15 Sustainable Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

Show the fierce female in your life some support with one of these sustainable empowering gifts for woke women

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Freud famously asked: “what do women want?” and it’s a good question, with many possible answers. But when it comes to gifts, what women want (well, woke women, anyway) is something that’s both inspiring and sustainable. Something like these tees, jewels and other empowering gifts for woke women below. No matter what the occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas, or International Women’s Day, they’re all perfect for your favourite riot grrrrl – be she your mom, bestie, sister, gran, or yourself!

15 Sustainable Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

1. femPOWERment Crystal Necklace  

Artist and sculptor Mary Steratore’s simple design is composed of four crystals that bring the wearer all the qualities we need to be the best we can be: courage, strength, joy, truth, self awareness and confidence. All stones are ethically hand-cut in India, and then hand sculpted in Italy by Steratore herself.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

2. Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight

This symbol is a powerful one to keep on your desk! Representing how the owner has totally smashed it (it being the proverbial glass ceiling, that is), this is a sweet little reminder that nothing is impossible.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

3. She Believed She Could Bangle  

At times, we all need a visual reminder of just how much we are capable of, and these delicate, sustainable bangles whisper: “She Believed She Could, So She Did” every time you look at them. They epitomise the power of self-motivation, making them a wonderfully empowering gift.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

4. Meditation Box

Sometimes, even the strongest women have a crap day. But you know what’s empowering? Knowing that whilst we may not be able to change what has happened, we can change our reaction to it. This carry-around box was designed by artist Jayne Riew to encourage meditation, and to remind us all that thoughts, events and feelings, just like whatever you write in this box, are fleeting.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

5. A Motivating Art Print

Sometimes all you need to feel motivated are a few words. This minimalist art print, which reads “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” is an excellent exhortation to never give up, no matter what hardships or hurdles we may encounter.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

6. SeeMe Heart Pendant

SeeMe is the NGO that hires battered women in developing countries to make their jewellery with a message of love. For every pendant you buy, you’ll be supporting women from abusive homes, giving them a permanent, stable income and a motivating, pleasant work environment. This brand really is one of the best ‘women helping women’ ones we know of!

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

7. Coffee Beans for a Better World

Even superwomen need a perk-me-up every now and then! And what better way than with fresh ground beans from Kenya. Every purchase of this brand will help support women artisans and school children in the region. Grown on a small farm in the Kisii area, this blend has rich burgundy undertones and citrus notes, but you know what’s really cool? Every bag of beans has a removable piece of local art, made using dried bark from banana trees.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

8. Recycled Wetsuits Yoga Mat

Health is empowerment – but did you know many yoga mats are made of highly toxic PCV? Not this one, though! Created from recycled wetsuits, it’s a springy, cushioning mat that won’t accumulate dust and bacteria from yoga studio floors. The best part? The mat itself may be recycled when its time is up.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women


9. Slogan T-Shirt

What gets you through the day? For many of us, it’s basically two things: lashings of mascara, and steaming cups of coffee! This is the perfect gift to celebrate fearless, fierce females who are totally winning at life. Handmade in the USA, this cotton tee comes in a wide variety of inclusive sizes, right up to 2XL.


10. Metal Travel Mug

Powerful women are on the go – whether they’re travelling, running around socially or rushing to work. This travel mug not only helps save the environment by nixing the need for a disposable cup, but also makes a positive statement (in cute colours!) to the user.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

11. #GIRLBOSS Book by Sophia Amoruso    

Sophia Amoruso shares her truly inspirational story of how she went from being a GenX slacker to the boss of one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world: Nasty Gal. The original #GIRLBOSS’s words will definitely serve as inspo to never  give fighting for a better, more empowered life.

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

12. Wall Clock

It’s time to realise that you and only you are the keeper and maker of your own time, and how you use it. This wood based clock not only decorates your house nicely, but reminds you you’re nobody’s bitch but your own. Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

13. Fearless Phone Case

Got a job interview and not feeling fully prepared? On a date, and wondering if you’ve made an impression? Need to confront someone about something unpleasant? Look down at your phone case to remind yourself: you got this!

Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

14. Slogan Tote Bag

Good girls go to heaven….but bad girls go everywhere, right? This heavyweight natural canvas tote bag reminds us all that being all sweet and passive is fine and well…unless you want the world to remember your name! Fully sustainable, it makes a great reusable shopping bag,  library tote, or beach bag.


Empowering Gifts For Woke Women

15. Viva Rebel Rocks

Give a friend a reminder about how much she, well, rocks – with one of these badass gratitude stones by Viva Rebel. Their eco-friendly natural river rocks are engraved with highly therapeutic phrases like “Bad Ass Bitch” and “I Fucking Love You” to remind women of their power, and how cherished they are. They’re beautiful, powerful, and make a great gift!  See more at




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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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