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Our Top Eco Friendly Knitwear Brands for 2015

By Arwa Lodhi

Colder weather means warmer clothing. But somehow, knitwear can be a bit same-ish. I mean, how many black jumpers do we all have in the closet?

On the other hand, it seems at Christmas time, here in the UK at least – people go a bit crazy with the knitwear: reindeer jumpers and snowflake sweaters feature pretty prominently. But never fear – there is a middle ground! It’s super easy to stay stylish and warm this winter with eco-friendly knitwear. These brands in our selection use only naturally dyed wool, alpaca or cashmere to help keep the cold at bay. Interested in more info? Just click on the titles to shop!

H. Fredrikksen: Urban Cool

Known for her knits, the New York based designer has recently created a chic range of jumpers and winter coats that will define ‘urban cool’ for many years to come.

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Arlette Lee: Softly Sexy

There’s nothing more beautifully classic than a handmade Arlette Lee scarf or cape. Made from pure Peruvian alpaca and naturally dyed, the delicacy of these fine textiles belie their incredible warmth.





Devika Dass: Knitwear Artist

Central St Martins graduate Devika Dass is truly an artist whose medium is wool. Her clothing uses the material to almost sculptural effect, whilst remaining absolutely wearable. One of our favourites by far.



VOZ: Andean Style

This brand uses traditional Chilean weaving techniques and materials to create ponchos, sweaters, dresses and other clothing with a distinctively indigenous flavour.



Myhhria Resneck: Hipster Chic

Taught to knit by her grandmother as a young girl, Myhhria Resneck has since learned how to transform knitwear into must-have pieces that act as staples in any wardrobe. She’s most famous for her ‘scribble knits’, as seen below, which come in the form of scarves, gloves, and of course, sweaters.


Animana: Gorgeous Gauchos

Inspired by the style of the gauchos in the Argentinian pampas, Animana ethically knits roomy sweaters, shawls and wraps from pure Andean alpaca.

fadig_ne_1024x1024 franc_tc

Eric Bompard: Warmly Parisian

Ask any French woman which brand of cardigan she has in her closet, and she’s likely to tell you it’s by Eric Bompard. The French king of off-the-rack cashmere is a favourite with many celebrities too, including Monica Bellucci.Eric-Bompard-Cashmere-Cardigan


Brunello Cucinelli: The Height of Luxury

A master of the soft touch, Brunello Cucinelli has created a brand that is quietly luxurious. Not for social climbers, gold diggers or those who think a logo equals instant chic, his buttery cashmere appeals to those who know quality when they see it.



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