5 Sustainable Spiritual Jewelry Brands

Feeling like you need a bit of comfort these days? Some find that wearing sustainable spiritual jewelry helps!

By Uma Campbell

There are loads of different types of jewelry wearers. There are those who love antique pieces infused with history, for example. They feel every piece tells a story. Others wish to make a more ostentatious statement, and might buy stunning Rolex timepieces from Watchbox to make an impression. A lot of people buy jewelry pieces because they happen to be on trend. And still others prefer to wear sustainable spiritual jewelry brands. And there are many reasons for this.

One is comfort. Believers want to carry rosaries, for example, because of their devotion to praying and spiritual contemplation. Crosses and Stars of David are worn to indicate specific faiths.

More general beliefs, such as the fact that we are all one, are expressed through symbols such as the Flower of Life. Crystals and gemstones are worn to enhance protection of the person wearing the jewelry. The ruby for instance, is said to provide protection and energy to the body, while the diamond is said to purify your mental  state.  Gold rings are believed to attract and activate divine consciousness to the body, while gold chains are said to attract energy waves.

For centuries (if not longer), many people have believed in the benefits of wearing spiritual jewelry. These include reducing negative energy in the body, giving protection from attacks of negative energies, boosting one’s personal power and energy, and as well as overall spiritual healing and cleansing.  

With ancient history backing up the notion of spiritual jewelry, and with many people swearing by it, it’s no wonder it has remained so popular in the course of time. But if any of the jewelry types mentioned above aren’t ethically sourced….well, it’s hard to call them ‘spiritual,’ if you ask me! 

Here are a few of our favourite sustainable spiritual jewelry brands to help you choose which pieces may bring the right kind of energy to your soul.

Main image and image below: Buddha Mamma

5 Sustainable Spiritual Jewelry Brands

1. Sarah And Sebastian

Are you inspired by astrology? Do you strongly identify with your star sign? Then Sarah and Sebastian have the perfect sustainable spiritual jewelry for you!

Their ‘Celestial’ collection illuminates the twelve zodiac signs with recycled 10-karat gold ethically sourced, brilliant-cut diamonds in place of stars. No matter what your sign, this is a beautiful conversation starter, and also makes a wonderful gift for a friend on their birthday!



2. Shamballa Jewels

Shamballa’s Buddhist-inspired bracelets have become favourites with jet-setters and A-listers alike. This white and black diamond bracelet  is one example of their many striking spiritual pieces that make a statement and have a powerful message.

The philosophy behind Shamballa jewels is to encourage people to find their inner Shamballa – the mythical kingdom that all Tibetan Buddhists believe in. It is said to be a symbol of peace, enlightenment and perfection.

Sustainable Spiritual Jewelry Brands


3. Anna Loucah

What has meaning for you? Is it a lucky number? A certain symbol?

Throughout history and across the globe, jewellery has been worn for its amuletic properties. A fascination with the power and tradition of jewellery has always been at the heart of Anna’s work and in recognition of this she is endeavouring to create a collection exploring those symbols most personal to us all.

Placing ethical provenance at the heart of what she does, Anna is proud to be one of the UK’s first Fairtrade gold license holders and as such has seen her bespoke, ethically sourced pieces on the Hollywood Red Carpet as well as receiving numerous jewellery industry accolades and awards.

Sustainable Spiritual Jewelry Brands



4. Totem Adornments Sacred Seeds

Using Sacred Seeds necklaces, individual pieces made quite literally of sacred seeds such as Lotus, Rudracksha, Bodhi and Tulsi, this brand hopes to challenge people’s perception about what is precious.

Each Sacred Seed necklace is tagged with a recycled silver ‘T’, and is presented in a handmade Lotka box within an organic cotton drawstring bag. Enclosed is a history of the seed used in that particular necklace or rosary, and a wild flower seed paper, allowing the recipient to grown their own small meadow as a lasting memento.

We particularly love the ‘Story Keeper’ jewelry, which boasts a silver tube that holds whichever words have meaning for you: a note from a loved one, a prayer, or a Bible verse, for example.

All of Totem’s seeds are sourced from a locally owned, sustainable, organic plantation in Bali.


sacred seeds jewelry

5. Buddha Mama  

Buddha Mama is a handmade jewelry line inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions. This mother and daughter created brand also employs close friends and family to help run the company in a way that seems more like a family gathering than work!

In addition to creating highly spiritually themed jewellery, Buddha Mama still donates to Zen Village and Kristi House, a non-profit center that provides the needs of child victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking.







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