Environmentalist Adrian Grenier: Green & Gorgeous

Adrian Grenier

He’s handsome, he’s talented, and environmentalist Adrian Grenier is trying to save the planet, too. Here’s how

By Natasha Salem

Being an actor and heartthrob just isn’t enough for Entourage star Adrian Grenier. He’s dedicated himself to becoming an environmentalist, too. And he’s done so in many ways.

First up, after contemplating how he could best use his fame to the planet’s advantage, he collected a real-life posse of friends, actors and experts to come together on his environmentally focused TV show, Alter Eco.

The eco-lifestyle and makeover series premiered on Planet Green in 2008. “It’s a show about finding creative ways to have fun that happen to be good for the environment,” he says. Easy, accessible and creative, the solutions suggested on the show can be applied to our lives in the simplest of ways.

But that’s not all.

In the 21st century, a TV series itself isn’t enough to really connect with an audience. So Adrian and film producer Peter Glatzer joined forces in 2009 to create a multimedia platform. It’s called SHFT, and their aim to to allow the public to approach sustainable living in a more accessible format. The website features video, design and fashion inspiration to encourage all-round, better green lifestyles.

Environmentalist Adrian Grenier: Green & Gorgeous

Not just talk; he walks the walk!

Importantly, environmentalist Adrian Grenier doesn’t just make programs about how others can help the planet. He practices what he preaches, too. Like some other green-minded actors, he’s been active in several eco-campaigns on several issues.

These range from saving the oceans, creating more permaculture projects, and protecting the endangered bluefin tuna.

Additionally, he’s as green as he can be in his personal life. To cite just a few examples, his house is surrounded by plants and trees he dug in himself; he drives a hybrid car; he has no kids, and his home is energised by solar panels.

The actor also recently spent about a year living in a small, tiny camper. He did so while he was working on his newest project, Earth Speed, his new docu-series on environmental innovators — but first, back to the camper.

He apparently bought it from a guy on Craigslist, just like our pal Rob Greenfield did with his own tiny home. “It was where I started to unravel my ego identity, and started to find greater purpose. Upon reemerging, I found myself here. In nature. With a much more grounded, rooted sense of self,” he said to Tribeza.com.

Image below: Steve Erle

Environmentalist Adrian Grenier: Green & Gorgeous

Time for change

As for Earth Speed, Grenier believes that after lockdowns, and with rising food and fuel prices, empowering individuals to live more independently and greener should be a top priority.

“With permaculture for example, if you look at the most resilient systems, it’s not about mono-crops, it’s not one-size-fits-all, it’s about diversity of thought, of inclusion, a diversity of thinking across whole populations. If we can all level up on an individual level, it’s easier to show up and participate,” he says.

Not only is Adrian Grenier a strong environmentalist, but he’s also a bit of a libertarian. This comes out in his approach to Earth Speed. He has ensured that each episode has practical applications for the personal development and energy/food independence of each viewer. The focus is on self-sufficiency, sovereignty, a nature-based lifestyle and businesses that are helping to truly bring those concepts out in larger society.

It’s a holistic, independent approach to living we here at Eluxe highly support!

Adrian Grenier: hippy kid

So, how did Adrian Grenier become so planet-conscious, anyway? He cites his mother, who met his father in a commune and ‘was a bit of a hippy.’ Apparently, she was a huge inspiration in his eco-awareness. The star claims that she raised him surrounded by greenery (in New Mexico) and always pointed out the importance of clean air, water and living habitats, not just locally, but globally.

There’s nothing more globally important to life than water, and Adrian is obsessed with it. Or more specifically, with our oceans. His Lonely Whale Foundation works to advance education and empathy for ocean health and marine life, and for his ocean conservation efforts, he received the Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award in 2016.

“I recognize that we have an opportunity to create real and lasting change that will benefit our marine environment and ultimately ourselves,” he states. “We have a long way to go to create the impact we seek but by working together, and through unique storytelling. I’m optimistic about the future of Earth’s marine species,” he said, typically positively, in a speech when he won the Paul Walker Award.

Talented, kind to animals, gorgeous and he loves his mama? Environmentalist and actor Adrian Grenier couldn’t be more perfect.  

Main Image of environmentalist Adrian Grenier: vnewz.net  Other Images: Wikicommons

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