10 of the Best All Natural Metallic Eye Shadows

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By Katy Caric

Our eyes are pretty delicate little creatures, that are easily irritated. Whatever we put on to them can easily get in to them – and absorbed right into our system.

Unfortunately, many mainstream eyeshadows contain particles of heavy metals like aluminum which, because it is in powdered form, can get into our eyes – and thus, into our bloodstreams. But it gets worse: even some so-called natural mineral makeup brands can contain potentially dangerous ingredients. For example, mica and titanium dioxide are ‘generally considered safe’, but when they’re included in nanoparticle form, they can accumulate in your lungs and cause serious damage.

So, which eye shadow ingredients are safe, and which should you avoid? Here’s a basic list of the most common components.

The Bad Stuff

Bismuth oxychloride
This pigment is used to create an iridescent finish and help the cosmetic stick to your skin better.
It’s often highly concentrated in mineral makeups and can be an eye, skin and lung irritant. Even after you stop using the cosmetic, irritation can continue for days.

Parabens in all forms
These hormone-mimicking preservatives have been banned in Europe, but still persist in many American made products. Propylparaben, butylparaben and methylparaben are but a few forms this chemical comes in.


Did you know that a lot of glitter in eye shadows (and nail polishes) is actually made from tiny plastic particles? Not good for your eyes or skin, of course, and it’s also not good for the oceans when you wash it down the drain, either!

The Good Stuff

Bright and shiny, this is the most common ingredient used for a shimmery effect.

Iron Oxides
They may sound like heavy metals, but actually the iron oxides used in cosmetics are synthetic, to avoid the use of ferric oxides and other impurities.

Here, we’ve selected some of the best all natural metallic eyeshadows to adorn your peepers with this spring, plus a video tutorial by Carli Bybel that will teach you how to use them.

10 of the Best All Natural Metallic Eye Shadows

1. Oglamix Eyeshadow

We just discovered this brand, and it’s impressive! They seem to carry every shade of the rainbow and beyond, and their 100% mineral pigments are fused with light-reflecting mica to add shimmer on the eyes, lips, cheeks or anywhere else on the face or body for a gorgeous, eye-catching look.

Their natural metallic eye shadows can be applied dry or with a dampened brush for stronger intensity for shading, lining and highlighting the eyes. The Chocolate Chip shade is particularly good for layering, or used on its own for a daytime look.

2. Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in Blue Wonder

Known for their infinitely refillable packaging, Kjaer Weis was created so you didn’t have to sacrifice your skin for your makeup. This single Wisdom colour is the perfect shade for everyday use – it’s a classic that never goes out of style. What we love about this is that the formula uses bamboo to enhance collagen synthesis in the delicate eye area.

3. RMS Beauty Magnetic Cream Eyeshadow

Featuring certified organic moisturizing ingredients like jojoba, coconut, and beeswax, you know your eyes are in safe hands with RMS Beauty’s all natural mineral eye shadows. Use this bestselling, bang-on-trend creamy metallic formula for brightening sleepy peepers, or you can use the Solar and Lunar shades as a highlighter for strobing, too.



natural metallic eye shadows



4. Pacifica Solar Colour Mineral Palette

Looking for a great makeup look?  This Pacifica Solar Palette has all the natural mineral based eyeshadows you need for both day and evening looks – plus, there’s a blush, bronzer and highlighter, all of which are  infused with coconut oil to help with a smoother application. We love the golden glow of the Neptune shade, and the shimmery brilliance of Treasure, both of which you can see below.

natural metallic eye shadows

5. Inika Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Duo

This rich, vibrant eyeshadow duo has a huge range of colors from plum to khaki. Inika makes its ingredients with the finest natural mineral ingredients and complements lots of different shades. It’s certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, too. We love the platinum/steel combo, below, which bring a bit of drama to your makeup look.


6. Ilia Beauty Silken Shadow Sticks

Sometimes, using natural metallic eye shadows can be tricky, especially if they’re in powdered form. But Ilia Silken Shadow Stick glides on effortlessly for a velvety wash of metallic colour. Healing argan, sesame and rosehip oils work alongside the soothing butters of shea and coconut to moisturise and protect the delicate area of the eye. Just draw on, blend, and voila!

natural metallic eye shadows


7. Hynt Beauty Khaki Gold Eyeshadow 

This khaki shade is the perfect neutral for all skin tones! Wear it on its own during the day, or layer it up with darker hues for the evening. Based on mica and white clay, there’s also a bit of jojoba oil in this formula to add some hydration to your eye area, and to ensure the powder lasts and lasts, without caking.

natural metallic eye shadows


8. Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow

Alima Pure describes their natural metallic eyeshadows as being “like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” and who are we to disagree? Pictured below is their shimmery midnight shade, perfect for evenings out. Their colours, which range from delicate champagne to rich, sultry aubergine, will last all day and won’t feel heavy or caked on.


9. Rituel de Fille Ash & Ember Eye Soot

This is a little potion bottle of dreamy colours that comes from Rituel de Fille who were inspired by the magical quality of natural ingredients. The eyeshadows are blends of pure pigments and pure seed oils that are 99% natural and 100% cruelty-free. Our fave? Obsidian – a deep black with a metallic sheen.

10. Odylique Lagoon Mineral Eyeshadow

Why do we love this shade? It’s subtle, and seems to change colour in the sunlight: is it blue? Grey? It’s a lovely, muted shade that looks amazing on anyone whose eyes have flecks of green or grey. Plus, Odylique’s eyeshadows are certified cruelty-free, 15% organic, and FairTrade. The brand also has an eco-certification that shows its minerals are free of all lead, mercury, and heavy metals.

natural metallic eye shadows


Feature Image by www.contentbeautywellbeing.com 

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