9 Yummy Chocolate Based Beauty Products

These chocolate based beauty products are practically good enough to eat!

By Chere Di Boscio

Forget about broccoli. Have you noticed that many superfoods, from acai to goji berries, avocado to blueberries, are actually quite tasty? But perhaps the tastiest one of all is actually….chocolate!

Yes, that’s right! Your favourite indulgence is actually good for you. Study after study proves that dark chocolate is good for more than curing PMS or a broken heart.

The secret behind its powerful punch is the cacao bean, also the source of the treat’s distinctive taste. Packed with healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobromine, this little bean is one disease-killing, mood-lifting bullet.

Still think it sounds too good to be true? Read on!

Five Proven Beauty Benefits of Eating Chocolate

1. Chocolate is full of minerals. Specifically, zinc, copper, manganese and iron, which help with energy levels, hair growth and skin repair.

2. It’s good for your heart. In various studies, it has increased ‘good’ cholesterol  (HDL)  and lowered bad LDL in men with elevated cholesterol. Moreover, those who consume dark chocolate a few times a week are over 50% less likely to suffer from heart disease than those who don’t indulge. A healthy heart means good circulation, which means healthier skin, hair and nails.

3. It has antioxidant polyphenols. These fight free radicals that attack your skin, thus giving chocolate an anti-ageing quality.

4. Flavanols in chocolate are good for your skin. They protect skin from the sun’s rays and reduce the severity of burns, meaning it has a slight SPF. Great for those who prefer tans over burns!

5.  It stimulates blood flow to the brain. This elevates your mood and improves cognitive function.

Mind you, the milk, sugar, and cacao butter added to bitter dark chocolate actually reverse the benefits. So make sure yours is as dark as possible. Stick to healthy chocolate with at least 70 percent cacao (or cocoa, which is cacao in its roasted, ground form). And to avoid gaining weight, don’t eat more than 50g a day.

Or, if you’d still like to harness the beauty benefits of cacao without the calories, there is another way. Namely, you can apply chocolate topically.

For example? Try a few of these chocolate based beauty products, below to get all the benefits of cacao, delivered straight to your skin!

9 All Natural Chocolate Based Beauty Products

chocolate based beauty products

1. Frank Chocolate & Coffee Scrub

Got dull, dry skin? Frank’s Chocolate & Coffee Scrub will soon be one of your favourite chocolate based beauty products! This will not only refresh your face, but it will lift your mood, too.

Its antioxidant-rich ingredients will naturally slough off all that dull skin on your face and body that’s stopping you from really glowing. This mask is like a shot of mochaccino – for your complexion!

Based: Worldwide

Price: $20

Best for: Heavenly scented, all-over pampering

Vegan? Yes

chocolate based beauty products


2. Pai The Light Fantastic Ceramide Face Oil

If you’re seeking one of the most luxurious chocolate based beauty products, look no further!

This fast-absorbing dry oil melts easily into your skin, without leaving it feeling greasy. It unleashes a surge of antioxidant-rich Plum Oil and Schisandra CO2 extract for protection against environmental irritants. There’s also Cocoa oil to naturally de-stressing your skin, and Kukui Oil, to protect the skin’s moisture barrier. The result? A smoother, healthier, dewier complexion, after just one use!

Based: Worldwide

Price: $74

Best for: Dry, mature complexions; anti-ageing

Vegan? Yes

Pai The Light Fantastic Ceramide Face Oil

3. Ancient + Brave Cacao Collagen

Chocolate based beauty products sound good enough to eat. And this one actually IS!

The dark Peruvian chocolate powder in this mix is one of the world’s most anti-oxidising ingredients. Drinking it ensures your skin is protected from any pollution, sun, or toxins.

Added collagen in this drink powder gives your skin extra radiance. The high-fiber blend also contains adrenal restorative Siberian Ginseng, liver cleansing Beetroot and Baobab that’s rich in Vitamin C to help keep you healthy AND beautiful!

Based: UK, ships worldwide

Price: £21 (around $30)

Best for: Inside out, skin-boosting beauty. Tastes amazing, too!

Vegan? No

chocolate based beauty products

4. Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule Eau de Parfum

Let’s face it, chocolate has a very alluring scent. So why not indulge your body with a fragrance based on the delicious stuff?

Warm and sensual, this parfum features Sandalwood to tease the senses with a flash of desire. This opening note melts into a sensuous Turkish Rose, before ending with a dignified, powdery Bitter Cacao.

With this sensual mix, who knows where the night may lead? After all, those aphrodisiac cocoa essential oils have been proven to naturally lift and arouse love hormones…

Based: USA

Price: $151

Best for: Attracting a fellow chocoholic

Vegan? No info available


Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule Eau de Parfum

5. Pure Skin Food White Chocolate Body Mousse

This luxurious brown glass jar is packed with a product that’s one of our favourite chocolate based beauty products, and with good reason! It not only hydrates dry skin, but it regenerates it, too, thanks to the high concentration of certified organic healing oils like magnolia, argan, grape seed, sunflower and almond oils.

But the best part is the way this smells! Chocoholics will be transported to a creamy, dreamy place every time they apply this rich formula.

Based: Austria, but delivers worldwide

Price: Around $32

Best for: Super dry, sensitive skins

Vegan? Yes

cacao body cream


6. Joik Rejuvenating Chocolate Facial Mask

It’s not chocolate, but rather rhassoul clay here that deep cleans the pores, removing excess oil, impurities and dead skin cells. Cocoa powder is added for its rich vitamins, which help to fight off environmental damage the skin is exposed to every day. And of course, there’s a delicious chocolate scent that fills you with “happy hormones” every time you use this all natural mask!

Honey and milk soften and nurture the skin – so beware vegans, this one may not be for you.

Based: Europe, but ships internationally

Price: Around $35

Best for: City dwellers seeking to suck out pollution from their pores

Vegan? No

Chocolate Based Beauty Products

7. 100% Pure Cocoa Cream Cleanser

This face cleanser is wonderfully rich and nourishes the skin while lifting away impurities to leave behind wonderfully soft skin. Using the highest quality organic and fair trade Ecuadorian cacao, massage to lather the cleanser and produce a chocolatey lather.

The natural caffeine content in cacao offers anti-inflammatory benefits which is great for people who suffer from redness, as the cleanser promotes healthy circulation to reveal a soft, glowing complexion.

Based: USA, but delivers internationally

Price: $30

Best for: For all dry skin types

Vegan? Yes


8. VOLITION Chocolate Macadamia Hydrating Mask

Turn back the ageing clock with this hydrating mask by VOLITION. The decadent facial mask is formulated to replenish any lost moisture in the skin while smoothing over uneven skin texture before finishing it off with a plumping and firming effect.

The cream is made with a concoction of powerful ingredients which each deliver their own magic. Cocoa extract is super rich in antioxidants and helps protect skin from free radical damage, while macadamia nut oil offers intense hydration. Hyaluronic acid is added to replenish and help improve moisture retention while a plant based collagen smooths fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin younger looking.

Based: USA

Price: $45

Best for: Anyone wanting their skin to look younger and vibrant

Vegan? Yes

9. Pacifica Cocoa Cinnamon Dual Exfoliant

Skin feeling a little rough and bumpy? Slew away the said skin with this pretty sweet exfoliator. Pacifica’s Cocoa Cinnamon Dual Exfoliant is loaded with skin loving ingredients such as cocoa seed butter, cinnamon and plant oils to help keep skin hydrated and silky smooth.

Cinnamon helps remove dead skin cells and will help to reveal soft skin. Perfect for when skin looks a little dry and in need of some nourishment. Follow up with a face cream to lock in the moisture and keep skin supple. It’s not just for the face either, you can use this on legs, too!

Based: UK

Price: $14

Best for: All skin but especially those with rough skin

Vegan? Yes

10. MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser

Winner of Viva!’s special 20th anniversary award for Best Vegan Toiletries/Cosmetic Products, this organic skin cream is one of the most luscious of all the chocolate based beauty products. It smells simply delicious!

MuLondon’s Decadent White Chocolate Truffle face moisturiser uses organic Shea butter and Jojoba oil as well as extracts of Cocoa and pure Bourbon Vanilla to make a thick, creamy, hydrating product for the face or body.

They’ve also made an even richer version for those drier parts of the body: elbows, knees and heels.

Based: UK

Price: £26

Best for: Really, really dry skin

Vegan? Yes

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