Felder Felder On Cars, Carbon and Compact Discs

The design duo Felder Felder are using upcycling in very interesting ways!

By Arwa Lodhi

Hybrid cars met eco fashion when a pair of designing twins, Daniela and Annette Felder of London-based design company Felder Felder, joined forces to launch a sustainable collection.

Taking inspiration from the BMW I3 and the BMW I8, the designing duo have created  an interesting collection, which includes a dress made using exclusively upcycled and sustainable fabrics based on carbon fibre.

The fully eco-friendly  material, which isn’t yet available to fashion designers in large quantities, was created at the same place that produces carbon fibre for BMW’s electric and plug-in hybrid models. It brings a  unique, shimmery metallic finish to Felder Felder’s showpiece dress, giving it a futuristic vibe.

felder felder

“The carbon fabrics are amazing and unlike anything we’ve used before – we are honoured to be given access to them before anyone else. The woven fibre allows us to do more with the designs and push the boundaries of sustainable fashion. It adds amazing structure and the frayed carbon looks so great as tassels. We can’t wait to show everyone the collection” said the  Felders.


Having taken over 100 hours to create, the dress is made up of 97% carbon materials, and despite its steely look, it’s lightweight and strong, yet more tactile and daring compared to most other fabrics. The rest of their  collection features flash electric motifs and upcycled clothing from their last decade of work.


The use of upcycling and sustainable material is nothing new for Felder Felder: this isn’t the twin’s first foray into eco-design by a long shot.  The  identical German twins are Central Saint Martins alumni, and have long been known across for  the fashion industry for their cool, rock-chick vibe and ethical fabric choices. For example, their last collection saw recycled glass and CD’s made into blouses and jumpsuits, with plastic used as embroidery on coats.

felder felder

The sheer jumpsuit that opened their catwalk show was created from recycled plastic, and the  same material was also used in parts of a gold-on-gold jacquard coat and for the panels on the shoulders of country shirt-skirts. The sister’s creativity and sustainability was also seen on the angular tiling made of finely cut slivers of recycled CDs.

felder felder

It’s been a great year for the designers – they timed their carbon dress to mark the BMW Group’s 100th birthday, and this year also marks Felder Felder’s 10th anniversary as a design group. We can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring – this is truly eco design at its best!


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