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Found! A New, Vegan, Non Toxic Hair Straightener

We just discovered something very rare: a non toxic hair straightener! Thought we’d tell you all about it…

By Diane Small

Japanese, Brazilian and Keratin hair treatments all promise smoother and straighter hair. But guess what? They contain nasty chemicals that can not only hurt your health, but can even cause cancer.

Formaldehyde, the stuff used to preserve dead bodies, is released when they key chemicals in hair smoothing treatments, namely methylene glucol, formalin, methanal and methanediol, are heated or mixed with water. And since salon treatments don’t require FDA approval, this killer cocktail is actually legally allowed on your hair.

Some salons will tell you they’re just using ‘peptides’ or ‘keratin’ or ‘silk proteins’ to smooth your hair – but these ingredients can all be present AS WELL as the nasty stuff above-mentioned – plus, they’re not at all vegan friendly, in any case.

Finding a non toxic hair straightener that’s also cruelty free can be tough, to say the least. Women ruin their health and their hair in the quest for a frizz-free mane. But finally, it seems there may be a ‘clean beauty’ hair straightener at last.

OXO Organic is the latest hair smoothing product to come around to select salons, and uses an alternative smoothing technique that is permanent and not aggressive.

‘Alternative’ is the key word here and here’s why:

  • You can wash and style your hair right after application – which isn’t supposed to be done with most Keratin or Japanese hair products. The reason for this is because OXO restores the hair’s natural shine and smoothness by nourishing it from the inside – roots to tips. Keratin treatments often just create a shiny coating that will wash off a bit with every shower.
  • OXO Organic is perfectly safe, even for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, unlike most other hair straightening products
  • It won’t weigh down your hair with coating because it naturally restores the hair and doesn’t need the faux silicone coat to make your hair look shiny.
  • It’s is suitable for all hair types: dry, thick, thin, straight, curly, oily – it doesn’t matter.  It can be used for both men and women who want smoother, straighter and healthier hair.

non toxic hair straightener

The Science

Wonder how it works?

Think of straight hair as a ladder and curly hair as a spiral staircase. The steps on both are the hair’s bonds. If you break those bonds, you can rebuild the spiral staircase as ladder — so curly hair becomes straight.

Traditional straighteners saturate the hair with a cocktail of chemicals before it’s dried and flat-ironed, thus releasing formaldehyde, which locks the hair into a straighter position until your natural texture then gradually returns over two to five months. No surprises to learn that formaldehyde is also used by clothing manufacturers to keep textiles ‘wrinkle free’ – and even wearing clothes with formaldehyde can make you sick; imagine what it can do when it’s on your hair!

OXO Organic uses non-toxic ingredients to break your hair’s ‘stairway’ of bonds, and of course, none of these turn into the deadly ‘F’ word!

We think the product sounds promising, but there are some caveats: like 5 or 7-free nail polish, it’s not fully chemical free, and despite the name, it’s actually NOT really ‘organic’. But what it does provide is a much safer, effective straightening treatment for your hair, AND it’s 100% vegan friendly, since the keratin in this product is a lab-synthesised synthetic, not an animal by-product.

While it would be a dream come true for this to be created for home use, OXO should only be applied in an authorised salon – look for a window sticker on approved salons.

NOTE: This was NOT a paid post or sponsored in any way! We just thought this is a new, awesome and innovative non toxic hair straighteneryou should know about

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