6 Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts

Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts

Already thinking about winter holidays? We found 6 hot and cold eco friendly resorts to inspire you!

By Tazine Bogue

Summer holidays have ended. And for those of us who are already tired of city life, it’s time to plan for the next big holiday period – winter!

And you know what?  Winter holidays can even be even better than summer ones. Staying in town in summer is just about bearable, thanks to longer days, outdoor patios, and better weather. But who wouldn’t want to swap dark, cold winter days in the city for spectacular sunsets on a beach?

And if you’re a fan of the snow, it seems somehow far more beautiful when dusted over commanding mountains rather than when it’s blocking your front walkway.

No matter where you prefer to get away, it’s always a good idea to vote with your wallet and choose an eco-friendly hotel. I mean, wouldn’t you feel better about choosing a vacation property designed to minimise its impact on the environment?

What makes a resort sustainable?

Wondering what makes a property eco friendly? There are many ways to define that. But for me, it should be one that minimises its impact by:

  • using locally sourced construction materials
  • offering organic and/or vegan food
  • using natural toiletries
  • preserving the natural environment directly surrounding the resort
  • being involved in local sustainability/conservation initiatives
  • reducing its use of energy as much as possible

Here, I’ve found a selection of luxury ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ eco friendly resorts. They’re found in locations of every temperature and geography – from lowland jungles to Alpine heights. There’s something for all tastes this holiday season!

6 Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts

Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts


1. Whitepod, Switzerland

High in the Swiss Alps, merging seamlessly with its pristine alpine surrounds, lies Whitepod. This wonderfully other-worldly resort consists of pods. These spherical tents perched on wooden platforms are a modern-day twist on the classic igloo. Thanks to their ingenious design, the pods themselves can be dismantled at any time. This means that there is no long-term impact on the stunning alpine environment. Good to know, right?

At Whitepod you’ll enjoy all the comfort and luxury of a hotel, but in a far more enchanting setting. During the winter months the whole resort is blanketed in snow, making it perfect for a romantic ski-retreat. Indulge in a relaxing spa treatment or a massage, or hit the slopes for some alpine adventure: there are seven kilometres of blue and red runs reserved exclusively for Whitepod’s guests, and you can also go dog sledding or ‘snowscooting‘ to explore fairytale icicled woodlands and vast snowy fields. Dreamy!

One of the best eco friendly resorts for: Ski bunnies

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2. Iglu Dorf, Switzerland

Discover a magical world of snow and ice at Iglu Dorf. It’s the quintessential winter wonderland! At Iglu Dorf the bars, restaurants, and hotel-igloos are all exquisitely handcrafted from snow and ice. Intricate finishing touches are added by international artists to create a breathtaking world of winter beauty. Iglu Dorf is quite literally the coolest resort in the mountains! And, just like Whitepod, the use of ice and snow as building materials means that the environmental impact is pretty much as low as you can get.

Snuggle up in your own Romantic Igloo Suite. It comes tastefully furnished and boasts its own built-in music system and private Jacuzzi. Visit the wellness area to admire views of towering snow-capped peaks from a steaming hot-tub, sip delicious mulled-wine at the Iglu-Bar and Restaurant, and dine on rich fondue. Of course, you might want to fit in some skiing or snowboarding too! That is, if you have time in-between all the blissful relaxation.

One of the best eco friendly resorts for: Winter romance

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3. Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile

South America might not be the first place that springs to mind when looking for a cosy winter retreat. But guess what? They have a ski season too! Patagonia, a region at the southern tip of South America, has a ski season that runs from June to September, and sometimes even into October. Nestled amid Northern Patagonia’s thick forests, in the shadow of the imposing Andes Mountain range, a strange and magical kingdom rises up out of the soil. And it’s best experienced in our winter (their summer).

The Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve offers beautifully furnished rooms luxuriously equipped with modern amenities. It’s the perfect base from which to explore the biologically-rich rainforest that surrounds these truly surreal constructs. Be sure to hike some of the forest trails to learn more about the area’s fascinating flora and fauna, and about the work being done to protect the area’s rare habitats and endangered species.

One of the best eco friendly resorts for: Feeling like a woodland elf

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4. Inkaterra Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. But the thing is: where do you stay? While many visitors to this incredible site just spend the day and return to the closest city (Cusco), travelling up so far up the mountains can be a bit trying on even the healthiest person. So why not take it easy and relax at one of the prettiest hotels near Machu Picchu?

Inkaterra is one of Peru’s pioneering eco resorts. It remains true to its green roots. For example, it offers:

  • glass water decanters in the rooms (no plastic bottles here!)
  • reusable slippers made from local rubber
  • organic toiletries made in-house
  • organic food in all its restaurants

It’s only a 20 minute trip from here to the sacred site of the Incas, and when you return from an unforgettable day of exploring, you can refresh yourself with locally and organically harvested food from the hotel’s own gardens.

The best time to go is probably in May or November, before the rainy season starts. But this location is warm all year round.

One of the best eco friendly resorts for: Really exploring the land of the Inkas

Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts

5. Eumarella Shores Noosa Lake Retreat, Australia

If you’re more of a water-baby than a forest-dweller, Eumarella Shores Noosa Lake Retreat could be the destination for you. Enjoy your own private lakeside retreat with a stay at the romantic lakefront cottage, the stylish contemporary lake house, or the luxurious and award-winning ‘absolute lakefront’ accommodation. Whichever you choose, you’ll have wildlife right on your doorstep. I’m talking kangaroos, koalas and an abundance of birdlife.

The area surrounding Eumarella Shores has been designated both a Nature Refuge and a ‘Valued Habitat’. The lodge itself is proudly accredited by Ecotourism Australia in recognition of its work to conserve its natural environment.

Eumarella Shores is your very own slice of paradise in itself, but there’s also plenty more to see beyond your private lakefront retreat. For example:

  • discover the white beaches and rolling dunes of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast
  • dine at outstanding restaurants
  • explore stunning natural parks and wildlife refuges.

At the end of each day, return to your own ‘home away from home’ to watch the moon rise over the lake’s shimmering waters.

One of the best eco friendly resorts for: Getting to know the flora and fauna of the ‘land down under.’

Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts

6. Finca Rosa Blanca, Costa Rica

Sunny Costa Rica is the perfect place to escape the icy shackles of winter. And Finca Rosa Blanca, a luxurious inn situated on a charming coffee plantation, was the country’s first certified sustainable hotel.

Over the last two decades, it has become Costa Rica’s highest ranking member in its ‘Certification for Sustainable Tourism’ programme. And there’s lots of competition for that in this highly ‘green’ country!

At Finca Rosa Blanca, spring is perennial. Wander through beautiful tropical gardens, take a tour of a beautiful cloud forest, or relax with an organic Citrus Milk Bath Soak at the peaceful Targua Spa.

At the end of each day, return to your elegant suite or villa to enjoy a glass of sparkling Chilean wine on your private veranda. As you look out over the lush valley and the distant volcanoes that mark the horizon, you’re sure to fall deeply in love with your own exclusive Costa Rican hideaway.

One of the best eco friendly resorts for: Detoxing the body and mind

Hot And Cold Eco Friendly Resorts finca rosa blanca

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