5 Natural Ways to Get a Tan Without the Sun

By Sophia Hussain

We all know that pale is indeed beautiful, but if you’re more pink and purple than gold, and you want coveted sun-kissed skin without exposure to harmful UV rays, then get ready to kick-start your summertime  look with these 5 natural ways to get a tan without the sun.

5 Natural Ways to Get a Tan Without the Sun

1. Self-tanner, of course!

Wondering how to get a tan without the sun? The easiest way is applying a concoction to help achieve a faux glow.  First, prep the skin by exfoliating with a scrub that doesn’t have any microbeads in it–these are an environmental (and ultimately, human) killer! Instead use an all natural or organic scrub, or even just make your own with 1 part fine sugar to 1 part almond oil, with a few drops of shower gel added in. Form a paste, and rub on in the shower.

Once you’re all scrubbed up and dried off,  apply an all-natural fake tanner. These should be organic–otherwise, you’ll not only be exposing yourself to harsh chemicals that can sensitise the skin and possibly cause cancer, but you’ll also smell weird. Two brands we recommend are certified organic Eco Tan  or Tan Organic,  both of which we have tried and tested ourselves–we can honestly say both are long lasting, smell nice and are chemical free.

How to do it: Apply liberally  to the face and body after exfoliation.  Apply an even amount to the entire skin, gently massaging into the skin, and repeat daily (three days, or more for a deeper hue), to slowly build up to your perfect natural-looking bronze hue has been achieved.  This non-staining, streak-free formula contains natural origin DHA and erythrulose, and nourishing chaulmoogra, mango, and macadamia oils.

2. Tinted dry oil

It may not be as permanent as self-tanner, but you can still add a golden veil of shimmer to highlight an all-over faux glow with a tinted dry oil.  A best seller based on the summer routines of Parisian beauties is French Girl Organics Lumiere Bronzing Oil, a divinely-scented dry oil with micro shimmer particles to enhance golden skin.  This formula dries quickly to reveal non-greasy, shiny skin and delicate shimmer when applied to the hair too. Contains vitamin E, and a blend of six organic oils from: macadamia, almond, hazel, olive, camellia, and sunflower.

3. Bronzing powder

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to create a faux glow on your face and cleavage is simply with bronzer, by applying with a large brush to only where the sun naturally hits the skin: cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin. One of the best all natural brands we know of is Kjaer Weis – their refillable compacts are gorgeous, too!


4. Cocoa and cream

This is perhaps the cheapest and most natural way to get a glow on. Find your self tan is fading a bit? Or maybe you missed a spot that you need to cover up FAST? Hit the kitchen and find the cocoa powder. Make sure it’s 100% pure, with NO sugar–or you’ll end up very sticky! Take a bowl and pump in some natural body lotion, such as REN’s Global Protection Day Cream.

Add a few tablespoons of pure cocoa to the cream, and blend well, until the powder is completely dissolved. It should look brown. Try a bit on your hand to see if you like the shade. If not, add more cocoa powder. When the desired shade has been achieved, you can use this all over your body. Once you find a recipe that works for you, make a personalised batch, and pour it into an empty pump bottle. All natural, and you get to recycled old bottles, too!


5. Black tea

Yes, really! Don’t believe it’s possible? Watch this short video by What Would Marilyn Do to see how–after all, this method was popular with our grandmas, and it’s completely harmless and natural. Just be careful: this concoction can stain clothing!

Sophia Hussain

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