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10+ Fruity Non Toxic Nail Polish Colors For Summer

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By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Summer means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for me, there’s definitely something I look forward to when the heat is on: fresh fruit! Soft peaches, tart cherries, juicy watermelons…all in season, at last!

And reflecting the best food news of the season is the best beauty trend: fruity nails for summer. And by that, I mean juicy ‘Jolly Rancher’ fruity candy colours for your tips and toes.

It’s easy to do, and there are plenty of great 5, 7, and even 9-free nail polish brands to help you get the trend. In case you’re wondering, 5-free means the varnish will not contain:

  • 1. Formaldehyde
  • 2. Toluene
  • 3. DBP
  • 4. Camphor
  • 5. Formaldehyde resin

And anything above that will lose two or more of these, too:

  • 6. Xylene
  • 7. Parabens
  • 8. Fragrances
  • 9. Phthalates
  • 10. Animal ingredients
  • 11. Gluten

Here’s now to get your fingertips and toes ready for summer exposure in the most non-toxic way possible!

10+ Fruity Non Toxic Nail Polish Colors For Summer

1. Strawberry

Feminine and sweet is the girl who wears this bright shade during the summer The medium toned pink creme polish by 100% Pure provides a romantic flair that’s perfect for a date night. It’s 10 free, which means it is, of course, vegan friendly, too.

Tip: Make sure to brush slightly under the tip of the nail to prevent premature tip wear..

Buy it here.

2. Grape 

If you want to make a bold, yet fruity statement, choose a grape hue like Kure Bazaar’s tattoo. It’s a deep, rich purple from a pioneering nail polish brand. Made of up to 85% natural origin, including wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn, Kure Bazaar’s varnish glides on with a high shine, impeccable resistance and lasts as well as its synthetic counterparts.

Buy it here. 


3. Cherry

Sassy and luscious sums up this aubergine dream hue by Gloss. It offers high coverage with a volumising, gel like texture and an extremely glossy finish that doesn’t fade. The best part is that this shade, despite the name, is far more ‘cherry’ than ‘aubergine’ – it’s the perfect accessory to open toe sandals!

Buy it here.

4. Watermelon

Yep, I know this is another Kure Bazaar varnish, but Glamour is a medium pink shade that beautifully mimics the colour of watermelon. And as you know, the brand combines the ethics of a new, environmentally friendly formula with trendy, vibrant colours. Tip: Why not buy some black polish and paint some teeny, weeny ‘seeds’ on top of the pink?

Buy it here.

5. Lemon 

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, as Beyonce says (kinda). The 7-free nail brand Maggie Anne has come up with Jessy, an ultra bright, sunny and cheerful lemon-like yellow that’s the perfect companion for your holidays – your toes will dazzle in the sand.

Buy it here. 

6. Orange

Another citrus colour that provides a feeling of joy and flintiness is…orange! Givenchy may be a surprising brand to see on this page, but you should know: they actually provide a magnificent palette of colours that are 5-free, containing no harsh chemicals including: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DPT), toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. Coquette is the shade of their blood-orange hued polish.

Buy it here. 

7. Pink Grapefruit

If you want a shade that is more delicate but allusive, opt for pink grapefruit. It’ll give you a soft, seductive flair. Julep’s Juliana It Girl has a sheer iridescent nail polish powered by breakthrough Oxygen Technology that makes nails healthy and more beautiful at the same time. Of all the non toxic nail colors for summer, this one is the most that’s like the Pantone color of the year: coral!

Buy it here.


8. Raspberry 

This juicy 7 Free Nail Polish is long lasting and void of many chemicals that you’d probably find in traditional nail polishes. Pacifica is a trusted brand that’s not only super ‘clean’, but is 100% vegan, too. Their Cinnamon Girl is a classic raspberry hue that looks awesome on both tips and toes.

Buy it here.



9. Blueberry

Blueberries hold an intriguing fascination, because they are a rare example of the colour blue in nature. To enhance this sense of extravagance, Smith & Cult Smith & Cult describes its 5- free, opaque ‘Kings & Thieves’ nail polish as a “dark ink blue.” It’s formulated for a quick-drying, high-gloss finish and though dark, it casts an attractive indigo hue – a feat most near-black shades don’t achieve.

Buy it here.


10. Banana

Bananas may perennially available, but their colour is still one of the most vibrant and and fruity around! This Pinecuporn hue by Aila is a zillion free – ok, I exaggerated. It’s actually 15 free. But it’s definitely one of the purest non toxic nail colors for summer: there’s basically nothing in this that isn’t healthy, and it’s also gluten free and vegan friendly, too.

Buy it here.

11. Pomegranate

The noble and sophisticated fruit cherished in ancient times for its beneficial micronutrients possesses a ruby-like red hue. The Organic Vernis Ongle nail brand has designed a water-based varnish in a pomegranate shade that’s 7-free and 100% vegan friendly, too.

Buy it here 

12. Green Apple

Are you bold enough for green nails? The colour Sour Apple Green Frost by Julep will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. Clean beauty brand Julep is exemplary in the way it takes a distance from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and animal ingredients or byproducts.

Buy it here.


13. Blackberry

Chanel may be a pretty ‘unclean’ beauty brand, but at least they make a great range of non toxic nail colors. If you can’t afford a Chanel outfit, one of their 5 free polishes on your dresser will still make you feel like you’ve treated yourself to a bit of luxury. Their Prune Dramatique hue is a gorgeous blackberry shade that’s perfect for a weekend at the beach.

Buy it here.


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