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How to Get Glowing with Organic Glitter Makeup

By: Jenna Catherine

It’s no secret that a touch of glitter and a red lip makes the perfect makeup look for big nights out, and New Year’s Eve is the one time of year that even die hard minimalists are known to add a touch of sequins and shine!

Of course, there are some of us who just simply can’t get enough glitter, day or night, holiday or workday, but be careful – overdo this look and you risk looking a bit like Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger!

Regardless of when or where you and where you like to wear your sparkle, you should know that not all glitter is created equally. Many mainstream glitters contain potentially dangerous aluminium particles, parabens, plastics and other potentially toxic ingredients – which is especially dangerous given the tendency of glitter to get stuck in eyes, mouths and even lungs if it’s in powder form.

What’s even worse is the fact that it’s been recently discovered that glitter is just as harmful to oceanic life – and ultimately our own health – as microbeads are, thanks to the fact that glitter particles cannot be filtered out of water once they’re washed off, meaning they end up back in our drinking water – and our bodies!

Luckily, we’ve found the best organic glitter makeup that will take your look to the next level, and will have you big-night ready in a flash.

All About the Eyes

Remember that one time that you attempted a beautifully crafted glittery eye, and the glitter ended up all over your cheeks (and nose. And forehead?) I think most of us have been there. Powdered glitter makeup can be particularly tough to work with, since it doesn’t naturally adhere to the skin. Keeping it light with a neutrally hued mineral eyeshadow like the silver one (on top) by Lauren Brooke Cosmetics  won’t look ridiculous it drifts a bit.

TIP: The trick to making a mineral eyeshadow adhere and pop is all in the application. Make the most of the glitter by spritzing a flat eyeshadow brush with a hydrasol spray like Plant Therapy Rose. Then, using a dampened eyeshadow brush, apply while the spray is still damp for a foiled glitter effect. This Rose Mist smells amazing, contains antioxidants, and it’s vegan friendly, too.

Prefer a simple one step glitter application? 100 Percent Pure Eye Creamstick in Naked Glimmer  will work for even the most novice of makeup artists. It’s an easy to use eyeshadow stick that glides on effortlessly, resulting in the most beautiful gold shimmer. Not a fan of gold? It comes in a variety of colours, is long lasting, and packed full of vitamins. Who says glamourous can’t be good for you?


TIP: Want your eyes to look super wide and fresh, even after partying all night? Try using a white liner with a slight shimmer, like this one in White Crystal by Inika . It’s certified organic, which is important when you’re putting something this close to your eye! It’s so natural, you can absolutely draw a line on your lower inner lid safely, which instantly makes eyes look less red and more alert. Myself, I like to also line the inner corners of my eyes, drawing the line up towards the inner quarter of my eyelid, then blending well. Eyes look further apart with this technique, too (and yep, that’s me, sporting the look below!).



Lips that Dazzle

Perhaps you’d like to add a hint of drama to your lips as well? Lily Lilo Lip Gloss is the perfect addition to your brilliant makeup look. It’s made with the most nourishing organic oils like coconut, shea, and jojoba, all of which make your lips kissably soft. The glitter is fine enough that you don’t feel any grit on your lips, and there’s a variety of sexy shades to choose from. Muah!

If you have a favourite shade of lippy that you feel comfortable wearing, why not add some glitz to it with a shimmery gloss? Lisa Noto’s Only You is a great, vegan friendly choice with mineral glitter shine.

TIP: While gloss adds a great 3D effect to the lips, it can also stick to glasses and mess them up. To avoid this, subtly lick the part of your glass you’re about to drink from before you do so.


Cheeks That Glow

Okay let’s face it – with winter comes duller, drier skin. So before you add makeup, first, make sure your skin is well hydrated by using a fabulous moisturiser first. Massage onto your face, let it sink in, then add a highlighter stick, like Dazzle by Vapour Organic Beauty, which creates the most beautiful shimmering highlights. It’s hydrating, suitable for sensitive skin formula blends beautifully into the skin.


TIP 1: Use the fingertips to warm up solid cream products before application. Place it on your brow bone, cupid’s bow of lips, inner corner of eyes and high planes of the cheeks.

TIP 2: Where you apply highlighter depends on your bone structure. Follow this diagram to see where you should put yours. Don’t forget to blend!


If you love highlighters, Radiance Highlighter by Kjaer Weis is the one luxury product that will totally transform your look. This organic product is multi use; it’s a serious makeup bag essential because it can do so much: apply it to the highest points of the cheekbones for the most amazing glow, brush it gently under the brow to widen the eyes, or place it all over the eyelid for a flirty shimmer. It goes with practically any skin tone, and the refillable compact is so luxurious.


Still not sure how to use a highlighter stick and want to play it a bit safer with a touch of blusher? Try a shimmery one like Apricot by Au Naturale . It’s made from all natural minerals, and is 100% cruelty-free, too. Just dab a blush brush, like the vegan-friendly ones by Hynt Beauty , into the pot. Tap off excess, and flick onto the apples of your cheeks a few times. Further blend the blush with your fingers or a sponge – the idea is to make this look like part of your skin, not painted-on colour.


Nailing It

There’s nothing prettier than a glitter pop manicure for a big night out. This year pass on the mainstream nail polishes that contain those 5 most toxic ingredients: formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, and camphor. Instead, pick a nail polish that’s ‘5 Free’ like the aptly named “Cocktail Hour” (left, in the picture) by Treat Collection . It’s a tasteful light taupe with a golden shimmer, kind of like champagne for your nails.


TIP: Use a base coat and topcoat like the Base Coat and Fast Drying Top Coat by Treat Collection to ensure longevity, and a fabulous shine, that will bring any nail lacquer colour to the next level.

Of course there are so many fabulous shimmery, glittery, perfect-for-New Year’s-Eve organic beauty products out there. Are we missing an outstanding organic glitter product you love? Share with us in the comments down below. We’d love to hear from you!

Main image: Emmanuel Sarnin photography

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