Our Favourite Clean Beauty Trends For 2021

I’m pretty sure at least one of these clean beauty trends for 2021 will inspire you!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

How will you keep your glow on this year?  Staying locked up at home, and not being able to benefit from the fresh breeze, sunshine and outdoor exercise has deprived us of the natural radiance of our skin. On the other hand, we now have waaay more time to work on our makeup techniques and experiment with new products. We’re also missing being out in nature so much, we’re feeling quite protective of it. So no wonder so many of the clean beauty trends for 2021 are focused on saving the environment!

But that’s not all. Mask wearing, being shut up all day with your lover, and not being able to hit the salon when you feel like it have all impacted clean beauty trends for 2021 too. Ready to see what’s going on in the world of beauty this year? Read on!

12 Clean Beauty Trends For 2021

clean beauty trends 2021

1. Waterless Beauty

After gaining followers over the past five years or so, waterless beauty is getting huge. The concept owes its origins to South Korea, where it was gaining popularity as early as 2015.

Why is this important? Because using water is a sneaky escamotage adopted by beauty labels to make a product last longer – but it also creates a terrain for germs to breed. In fact, waterless beauty products often last longer and have fewer or no preservatives for that very reason.

And get this: water can actually dry your skin out! You might think that’s a bit of a paradox, but here’s what happens. When water in products evaporates, it takes along many of your skin’s natural oils along with it.

Oh, and let’s not forget that water is one of the most precious commodities on the planet, and some nations have limited access to it, so it feels like a slap in a face to use it for mere beauty products, right?

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Biossance Vitamin C Rose Oil has plant based squalane, chios crystal oil, rose petals and vitamin C – but zero water! This ensures a higher concentration of nutrient ingredients, and nixes the need for preservatives. This luxuriously lightweight vitamin C oil brightens, firms and hydrates, while boosting the elasticity of your skin. It’s ideal for all skin types, and of course, it smells incredible!

clean beauty trends 2021

2. Intimate Skincare

Since there’s not been much to do during lockdown, more of us are exploring our partner’s bodies – and our own! As a result, one of the biggest clean beauty trends for 2021 is a focus on skincare products aimed at your more intimate bits.

Traditionally, there’s been a bit of a taboo related to skin products for our more private parts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve proper treatment! From nipple creams to vaginal masks, you’ll see a lot more intimate skincare products coming out this year.

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Bawdy’s Nipple & Areola Stick is like a lip balm for nips! It has a rich, all natural formulation of moisturising marula oil paired with anti-inflammatory chamomile, which calms and hydrates. Perfect for joggers, new moms, and those who have been getting a bit ‘overly busy’ in the bedroom!

nipple cream

3. Biodegradable Packaging

Ever since the boom of plastics in the sixties, our poor Earth has been suffering terribly. This nasty material takes centuries to decompose, and when it does, it’s even worse – it leaves tiny particles of plastic on the planet. These are eaten by animals and absorbed into the soil. It’s so sad!

For us, it’s more than essential that all businesses switch immediately to biodegradable packaging. And of course, that includes beauty brands. There are plenty of alternative packaging choices out there, so there’s really no excuse! Today, you can find sustainable and biodegradable packaging made from everything from mushrooms and wood to corn and recycled paper.

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In Eluxe, we’ve already pointed out how various brands are making conscious choices by using zero waste packaging. At the top of our list is Zao Organic Makeup for its uber-chic products housed in sustainably harvested bamboo.

clean beauty trends 2021

4. Plant Based Hair Products 

Whether it’s hair dye, shampoo, or conditioner, plant based products for the hair are catching on pretty fast. And why not? Ingredients like argan oil and coconut extracts are restorative and provide all the necessary nutrients that your tresses require. Plus, unlike animal based keratin, plant based ingredients are usually 100% cruelty free.

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Pure, powerful and plant-based, Pureology has long been one of our favourite vegan shampoo brands. Made from from coconuts, corn and sugar, their Hydrate Shampoo provides a nourishing and enriching treatment for dry, colour-treated hair.



5. Maskne Solutions

Masks are a disaster for your skin. They cause breakouts due to the combination of friction, heat, moisture, and clogged pores, according to dermatologist Howard Sobel, MD, founder of Sobel Skin in New York City. But it gets worse. The friction from your mask can set off other skin conditions, such as rashes, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, or hives, according to Dr Sobel. Dr. Sobel says he’s also seen lots of yeast infections on the face that result in redness with pustules that look similar to acne. Yipes! So, what can you do about it?

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The most obvious way to avoid maskne is, well, not to wear a mask. And plenty of experts believe they’re quite useless in preventing the spread of disease anyway. But if you must wear one, look for skincare with ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and retinoids, which will help increase skin cell turnover.

If it’s irritation that’s causing your redness, a hydrocortisone cream or one that contains aloe and hydrocortisone may help reduce inflammation. Finally, products containing bio hyaluronic acid, such as Dr. Sobel’s Skin Rx Bio Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream are super moisturising and can help restore the skin barrier that’s broken by frequent mask wearing.

clean beauty trends 2021

6. Vitamin B Creams

Sure, we all know that Vitamin C is a powerful skin antioxidant, and is a wonderful skincare ingredient. But now, Vitamin B Creams are one of the biggest clean beauty trends for 2021. And with good reason! As a matter of fact there isn’t just one type of Vitamin B, but a cluster of eight (Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12). This conglomeration helps multiple aspects of your body, from preventing the signs of aging to helping you stay energetic.

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This rich and intensely luxurious B Calm cream by ESK has a multi-correctional purpose. It not only manages your skin’s natural oil production and improves acne and rosacea-symptoms, but there is also evidence for improving the skin’s barrier function, reducing hyperpigmentation and acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. And get this: there is even evidence for its reducing your risk of skin cancer!

7. Salon Facial Devices – At Home

After having been locked down for so long, few of us ever want to miss out on the treatments we often went to salons to enjoy. I’m talking about things like radiofrequency, dermarollers, LED treatments, and even IPL. These treatments are seriously effective – and that’s why those of us who have tried them don’t want to be without them, ever again!

For that reason, having professional facial devices at home is now a must. This is definitely one of the strongest clean beauty trends for 2021, but it’s also one of the priciest trends!

That being said, if you’re convinced, as I am, that certain devices truly do make a difference to your beauty routine, it’s worth the investment.

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I’m never without my LightStim! It’s easy to use at home while watching TV, for example. The red LED lights help build collagen, while the blue light LightStim is designed to specifically kill the bacteria that cause acne.


clean beauty trends 2021

8. Thick, Lush Lashes and Brows

Yeah, we know this has been a thing for awhile. But with so many people hiding most of their faces with masks these days, attention is really focused on the eyes now more than ever!

Brows have especially  had a great reboot over the past few years, with a variety of techniques to enhance their lushness and health.

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Microblading? Check. Tweezing? Done. So, now how to you keep your luscious brows in place? Try this EcoBrow Defining Wax. Simply apply it with an an angled brush to where you want your brows to stay, and you’ll look polished all day long. Oh, and did I mention that it will nourish your brows with rich vitamin E, too?

9. Home Spa Treatments

We don’t want to say Covid-19 is here to stay, but it’s definitely not leaving us quite yet. Loads of people have been too scared to return to beauty salons, so many consumers have brought their beauty routine home, and that includes home spa treatments.

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Forget taking a mere bath! This OSEA Kit, from their Bestsellers Collection, has everything you need to feel as though you’re getting a luxurious spa treatment at home. It includes one Ocean Cleanser, Hyaluronic Sea Serum, Salts of the Earth Body Scrub, and Undaria Algae Body Oil.

This kit will exfoliate, hydrate and nourish your skin. Their sustainably-harvested seaweed is the secret ingredient that will leave your face and body feeling utterly smooth and nourished.

osea home spa

10. Wigs

This year has kept some of us away from the salons, so we’ve taken things into our own hands. Only, it’s harder than it looks. And let’s face it: most hair dyes are pretty damn toxic.

But the good news is: wigs are a great way to switch things up without commit to a drastic style (or worse, attempting said drastic style at home). And no, we’re not talking about the ones in the costume store. There are plenty of places to find this ready-to-go accessory that actually looks like your own hair. If you’re new to the game, check out this handy video to learn how to install one yourself.

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Think the Kardashian/Jenner sisters just dye their hair a new colour every month? Heck no! Those are wigs, my friends! Lace front, natural hair wigs are the best quality ones, and are perfect for those who wish to wear wigs every day or almost every day. Synthetic wigs are great for parties, but remember: that ‘hair’ is just basically plastic, and will never biodegrade!

Image: @kyliejenner on Instagram

11. DIY Dermaplaning

Scrubs? Sooo 2020. The newest way to exfoliate is by dermaplaning! This hot beauty trend for 2021 can do so much! It can help you achieve a more youthful look by removing dead skin, small hairs, and minor imperfections in your complexion. Some potential benefits include:

  • reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, or sun-damaged skin
  • restoring a youthful glow to the skin
  • removing small hairs that can hold onto oil and debris

Though some prefer to go to the salon for this, it’s pretty easy to do at home. And as mentioned above, we reckon salon visits will never be as easy as they used to be, so might as well learn how to DIY this one!

Try the trend

The eco-friendly derma razor by Dreamiskin is super effective, and eco-friendly, too! Made out of wheat straw, it’s super easy to use. Just place it at a 45 degree angle on your face, and scrape away! It should be used on dry skin, and no more than once a month.

clean beauty trends 2021

12. All Natural Soaps

Oh my gosh, the crap we’ve been putting on our skin is just outrageous! If you’re reading this article, you probably know already that our skin absorbs a great deal of the nasty chemicals in some cosmetics. But the nasty chemicals in hand sanitisers are basically off the charts! Some are even illegal in many countries. And yet, we’re squirted every time we go into a public place, whether we like it or not. Even if you’re ‘just’ using alcohol to sterilise your hands, this is extremely drying. The result? Chapped, red hands. The solution? Gentle, natural soaps, of course! It’s quite literally one of the top clean beauty trends for this year.

Try the trend

Clean beauty pioneer Susanne Kaufmann makes one of the most gorgeously luxurious natural hand washes around. Not only is her formula rich, effective and plant-based, but it also comes in a refill pack, which is comprised of 75% recycled high density polyethylene (RHDPE.), and is fully  recyclable. Her new hand soap refill bottle will provide a more sustainable alternative for consumers who made previous purchases, and will also extend the life of the quality made bottles that house her products.

Oh, and if your hands have suffered from the chemicals in toxic hand sanitisers, why not soothe them with her famous hand cream?


All images courtesy the brands unless stipulated, except first two images via Pexels


Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi
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