The Best Vegan Slippers For Women

The best vegan slippers for women will keep you cozy and warm all winter – and beyond!

By Roberta Fabbrocino

Nice loungewear can make us feel right at home. Comfy. Relaxed. I’m talking second-skin pyjamas, and of course, the best vegan slippers. I mean, slippers are absolutely essential in the colder weather. Cold, damp feet make your whole body feel nasty. On the other hand, a pair of plush, cozy slippers are as comforting as a hot bath.

Slippers are also ideal for keeping your house cleaner. Treading on your floors in street shoes drags in all kinds of unmentionables, from dog doo and chewing gum remnants to pollution and pesticides. Yuk! Best to kick off your kicks and slip into some slippers instead.

What to look for in vegan slippers

There are certain caveats we need to watch out for when choosing a good pair of sustainable slippers. For example, while we give the thumbs up to recycled materials, footwear made of new polyester or nylon just isn’t OK. And of course, if you care about animals (and the planet), it’s essential to avoid two of the most typical materials used for slippers: wool, fur and leather (usually suede).

The good news is, you can get all the coziness and softness of animal-based materials with synthetic ones that don’t actually harm the planet! Hard to believe? Keep reading to see some of the best vegan slippers for women, perfect for winter – or any season!

The Best Vegan Slippers For Women

Best Vegan Slippers for women

1. Everlane ReNew Slippers

Available in beige, rust and black, these minimalist slippers are made from recycled materials. Specifically, nylon and polyester. Even the sole is made out of recycled rubber. But the best part? The quilted upper, combined with the luscious lining are ‘like a duvet for your feet.’ Isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for in sustainable slippers?

Price: Around $60

Best for: Slipping on when you’re working from home.

Best Vegan Slippers for women

2. Monki Recycled Slippers

Here’s another pair of vegan slippers made from recycled materials. Discarded PET bottles and textile waste is broken down and processed into new fibres to create these fluffy, pink slippers. Not only does this pair save rubbish from landfill, but they also save the water, energy and greenhouse-gas emissions that new materials would require. Plus, who wouldn’t love some super-soft, cotton-candy-ish slippers hugging their feet?

Price: $24

Best for: These are he best vegan slippers for decadent girly-girls. I mean, pink! Plus, those hearts, right?

Best Vegan Slippers for women

3. Gravity Sneaker Slippers

Vegan slippers can be cute and fun. You’re probably seen ‘monster’ slippers, unicorn slippers, ‘bear claw’ slippers….and now there’s a pair that looks like sneakers!

Gravity is a company that specialises in weighted blankets. But now, they’re offering slippers, too! This cute pair is made from canvas on the outside, and faux sheepskin on the inside. You’ll feel snug as a bug in a rug!

Price: $65

Best for: Wearing to bed to keep your tootsies toasty.

4. Vivaia

Vivaia is one of our favourite vegan footwear companies. They make all of their shoes, loafers and slippers from recycled plastic bottle uppers, and natural Artemisia Argyi herbal insoles. Their vegan slippers are 100% flexible and bendable, making them perfect for sticking in your suitcase when travelling. They also slip on easily after a hard day, and look super stylish with street clothes and pyjamas alike.

Price: Around $86

Best for: Looking chic at home

vivavia house shoes

5. Dooeys

Ethically made in Portugal, Dooeys’ vegan slippers are more like indoor shoes. They’re comfortable and lightweight, and sustainable, thanks to the use of recycled polyester, recycled plastic bottles, coconut husks and cork that’s used to make them. What’s more, Dooeys is all about small batch production and slow fashion. What’s not to love?  

Price: Around $118

Best for: Wearing at home, outside, or even on the beach

dooeys house shoes

6. Taylor + Thomas

After meeting in a footwear design class, Jessica Taylor Mead and Elizabeth Thomas James launched a sustainable, vegan luxury footwear brand in 2018. Their pieces are unique and edgy, meticulously designed and handcrafted, using FSC-certified timber, castor beans, and recycled plastic bottles. And get this: not only are they are 100% PETA approved, but they also donate 1% of their sales to nonprofits like 1% For The Planet. Their vegan slippers come in three colours, and are super-elegant and luxurious, and feature a Middle Eastern style.

Price: $385

Best for: Wearing indoors, or out!

taylor + Thomas shoes

7. Allkind

Fancy feeling like you’re walking on clouds? Allkind’s PETA certified vegan slippers are for you! This British brand only uses eco-friendly, high-quality vegan materials like organic cotton and cork. Committed to being a carbon-negative business that gives back, they’ve partnered up with Ecology, and also donate 5% of their profits to PETA, The Rainforest Trust, and other ecological associations. Their faux sheepskin slippers feature cork on the outside, and fluffy organic cotton on the inside.  

Price: Around $125

Best for: Wearing in front of the fireplace, whilst reading a book and sipping some hot chocolate!

best ethical vegan slippers for women

8. Rawganique

At Rawganique, they grow, weave, knit and sew plastic-free clothing and footwear with organic cotton, linen, and hemp. Of course, all of their products are sweatshop-free and are manufactured in-house in the USA and EU. One of our favourite pairs of ethical vegan slippers on this list are their hemp house slippers. Inspired by the tradition of the Japanese to take their street shoes off at the door, these house slippers are not only vegan, but are so eco-friendly, they’re actually fully biodegradable!

Price: $38.97

Best for: Bringing a touch of Japan to your wardrobe

best ethical vegan slippers for women


9. Baggucor Vegan Slippers

These lightweight, breathable vegan slippers have an organic cotton exterior, and a memory foam interior that completely molds to your foot. While they’re not as eco-friendly as some of the other ethical slippers on our list, we thought we’d include them here for their low price. At under $10, this is eco-luxury on a budget!

Baggucor’s organic cotton slippers come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, and feature a non-slip sole, too.

Price: Around $9

Best for: Those on a budget

Best Vegan Slippers for women

10. Pudus

Anyone else spend their work shift daydreaming about their slippers? Personally, I can’t wait to get home, kick off my shoes and slide my toes into my comfiest slippers. It’s like a hug for my feet!

Pudus is renowned for its cosy slipper socks, and now they have a huge range of house shoes. Whether you like the traditional type, flip-flop slippers, or slipper sliders, each pair has been made with love, designed to bring cosiness, comfort and joy to your tootsies.

100% animal-free, they use the softest animal-friendly materials to really elevate your slipper game. They have an extra-plus faux fur lining that will keep feet warm without making them sweat. Plus the memory foam helps takes the pressure off while the rubber sole stops you from slipping over.

Price: Around $35

Best for: Those looking for chic comfort!

Best Vegan Slippers for women



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