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10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn

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By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Ah, fall! It’s one of the best seasons for fashion and beauty. Unlike summer, you actually want to wear makeup – and it won’t melt off. And unlike in winter, you won’t have a thick scarf and voluminous hat obscuring your makeup mastery.

Plus, beauty brands love to merge their autumn palettes with the colours of the seasonal harvest. For example, typical lipstick shades for autumn include pomegranate, red wine, leaf-read, burnt pumpkin and cocoa, as well as perineally chic neutrals and nude hues. Of course, these colours were also reflected on international catwalks this season, making them the must-have makeup hues for this fall.

Here are our top 10 vegan lipstick shades to colour your autumn.

1. Hynt Beauty’s Tierra Blush

The brand: All of Hynt’s ingredients are eco-conscious, cruelty-free, toxin-free and beneficial for the skin. Their Aria Pure Lipsticks are plant-based and last for ages! 

Our pick: Their Tierra Blush hue is utterly beguiling. It’s defined “universally flattering” since it looks great on any skin tone, and keeps lips hydrated and plump.

10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn

2. Juice Beauty Cabernet 

The brand: The eco-values and beauty standards of Juice Beauty are exceptional, and all of their organic products are proven to work, and results are backed by scientific research. No wonder they’re a favourite with celebrities!

Our pick: Cabernet is a rich brownish rose that goes on super smoothly, leaving a satiny finish.


10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn


3. Ilia Beauty Rumba

The brand: This mindful brand reimagines the concept of lipsticks according to the needs of the modern woman: they must be long-wearing, truly hydrating and provide full coverage in just one swipe.

Our pick: The name says it all: Rumba! This fun, deep berry colour is vibrant hot, healthy, fruity and engaging.

10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn

4. Colourpop Brick Red

The brand: Ever since it was founded by Seed Beauty in 2014, Colourpop continues to inspire vegan beauty fanatics and makeup obsessed Instagrammers in the City of Angels and beyond. 

Our pick: Their latest Brick Red Crème Lux Lipstick is a classic evening shade to have in your beauty palette

10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn


5. Vapour Organic Beauty in Crave

The brand: Vapour Organic Beauty is a pioneering indie brand with a modern point of view. Award-winning and cult-worthy, their unique, vegan-friendly formulas are based only on natural, organic ingredients.

Our pick: Crave is a carmelly nude shade that is moist, rich and ends in a dewy satin finish.

10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn


6. e.l.f. Wine Lip Stain

The brand: Vegan beauty brand e.l.f. was founded in 2014 to make long-lasting, high-quality beauty products available to everyone. Its commitment to ethics is attested also by the  fact the brand donates part of its profits to charities.

Our pick: A classic to have this autumn is e.l.f.’s Studio Matte Wine Lip Colour, since berry kisses are a must for this season!


10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn

7. Milani Dulce Caramelo 

The brand: Milani is certified by both PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program and makes truly chic beauty products that are guaranteed to boost any woman’s self-esteem. The best part? They don’t cost a mint, so you can try out loads of different colours!

Our pick: The Dulce Caramelo shade is distinguished by its neutral hue and luscious texture that will truly make your smile stand out.

10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn

8. Tarte Shade Shifting Lipstick 

The brand: Tarte conceived its range to include natural elements in order to provide a high-performance pigments in a wide selection of beauty products, and the effects are famously tantalising.

Our pick: Their Shade Shifting Lipsticks give a touch of whimsical allure to your lips through their sparkly, iridescent and duochrome qualities. The Bodysurf option is a great burnt terracotta shade that is reminiscent of fall leaves.

10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn

9. Too Faced 

The brand: Kinda oddly, two men – Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson – founded Too Faced to create innovative products that would be as good to humans as much as animals.

Our pick: As you can probably guess, their Natural Nude Lipstick in Birthday Suit is a neutral shade that will boost your lips with tinges that reflect this season’s trends, suavely and naturally.


10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn

10. Zoya Mackenzie 

The brand: Since 1986, Zoya has focused on creating toxic-free, vegan-friendly makeup, from nail varnish to lip gloss, that’s luxurious enough to be sold in high-end salons.

Our pick: Their must-have lipstick for the fall is Mackenzie, a 70’s disco, crushed berry shade in a satin cream finish that delivers a serious colour pop to your complexion.


10 Vegan Lipstick Shades For Autumn

Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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