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Leanne Marshall: Project Runway Winner

By Chere Di Boscio

If we look at a few facts, we can see there’s absolutely no doubt now that sustainability is creeping into the mainstream.  First, clothing giant H&M started carrying organic cotton ranges. Then, Kering announced a huge sustainability plan for its entire group, which includes some of the biggest names in luxury fashion.



Not long after, reality TV went green, with America’s Next Top Model hosting a very eco-friendly 16th cycle, where the models were ferried to and from activities in a green van and wore eco-friendly outfits to shoot in carbon neutral studios. This green lead was then followed by Project Runway, which has included ‘Zero WasteDaniel Silverstein and Michelle Lesniak  and Leanne Marshall amongst its finalists and winners, all of whom continued their eco-friendly methods in their own ranges long after their TV triumphs.



After winning the Season 5 cycle of the popular design competition with her feminine, floaty fashion creations, Marshall now works from her studio in New York City, and her collections have shown at  New York Fashion Week and fashion weeks around the globe every year since 2008.


Leanne has also designed clothing for television, including outfits for Heidi Klum, Paula Abdul and the X Factor, and her spectacular silk dresses and gowns have graced the pages of top magazines, such as Martha Stewart Weddings, US Weekly, The Post,and countless others.  

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Perhaps Marshall is best known for her eco-friendly bridal wear, which includes floaty, light bridesmaid’s dresses as well as far more elaborate frocks for the bride.  Leanne’s style is defined not only by its sustainability, but by her expert draping: as you can see in the images shown here, she has a knack for breathing life into a dress: every movement makes the garment truly come alive.


Despite her success, the designer remains down-to-earth and claims  she loves designing for ‘the average woman’ most of all. That may be true, but if you ask us, anyone  who’s lucky enough to wear one of her fantastic frocks could never be described as looking ‘average!’


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