Awesomely Arty Nail Ideas For Spring 2023

These arty nail ideas for spring are bang on trend – and look sweet with summer dresses!

By Diane Small

A new season for most of us means a new look. Gone are the heavy sweaters and black vegan leather bags. Instead, we dust off our spring dresses, straw bags, and sandals.

Our makeup should also match that look. It should be lighter, brighter – and that goes for our manicures, too.

Having a great manicure – done with non-toxic nail polish brands, of course – is an easy way to update your look without spending a fortune. And it’s also a great way to stay on trend, without killing the planet.

This season, it’s all about the arty nail ideas for spring. Yep, I’m talking about tiny, weeny drawings of rainbows and flowers; splashes of abstract colours in unexpected places, and creative twists on the classic French manicure.

I hit Instagram to find the hottest, most arty nail ideas for spring 2023. Check out the best of what I found, below. 

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10 Arty Nail Ideas For Spring 2023

sparkly french manicure



1. Pastel Florals

Can we have spring nails without pastels? They’re pretty much a seasonal staple! And this season’s shades are even softer and dreamier. Have the same hue across your whole manicure, or use various shades to make a statement, as in the pic below.

And if you want to create arty nail ideas for spring based on pastels, simply add some decals!

Instagram: @thehotblend. 

arty nail ideas for spring

2. Matte Nails

The matte, minimalist mani is a design you’ll be seeing lots of this spring. Start off with a neutral base, such as this crimson one, below. And then if you’re feeling arty, you can top it off with decals for even more chic nails. 

Matte nails with geometric designs are another trend you’ll be seeing lots of this year. Just paint on a design, such as abstract art or checks, which you can see more of, below.

Instagram: @luxxinails. 

matte red nails

3. Chrome Nails

Chrome nails are one of the biggest trends for spring 2023. Following on from Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails, this trend is super Instagrammable!

This technique involves layering gel or chrome powder over coloured polish to achieve a glossy, high shine finish. Kind of like glazed donut nails, but with a bit more of a metallic edge.

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chrome nails for spring

4. Reptile Prints

One of the most interesting arty nail ideas for spring this year? Reptile prints! Snake and lizard prints were seen at Versace and Dior last year. And this year, they’ve become popular with the general public.

This look can be a bit full on, so try  incorporating these patterns into accents on the tips to begin with.

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arty nail ideas for spring 2023

5. Checker Board Nails

Anyone else thinking of racing flags when they see these nails? Like reptile prints, a checker board pattern can be a bit full on, so we’re liking how they look on the tips.

To get the look, just paint alternating squares of colour on each nail, using one or more shades. We’d even mix it up by adding metallic or glitter accents for added dimension!

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arty nail ideas for spring 2023

6. Negative Space Nails

Negative space nails are one of our favourite arty nail ideas for spring 2023. In fact, we predict this nail trend will be seen everywhere. Part of the appeal? It’s easy to do!

Combine it with colour blocking, contrasting shades, patterns and prints… Pretty much anything goes! 

Get the look: It’s recommended to use two to three shades to get this look. These pink, orange and white nails just scream ‘spring’! Nailtopia’s Uptown Girl would go amazingly with Nailtopia’s Main Squeeze.

Instagram: @thehotblend.

arty nail ideas for spring 2023

7. Abstract Art Prints

Forget perfectly matching nails – 2023 is being shaken up with some serious artistic nails! Abstract prints are one of the most literally arty nail ideas for spring 2023. And these are pretty easy to ‘nail’, too, as there are no set rules!

Get fancy with some dots, ’70s vibe swirls, squiggles – anything goes. We’re loving this Matisse-inspired manicure, below. 

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arty nail ideas for spring 2023

8. Mood Ring Nails

Remember those mood rings from childhood? This nail trend has been created to mimic those rings. If you can’t find a nail tech to do this, you can achieve it by also grabbing some colour change nail polish which reacts to temperature. These easily turn your nails into trendy mood tellers!

Get the look: Got a quick mood ring vibe, swipe some of Zoya’s Olivera across your nails to nail this trend in seconds!

Instagram: @bettycherryboop.

mood ring nails

9. French Manis, With A Twist

Half moon manis were trending last year. But this year? Forget about the half moon at the base of your nail. Instead, arty nail ideas for spring 2023 focus on the tip! But instead of the typical white-and-nude combo, go for a pop of colour, like indigo blue, black or sea green. Or a combo of all the above!

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arty nail ideas for spring 2023

10. Aura Nails

One of the most interesting of all the arty nail ideas for spring 2023 has to be aura nails! These popular designs feature a darker coloured centre that radiates out to the based and the tip.

Any colour of polish, in any texture, will do. But we particularly love how this looks with a pastel hue. Perfect for the season! Switch it up to a crimson or burnt orange shade later, for fall.

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aura manicure


Diane Small

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