Fun, Fruity Nails For Summer – No Toxins!

Summer is the perfect time to show off fun, fruity nails! Here are some great fruit inspired manicures – and non toxic nail polish suggestions to get the look!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Summer means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for me, there’s definitely something I look forward to when the heat is on: fresh fruit! Soft peaches, tart cherries, juicy watermelons…all in season, at last!

And reflecting the best food news of the season is the best beauty trend: fruity nails for summer. And by that, I mean juicy ‘Jolly Rancher’ fruity candy colours for your tips and toes.

It’s easy to do, and there are plenty of great 5, 7, and even 9-free nail polish brands to help you get fruity nails for summer.

What defines a non-toxic nail polish?

Not sure what the difference is between ‘regular’ and ‘non-toxic’ nail polishes?

Well, in case you’re wondering, 5-free means the varnish will not contain:

  • 1. Formaldehyde
  • 2. Toluene
  • 3. DBP
  • 4. Camphor
  • 5. Formaldehyde resin

And anything above that will lose two or more of these, too:

  • 6. Xylene
  • 7. Parabens
  • 8. Fragrances
  • 9. Phthalates
  • 10. Animal ingredients
  • 11. Gluten

Some polishes claim to be 18 or even 20 free. And frankly, my friends, I have no idea what that means. Do you? (If so, educate me in the comments, below!)

Now, let’s get to the fruity mani inspo!

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Fruity, Non Toxic Nail Ideas8 For Summer

fruity nails for summer

1. Dragonfruit Nails

Want your nails as tropical as your fruit? Adopt the delicious hue of dragonfruit with 100% Pure’s Dragonfruit polish. It’s a sweet candy shade that will look gorgeous against a summer tan.

Another option? Nailtopia’s Birds of Paradise is another gorgeous, vibrant hue reminiscent of the tropical fruit.

dragonfruit manicure

2. Pineapple Nails

We can’t have fruity manicures without the ultimate summer shade: yellow! Whether you like your pineapples super yellow and ripe, or a lighter hue (like a pina colada!) there is a nail shade for all this season.

Kure Bazaar’s Saffron is the perfect yellow for nails as sweet as ripe pineapple. Another bold, vibrant alternative for your fruity nails is Kure Bazaar’s Grande.

Instagram: @ricekittynails

pineapple manicure

3. Avocado

This summer, it’s super chic to match your mani-pedi to the hue of that hipster food: avocado! Yep, green nails are a thing, and there are many ways to embrace this trend.

Why not try Nailtopia’s Juice Cleanse? This is a gorgeous pastel shade that would suit anyone!

Instagram: @overglowedit

fruity nails for summer



4. Blueberry

One of the trendiest fruity nails for summer is inspired by one of my favourite foods!

Blueberries hold an intriguing fascination because they are a rare example of the colour blue in nature. And damn, but they’re tasty, too!

To enhance this sense of extravagance, Nailtopia’s How Blue-tiful is a deeper indigo, while Nailtopia’s Blueberry Milk is a softer hue of blue.

Instagram: @lacquerjacks. 

fruity nails for summer

5. Watermelon

When it comes to fruity nails for summer, one brand who has ‘nailed’ (heh heh) the trend is Pacifica. All their varnishes are 16-free and bio-based, and their vibrant colours are long lasting, yay! Pacifica’s Neon Watermelon is a gorgeous pink hue that beautifully mimics the colour of watermelon. Alternatively, 100% Pure’s Cor-All or Nothing is super vibrant!

Tip: Why not buy some black polish and paint some teeny, weeny ‘seeds’ on top of the pink? It’s easy to do with the back of a hair pin!

Instagram: @kirmizi_nails_antalya. 

6. Lime

Zesty and fabulous, lime is the perfect pop of colour for your fruity mani. Zoya’s Tangy is a lighter lime shade, whereas Zoya’s Midori has a little shimmer if you’re daunted by going green with your nails.

Instagram: @maniclub



7. Peach

When in season, peaches are a super sweet fruit and they make the perfect shade for summer. When it comes to peaches, there are many different shades, also. Some peaches are more yellow whereas others are soft pink hues and some even have purples tones. Nailtopia’s Camelflage is a sweet pink shade whereas Kure Bazaar’s Essenziale is wonderfully peachy.

Instagram: @minimani_klaudia. 

8. Strawberry

I couldn’t do a list of fruity nails for summer without including something about strawberries! And Zoya’s Marigold is the perfect replica of sweet, juicy berries. It even has a little shimmer to really make your nails stand out.

Tip: Make sure to brush slightly under the tip of the nail to prevent premature tip wear.

Instagram: @rii_nb.

fruity nails for summer

9. Grapes

Grapes are delicious, but they also make our favourite tipple: wine! Ella + Mila’s In Line for Wine is a much richer purple if you’re wanting your nails similar to your go-to tipple. Prefer a softer purple? Nailberry’s Peace is an opaque purple-grey hue that encapsulates grapes perfectly.

Instagram: @nailswithami.

fruity nails for summer

9. Tangerine 

Another citrus colour that provides inspo for fruity nails for summer is, of course…orange! And there are plenty of hues to choose.

For example? Nailtopia’s Main Squeeze is a burnt orange shade, while Pacifica’s Tangerine Pop is a gorgeous zesty shade with a hint of glimmer to give nails the shine they deserve. Prefer more of a ‘go big, go home’ type of polish? Kure Bazaar’s Coquette is a brilliant burst of neon orange. And it’s 10-free, too!

Instagram: @nailsbyemmaelizabeth_.

fruity nail ideas for summer

10. Cherry

Who doesn’t love a red nail? Cherries provide the inspo for this fruity nail look.

Zoya’s Cam is the perfect vibrant red shade for summer. Want a little shimmer? Nailtopia’s How You Dune? will add a little shine to your next mani-pedi. Prefer your cherries to be super dark? Kure Bazaar’s Love is the perfect bold polish.

Am I the only one craving a smoothie after looking at this mani?

Instagram: @bylucyalana_x.

fruity nail ideas for summer



Which of these fruity nail ideas for summer do you love most? Let us know in the comments, below!

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