Breathtaking: Oxygen Eco Tower

By Chere Di Boscio

A constellation of vertical villas with lush tropical gardens, built over 75 floors and standing over 277 meters high, surrounded by 61,000 square meters of parkland.  This is the  Oxygen Eco Tower,    a residential tower designed to be a symbol of eco-friendliness.

The designer,  Massimo Roj  of  Progetto CMR    explained that the project was born based on the request of a developer in Jakarta, Indonesia for the company to construct villas rich with urban gardens.

oxygeneco-tower_01-1 notturno

The project was subsequently taken on by several Italian engineering companies including Tecnimont Civil Construction, Permasteelisa Group and Cimolai.    


The 75-storey project,which was constructed over three years, has staggered  heights ranging from 85 meters to 20 floors, and is constituted by two sizes of villas and four different garden types, all designed for the tropical climate of Jakarta.  


The design concept conceived by architect Massimo Roj  is based on the geometric form of a flower that grows upward. Tecnimont Civil Construction was given the task of translating this into reality in a dangerously seismic zone.


Approximately one-third of the tower will house three villas, 200 square meters each enriched by a green space of 300 square meters, whilst the central part the tower will house larger villas and private gardens of up to 450 square meters.  The top floors will hold a single, spectacular penthouse villa with a stunning, large garden.




The resistance to horizontal forces is assigned instead to a triangular core in the centre of the concrete walls, with  a thickness of about 1m.  Additional walls inside and outside of the core function as buttresses to increase the stiffness.  The core also supports the vertical loads on the stairs and interior corridors and vertical loads of the adjacent areas of the apartments.  
pianoterra oxygeneco-tower_01
The  vertical loads  of the remaining apartments and balconies are supported by frame systems, one for each petal of the building, consisting of columns and beams to form a regular grid. Due to the danger of earthquakes in the area, walls in the corners may be added to support the significant loads cantilever.  interno

The Oxygen Eco Tower is a true example of green building, and employs several innovative  technical solutions that allow a strong synergy with the environment: for example, the entire roof of the tower is designed for the production of electricity through photovoltaic panels; the heating and cooling of the building are provided by a geothermal system, which is also even capable of removing carbon dioxide.


A  central ventilation system filters the outside air and returns it inside, dehumidified and cooled, ensuring the comfort and health of all residents. Finally, tanks will collect rainwater for the building to use to water the plants, thus saving potable water from being wasted.

Now, the question is: if one building can be this eco-friendly, why can’t they all?



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