10 Organic Beauty Brands From Scandinavia

Looking for a natural beauty boost with an exotic twist? Check out these 10 organic beauty brands from Scandinavia!

By Sophia Hussain

Scandinavia is known for its nature, social equality, and beautiful people. Sure, genetics play some role in this, but Nordic women’s glow can also be attributed to something else, too. Namely, a plethora of pure, organic beauty products.

Yep, that’s right. Despite all that fresh air, thick forests and fresh water up there in the north, it’s not the best place for your skin. Mainly because the colder Nordic climate actually wreaks havoc on the complexion. It sucks out moisture, causing redness and even cracking of the skin.

To counter these effects, Scandinavian beauty brands are especially rich in nourishing ingredients. But there’s more to it than that. Nordic beauty is a lifestyle—it’s more than a range of products.

There are three main elements to that lifestyle: natural ingredients, inside-out beauty, and a focus on hydration.

Using the power of nature

Scandinavia is lush with forests, often surrounded by the sea. That means there are loads of natural, local ingredients that can be harvested to benefit our beauty.

These include:

  • Chaga mushrooms (which only grow on birch trees)
  • wild berries
  • eucalyptus oil
  • algae
  • fish collagen

amongst others, for example.

Inside-out beauty

Nordic women know that what you put into your body is eventually reflected outside your body. Namely, on your skin. That’s why many beauty brands from Scandinavia offer supplements, such as protein powders, collagen, and vitamins. They also believe strongly in the power of detoxing, and may sell body brushes to help exfoliate dead cells from the skin.

The importance of hydration

Since Nordic countries are so cold and dry, women there know the value of staying hydrated. That’s why they often choose beauty brands that feature ingredients that seriously lock in moisture.

These include:

  • glycerin
  • certain forms of algae
  • hyaluronic acid, and other humectants.

Ready to incorporate Nordic principles to your beauty routine?

Here, we curated 10 of the best organic beauty brands from Scandinavia, with serious global appeal.

10 Organic Beauty Brands from Scandinavia

Organic Beauty Brands from Scandinavia

1. Supermood

This super holistic skincare collection includes not only loads of creams and serums to use on your skin, but collagen boosting chocolate and smoothie powders that help your skin from inside out!

This natural skincare brand offers a holistic approach to wellness, supporting your physical and emotional health to enhance your natural radiance. All ingredients Supermood uses are designed to nourish, hydrate, and most importantly, protect the skin.

Their two main  anti-aging superstar ingredients are Chaga mushroom and elderberries, both of which Scandi women have known and used for centuries to prevent wrinkles, sagging and brown spots.

From: Finland

What they sell: Serums, toners, cleansers, sleeping sprays, Chaga mushroom supplements and more.

supermood beauty

2. Sachajuan

Formulated with algae extracts, Sachajuan specialises in hair care products that are well known for their hydrating properties.

The brand was founded by hairdressers Juan Rosenlind and Sacha Mitic. They aimed to create a hair care brand that was based on a natural minimal approach and aesthetic. Mitic says: “For us, it’s all about balance and making products work for you, not against you. Hair should look healthy and have movement—the product shouldn’t take over.”

Today, Sachajuan is a cult favourite for both professionals and consumers alike. But please note: only around 25% of their ingredients are organic. For example, their argan and rosemary oils.

From: Sweden

What they sell: Everything from hair shampoos, conditioners and repair treatments, to hand creams, hair perfumes and brushes.


3. Kjaer Weis

Of all the organic beauty brands from Scandinavia, this may be the best known. Danish expat Kirsten Kjàer Weis is an in-demand celebrity makeup artist based in New York City, and the beauty expert behind her namesake line of luxury minimalist cosmetics.

Her beautifully presented makeup is dense with certified organic ingredients. Each item comes housed in a signature sleek mirrored swivel compact. These are totally refillable, and are much-coveted by industry insiders!

From: Denmark

What they sell: Makeup of all sorts, from blushers and foundations to mascaras and eye shadows.

4. Karmameju 

This Danish skincare brand is actually made in England. Its collection of organic and natural ingredients fuses therapeutic aromatic essential oils with active components. Both work seriously hard to protect your skin from free radicals and the ravages of time.

Karmameju probably offers the widest range of products of all the organic beauty brands from Scandinavia. There’s everything from foundations and concealers to body brushes and even perfumes!

We’ve tried and tested many products in this brand’s line. And from my own experience, I can honestly say if you’re after a clean, luxurious beauty brand, Karmameju rivals any top selling range on the market today.

From: Denmark

What they sell: The question is: what don’t they sell? Here, you’ll find everything from perfumes, body care, body brushes, skincare, hair care, even clothing!

Organic Beauty Brands from Scandinavia

5. IDUN Minerals

The influence behind this Swedish mineral cosmetics collection is Nordic Goddess IDUN. She had eternal youthful beauty due to her infinite supply of magical apples, which she graciously shared with the world.

IDUN boasts a stellar cosmetics collection including moisturising lipsticks and lipglosses. These feature nourishing Nordic cloudberry oil, which protects your lips from dryness.

We also love their weightless foundations for a flawless face, and their stellar 5-free nail polish collection, too.

From: Finland

What they sell: All kinds of makeup. Think: nail polish, foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and more.

Organic Beauty Brands from Scandinavia

6. Maria Akerberg

Thick, rich and slightly citrus scented, this Swedish skincare and cosmetics collection is infused with organic botanical oils. The core concept behind this brand is “deep skin organics.” That means the products work from deep within the inner layers of skin, since they only contains cold-pressed vegetable and essential oils. Of course, these are best for retaining the ingredients’ purity and potency.

This is another of the organic beauty brands from Scandinavia that uses clean and minimal packaging. Which look great in the bathroom, by the way!

From: Finland

What they sell: Everything from supplements, sunscreens, makeup, skin care, hair care and body care.

Organic Beauty Brands from Scandinavia

7. Rudolph Care

This Danish eco-certified skincare collection contains antioxidant “it” berry Acai. And with good reason! It contains essential fatty acids Omega 6 (for hydration) & 9 (to plump fine lines). We’re especially impressed with the Organic Sun Body Lotion, which provides and SPF of 30. It goes on with complete transparency, and doesn’t contain a single harmful ingredient.

And here’s another bonus: Rudolph Care is also 100% free from the list of 26 allergenic perfumes that should be avoided according to the EU. Housed in pretty soft pastel hued packaging, these products are an ode to Scandinavia’s subdued beauty.

From: Denmark

What they sell: Facial care, body care, sunscreens, makeup, and there’s even a range for babies and children!

Best Organic Beauty Brands from Scandinavia

8. Alexander Sprekenhus

Don’t forget the men up north are just as gorgeous as the women. And they take just as good care of themselves, too!

Former model Alexander Sprekenhus has created a holistic, hand-made, range of beauty products. Of course, each product is ideal for both men and women.

We love that many of the products come housed in minimalist, apothecary-inspired bottles that look great in the bathroom. There are also some wonderful gift kits that make gift-giving easy!

From: Norway

What they sell: Everything from fragrancies, hair care, body care, facial care products. There’s even a home accessories and sunglasses range!

Best Organic Beauty Brands from Scandinavia

9. True Organic of Sweden

Our newest discovery is this brilliant organic brand from Sweden. Their “All you Need is Me” cream is the perfect substitute for the far, far less natural Elizabeth Arden “8 Hour Cream” produced by unethical parent company, Estee Lauder.

This, and the rest of the collection contains highly hydrating and nourishing natural oils. These include plant-derived vitamin E, olive oil, and sunflower oil.

From: Sweden

What they sell: Skincare, body care, deodorants

true organics sweden

10. Estelle & Thild

This is another of those organic beauty brands from Scandinavia that offers a wide range of products. Whether you’re looking for makeup, skincare or body care, you’ll find it here.

But what we really love is how serious Estelle & Thild is about ethical production and sustainability. All of their products are vegan, certified organic, cruelty-free, and are made locally.

From: Sweden

What they sell: Skincare, body care, baby care and makeup.


Estelle & Thild

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  1. Gunilla of Sweden® is the only Swedish skincare brand used at thousands of
    spas in America for the last 30 years. They make LEROSETT® too, the only Botanically based acne brand and GUNILLA®. It founded by Gunilla Ross who was trained in England and Sweden in 1962. In the early 70’s she was the author for the first esthetics exam and esthetics curriculum. She’s 77 years old and still works every day, she looks like she’s 56 years old. Dermacope Magazine lists Gunilla as one of the pioneers of skincare.

    But not mentioned here.

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