Ethical Wedding Dress Designers For 2022 Brides

Getting married soon? These ethical wedding dress designers will be sure you’re off to a green start to your new life!

By Chantal Brocca

When it comes to how to plan a wedding, there’s plenty to consider. The venue, the food, the guest list, writing that wedding ceremony script, and the music, for example. But top of the priority list for any bride-to-be is, of course, the wedding gown.

No matter what kind of wedding you are planning – be it a small eco-friendly ceremony or a lavish and luxurious party, the wedding dress is the key to success.

It’s important not to leave the gown decision until last minute. There are plenty of ethical wedding dress designers whose work you’ll want to inspect! And even after you’ve managed to sift through their creations and have chosen a style, it takes time to sew a gown, especially since most are bespoke.

But we’re here to help! We’ve found some of the best ethical wedding dress designers, whose works capture the beauty of the female body.

Their styles are diverse enough to accommodate brides of different shapes and sizes, and their carefully chosen vintage, sustainable and deadstock fabrics represent sustainable fashion, too.

Ethical Wedding Dress Designers We Love

Ethical Wedding Dress Designers

1. Kamperett

Designers Anna Chiu and Valerie Santillo are the ethical wedding dress designers behind Kamperett. The duo are focused on creating subtle elegant and luxurious pieces that are effortless, comfortable, and timeless.

They make every item in California from the highest quality deadstock materials and ethically run factories.

Best for: Their variety of ethically made wedding suits

Ethical Wedding Dress Designers

2. Reformation

This California based brand is set on celebrating all body types with its effortless silhouettes and sustainable fabrics. It only takes about a month to bring your design to life – but the perfect fit is the brand’s priority

Its extended sizes collection goes up to size 22, and there are even gowns for brides with a full DD cup. Rescued deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing make these ethical wedding dresses not only affordable and eco-friendly, but also truly unique.

Best for: Plus-size brides

reformation lace wedding dress

3. Sanyukta Shrestha

This is one of those ethical wedding dress designers who is a pioneer for her eco-friendliness and sustainable high-end wedding styles.

She combines daring silhouettes, cuts and colours with a timeless aesthetic. Sanyukta finds her inspiration in inner beauty, and wants her dresses to reflect the personalities each client. The finest details of the wedding gowns and hand tailored to each bride. And if you’re looking for a trendier style in a colour other than white, she’s got lots of great ideas to choose from!

You can feel really good about wearing one of her gowns, knowing that her eco-friendly, non-chemically enhanced materials provide Fairtrade work for poor communities in her home country of Nepal.

Best for: Those looking for a truly, deeply eco-friendly wedding dress that’s ethically made.

Sanyukta Shrestha gown

4. Atelier Tammam

Assamese peace silks woven from open ended Eri cocoons. Organic GOTS and FLO certified cottons. Traditional hand loomed fabrics. Nepalese banana yarn. These are just a few of the sustainable fabrics that the Tammam atelier uses.

Tammam products are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free. Most of their fabrics are vegan. Apart from peace silk there are no animal derived products in any of their collections.

This British wedding brand is known for its bespoke ethical bridal gowns. Their clients are women of various size, age and walk of life who lust after a handcrafted wedding gown embellished with sustainable, organic, and recycled textiles.

Best for: Bespoke ethical wedding dresses made from biodegradable fabrics.
tammam bridal

5. Christy Dawn

Based in Los Angeles, Christy Dawn is one of those ethical wedding dress designers who also makes dresses for everyday looks.

She’s inspired by timeless, no-nonsense style. Every wedding gown is handmade using deadstock and vintage fabric, lending them a flowy, boho sensibility. The clean lines of her frocks pair well with ethical jewellery and accessories, too!

Christy Dawn ensures skillful artisans create her ethically and locally made gowns. They do so in a small, southern American town, instilling your dress with light, happy, positive vibes.

Best for: As all of these dresses are in the $200-$500 range, this brand is best for ethical brides on a budget.

Ethical Wedding Dress Designers

6. Deborah Lindquist

World-renowned designer Deborah Lindquist is not only one of the best ethical wedding dress designers, but she’s also a cool lady, too! (yep, she’s a friend of us here at Eluxe).

She offers a range of sustainable bridal gowns made from recycled and organic fabrics. ‘The Green Queen’ of Los Angeles has designed ethical red carpet gowns for a variety of A-listers, including Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Pink and Sharon Stone. Her exquisite designs feature embellishments such as semi-precious stones, crystals or vintage jewels to truly bedazzle.  

Best for: Sustainable wedding dresses with some serious glamour.

Ethical Wedding Dress Designers

7. Ann Wiberg

Ann Wiberg Bridal Couture dresses are the very image of poetry. Here, modernist trends meet romance.

Wiberg is quite popular among Hollywood celebrities for her unique style. Her other brand, Trash Couture, also emphasises sustainability, since these stunning dresses are made with antique fabrics, lace, and beads.

Her prevailing style has a definite baroque aesthetic, with a touch of rock-n-roll thrown in, too.

Best for: Rock’n’roll, alternative brides with attitude.

Ethical Wedding Dress Designers

8. Wear Your Love

A wedding is a day when the love is in the air – so why don’t you Wear Your Love? Organic cotton, natural silk chiffon, quick growing bamboo and soft English tulle fabrics make this brand sustainable. Ethereal layers come to life with every small movement, no matter which style you choose, be it a cropped boho halter dress or a delicate, classical lace design worthy of a royal wedding.  

If you’d like to spend one of the most important days of your life wearing something that perfectly expresses your individual style in a way that doesn’t hurt the planet, this is one of the best ethical wedding dress designers to contact with your bespoke order.

wear your love wedding gown

9. Leanne Marshall

Ms Marshall was by far our favourite contestant – and the winner – of Project Runway’s Season 5. She won mainly for her talent for creating light-as-a-cloud dresses made with zero-waste cutting techniques.

Her bridal line, below, beautifully demonstrates Marshall’s talent for draping. She creates gowns that effortly move like a puff of elegant smoke around the wearer.

Based in New York, the designer does have a ready-to-wear range, but is also happy to take bespoke orders, too.

Best for: Stunning, sustainable wedding dresses that will take the breath away from every guest.

Ethical Wedding Dress Designers

Choosing a sustainable wedding dress can be fun and adventurous! Are there any ethical wedding dress designers we missed? Let us know in the comments, below!

Chantal Brocca

4 thoughts on “Ethical Wedding Dress Designers For 2022 Brides”

  1. These are fantastic, beautiful gowns. I am inspired and encouraged by these designers as they have the courage to be conscious of the challenge we face in the coming years with regards to climate change. Sustainability is one of my greatest motivators for my own business. I will definitely encourage my brides to purchase gowns from these designers and I truly hope to see more professionals jump onto the eco-friendly bandwagon, no matter what their business is. Cheers!

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