varnishes that don’t contain the five most harmful chemicals that can hurt your health if you breathe in the fumes or if they penetrate through the pores of your nails.

Here below, I’ve found some great nail looks for the holidays. Which one will you be sporting this year?

17 Great Mani Ideas For The Holidays

1. Tiny Reindeers

Love everything to do with Christmas? Then you’ll likely be a huge fan of these adorable reindeer nails! They’re easy to perfect at home, you’ll just need some polish and a nail pen. Definitely one of the cutest nail looks for the holidays I’ve seen!

Get the look: Londontown has some gorgeous hues for a reindeer base. Our top three? Their #4, #5 and #6 polishes.

Instagram: @checkmynails._

nail looks for the holidays

2. Green And Gold 

Green and gold is so classic and stylish, as these nails show. The green tips are festive without being over the top, and the minimalist heart decals perfect the look. This is one of the simplest nail looks to achieve for the holidays, just in case you’re not great with nail art.

Get the look: Kure Bazaar’s Kale is the perfect evergreen shade.

Instagram: @jark.nails

nail looks for the holidays

3. Creamy Hot Chocolate Nails

Christmas doesn’t mean your nails have to be all shades of red, green or white. These soft brown nails are super understated yet glamorous. And the best part? They can easily be achieved using a vibrant bold nail shade. Want to jazz them up a little? Add a touch of glitter slicked over the top. These look creamy, luxe and downright delicious!

Get the look: Pacifica’s Ojai polish is the perfect hot chocolate shade. Another favourite is Londontown’s Oud Mood. Want some shimmer? Londontown’s Kissed by Rose Gold is beautiful!

Instagram: @monika_nails. 

nail looks for the holidays

4. Christmas Stars

How stunning is this? One of the prettiest nail looks for the holidays, if you ask me! Stars are a huge trend this year and are super Christmassy! Taking inspiration from y the wise men who followed the stars, your nails will embrace the history of Christmas. They’ll sparkle brilliantly every time your hand moves.

Get the look: Start with a nude base, then draw on that with a gold nail polish pen. Nailtopia offer lots of 5-free (and more) polishes. Nailtopia’s Birds of Paradise is the perfect Barbie pink, whereas Nailtopia’s Do or FiDi is softer.

Instagram: @nailsbyamyf

star nails

5. Frosty Blues

Not only is blue a popular colour for winter nails, but it’s also perfect for the holiday period, too. And what’s not to love? Baby blue shades mimic winter skies and icy mornings and they will suit any nail shape. Keep them all blue, add some glitter or alternate between other shades such as white and silver.

Get the look: Nailtopia has nailed the blue shades this year. Some shades we love are Bali Baby, Blank Slate, Indigo to Ibiza and Nails on Fleek.

Instagram: @nm_lianails

blue frost nails

6. Festive Red Nails 

Red is pretty much my staple nail looks for the holidays. You can keep them simple and scarlet, or  decorate red nails any way you fancy. Paint them bright red, dark red, add some glitter or paint on some festive decals.

Get the look: Essie’s Forever Yummy is the perfect glossy red for Christmas. Want some shimmer? Gossip N’ Spill is gorgeous.

Instagram: @nailart_adrianaanikiej.

nail looks for the holidays

7. Gold Leaf Nails

Not everyone wants out their nails over the holidays. Some of us want to festive up our nails in a subtle, understated way. And gold leaf nails never fail to impress! They’re festive without being over the top, and will even be perfect for any Christmas parties!

Get the look: Pacifica’s Mermaid Tail is such a gorgeous hue with its metallic finish.

Instagram: @nailitmedia.

nail looks for the holidays

8. Wrapping Paper Nails 

Ever been wrapping a present and thought to yourself this print would make a fabulous mani? Well, a huge trend for this year is to turn wrapping paper into nail art. Now you can turn any wrapping paper into easy, stylish nails and the opportunities are literally endless!

Get the look: Use the base of your choice. I like the soft green hue of Kure Bazaar Mint. Of course, this nail brand is non-toxic and follows EU safety regulations.

Instagram: @beautique_kate.

nail looks for the holidays

9. Green Trees

Green is one of the main colours of Christmas, and it’s also a really on trend nail colour this year. Either paint your nails all the same hue, pick a statement nail to decorate or mix it all up like the nails below.

Get the look: Nailtopia’s Oh Kale Yeah! is a deep green that would be perfect, as if Pacifica’s London Tomboy.

Instagram: @nailssbykate.

christmas tree nails

10. Candy Hues

Think Christmas is all about those darker hues? Nope! Many have renamed Christmas ‘Pinkmas’ in honour of their love of all things pink. And pink nails are another trend this year, with many using Christmas unicorn decals, for example. We love these arty, feminine nails – you could choose one design, or use all of them!

Get the look: Since this is one of our few nail looks for the holidays that’s textured, it’s best to get press ons if you want to achieve this look. Try to choose a re-usable brand so you can wear the same nails next year!

Instagram: @nini_do_nails.

nail looks for the holidays

11. Red Tips 

Simple, stylish and perfectly festive. Red tips are an easy way to upgrade any mani into holiday nails, and we especially love the addition of the gift bow.

Get the look: Start with a nude base, then draw on that with a red nail polish pen. Nailtopia offer lots of 5-free (and more) polishes. Nailtopia’s Birds of Paradise is the perfect Barbie pink, whereas Nailtopia’s Do or FiDi is softer.

Instagram: @thebeautygardenaf. 

nail looks for the holidays

12. Tartan Nails

Turn your love of tartan into your next mani! Honestly, how cute are these nails? Now a fan of green and red? Use pretty much any colour to mimic the same design!

Get the look: Kure Bazaar Tea Rose is a deep, rich red that would pair perfectly with Kure Bazaar’s Kale for those traditional Christmas colours.

Image: @edithvilareal 

tartan nails


13. Minimalist Art

Want something super chic yet minimalist? Grab a white nail pen and add some festive cheer to your nails. Simple yet super effective, this is another of the easiest nail looks for the holidays to achieve.

Get the look: Nailtopia’s Kissin In The Rain is a white shade that can be used. Simply dip a nail brush, wooden stick or nail pen into the polish and draw freehand.

Instagram: @gelsbybry.

nail looks for the holidays

14. Candy Cane Nails 

Love candy canes? Love Christmas? These nails are a no brainer! They fully embody the festive period is a super cute and stylish fashion. Another of those nail looks for the holidays that plays with classic red polish.

Get the look: Zoya’s Marigold is the perfect candy cane hue with added sheen. Nailtopia’s Lose the Tude is also festive and glittery.

Instagram: @natalieholtnailartist.

nail looks for the holidays

15. Festive Confetti Nails 

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with these confetti nails? This is one of the best nail looks for the holidays, but it’s also perfect for any celebration. Why not try it for New Year’s eve?

Get the look: Sure, you might be tempted to use glitter in this look. But given the serious dangers of the stuff, why risk it? Instead, use a nail pen to draw different coloured and sized dots on the background nail hue of your choice.

Instagram: @laqueredlawyer

16. Gingerbread Nails

Want a tasty nail look for the holidays to rival hot chocolate nails? Go for a gingerbread mani! It features neutral hues and some creative art. Stick with a gingerbread hue atop a nude nail, or get creative and draw some little cookie men on the tips!

Get the look: Try Nailtopia’s Do or FiDi for the base, then use their Butter Me Up for the tips.

Instagram: @nailsbyisabellab 

17. Velvet Nails

Velvet nails have a plush sheen. However, despite their textured look, they aren’t actually fuzzy. It’s just a trick of the light!

Get the look: While this look is best achieved at the salon, to get the same vibe at home, you could try a flocking powder. This is a powder you dip your nails into to create a velvety texture.

Image: @amy.lenails



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