Natural Pumpkin Spice Makeup We Love For Fall

It’s not just for pies and lattes – we want pumpkin spice makeup, too!

By Lora O’Brien

Makeup motivation comes in many forms. We may be inspired by a photoshoot, an Instagrammer, or nostalgia for what we saw our mamas and aunties wearing. Sometimes, we choose makeup because the commercial is tempting, or a product seems new and innovative. Or sometimes, we just like the idea of something. For example, a pumpkin spiced latte on your lips. Or eyes. Or cheeks.

Yes my friends, pumpkin spice makeup is a thing, and with good reason. The brownish-orange hues that the theme implies not only go well with all kinds of different complexions, but are perfect for moving-out-of-summer weather.


Not sure how to pull this off? Here are some tips:

  • If you’re pale or have very dark skin, stick with brighter, tangerine-y shades, with a bit of red – more pumpkin itself, rather than say, a latte.
  • If you’ve got warmer undertones, go for burnt oranges with a hint of brown, gold or spice – yep, I’m talking PSL spices here!
  • But you know which shade suits all skin tones? Pumpkin pie! (Anyone else getting hungry….?)

And speaking of which, if you’re wondering which hues comprise pumpkin spice makeup, think in this range:

  • The spicy colour of a rich, warm pumpkin pie
  • The creamy brown tone of a pumpkin spice latte
  • The orangey hues of the pumpkin itself.

Wondering what the end result should be?

Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo absolutely nails the pumpkin spice makeup look. Just check out how he rocks it on two women with totally different skin tones, below.

The pale, luminous skin of Jennifer Lawrence really comes out with the burnt orange hues of actual pumpkin. On the other hand, the nutmeg, cinnamon and clove ‘spice’ part of ‘pumpkin spice’ is more suited toward Vanessa Hudgens’ darker tones. Just look at her smolder!

The secret is to make it subtle, and to ensure the colours you use really go with your skin tone. If you’re still stuck, this YouTube video gives some great tips.

Ready to get glowing for fall?

Images below and main image: @hungvanngo on Instagram

Natural Pumpkin Spice Makeup For Fall

1. Bare Minerals Matte Lipstick in Brave

How elegant is this lipstick by Bare Minerals? You’ll find that this lipstick will glide over your lips effortlessly all whilst delivering a boost of moisture alongside long-wearing colour. The breathable gel formula glides on to deliver full coverage, budge-proof wear with a soft matte finish that lasts up to a whopping 8 hours.

Shade: A subtle blend of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Best for: Medium to dark skin tones.

natural pumpkin spice makeup

2. 100% PURE Matte Lipstick in ‘Mojave’

If you’ve used any 100% PURE products, you’ll know that their makeup is made with healthy fruit pigments. In addition, there are loads of natural extracts like cocoa, shea butters and vitamin E. All of which moisturise your lips all day long!

This shade is matte and opaque, so it’s great if you’re looking for something to take you from a.m to p.m.

Shade:  A light, spicy nutmeg with burnt orange undertones – kinda like pumpkin pie.

Best for: All skin tones.

pumpkin spice makeup

4. Tarte Lip Creme in Desert Rose

This richly pigmented lipstick will give your lips full coverage with a semi-gloss finish that will really make you stand out. The ultra-hydrating organic coconut and avocado oil ingredients will soften even the deepest layers of your lips and has been crafted with just 10 ingredients. No wonder this is one of our editor’s favourites!

Shade:  An adobe tone with brown undertones giving it that pumpkin-y shade.

Best for: A touch of fall for olive skins.

natural pumpkin spice makeup


5. The Lip Bar Lip Gloss In ‘Ms Independent’

If you’re looking for the colour of a PSL with plenty of cinnamon and nutmeg, then you’ll adore The Lip Bar’s ‘Ms. Independent’ lip gloss.

The brand was launched back in 2012 after it was noticeable that there was a lack of clean, safe beauty products on the market. So, to fill a void, The Lip Bar created a vibrant range of lipsticks in kick-ass colours. Enriched with shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E, they’re as nourishing as they are powerful.

Shade:  A rich, spicy hue with orange undertones and a lot of shine.

Best for: Tanned, olive and dark skin tones.

6. ILIA Multi-Stick In ‘Dreamer’

This versatile tint is perfect for giving the skin a healthy flush. The buttery soft formula, thanks to hydrating avocado oil, cocoa, shea and vitamin E, will hydrate the deepest layers of skin all whilst sculpting the lips and cheeks with a sheer and natural glow. It’s one of the best natural pumpkin spice makeup items for both the cheeks and lips! Yep, that’s right: it’s both a blusher and a lippy.

Shade:  A creamy pumpkin shade with primary undertones.

Best for: Cooler skin tones with bluish veins.

7. Zuii Organic Flora Blush In ‘Nector’

Zuii Organic have developed a blush with organic rose petals and jasmine buds, which work to soothe and tone the skin whilst also encouraging the repair of scar tissue, all whilst giving your complexion a soft and subtle glow.

Shade: A natural peach shade with a golden undertone.

Best for: Works for warmer, lighter skin tones.

natural pumpkin spice makeup

8. Living Nature Lipstick In ‘Warm Wood’

If you want to try pumpkin spice makeup hues, but are a little hesitant, why not start with this subtle shade by Living Nature? Pair it with the lip pencil of the same shade to enhance your lips and to give the illusion of a fuller pout. The natural ingredients in this lipstick will also give your lips a boost of moisture as well as a full coverage thanks to the natural pigments, so you won’t be left with dry lips once the night had ended.

Shade: Warm Wood is an autumn brown lipstick with rich spice undertones that will suit most skin types. Looks like a PSL in a cup!

Best for: All skin tones.

natural pumpkin spice makeup

9. Cirque Colors Milk Chocolate

Cirque Colors is more than just five-free. This is a nail polish brand that’s free of pretty much any nasty chemical you can think of! But the best part? They make so many shades, it’s actually hard to choose just one! But since we’re talking pumpkin spice makeup for fall, Milk Chocolate is the one we’d go with. It’s basically a pumpkin pie in a bottle!

Shade: Love your pumpkin pie loaded with spices and a bit on the heavily baked side? This would be that shade.

Best for: All skin tones.

cirque colors hot chocolate

10. Kjaer Weis Golden Cream Eyeshadow

Whether you use it as a highlighter, eyeshadow, or a dab a bit in the middle of your lipstick to add volume, this creamy eyeshadow by Kjaer Weis is a multifunctional must-have to achieve a pumpkin spice makeup look! It goes with any skin tone, too.

Shade: The shimmery topping on your creamy PSL.

Best for: All skin tones.


Lora O'Brien
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