What’s An Organic Mattress And Do You Need One?

Traditional ones use a lot of chemicals. But what’s an organic mattress, exactly? And should you get one?

By Diane Small

Healthy lifestyles are often rooted in a commitment to organic, eco-friendly product lines that resist the standards of the chemical industry. Whether you incorporate organic produce, organic skincare, or organic household cleaners into your daily routines, swapping out chemical-based products for non-toxic ingredients can have a life-changing impact on the average household. By eliminating harmful and potentially-poisonous chemicals from your storage closets and opting for natural alternatives, you can prevent accidental contamination, while promoting a healthier planet.

Whether or not the environment is a top concern, these organic products can dramatically transform your health. Luckily, reaping these health benefits doesn’t require a great deal of focus or sacrifice. All you have to do is search for natural alternatives when shopping at the grocery store or browsing at a mattress showroom. 

While you may have already replaced your harsh chemical disinfects for organic household sprays, a notable percentage of homeowners are unfamiliar with an organic mattress’s benefits. When shopping for an organic mattress, visit a top-rated mattress retailer like Essentia.

If the concept of an organic mattress is uncharted territory, you are in the majority. To educate yourself on these non-toxic mattress models’ unbeatable benefits, you’ll want to review the information below.

What’s an organic mattress?

By now, you’re likely aware that the marketplace is filled with natural products that can help you enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. For some insomniacs, munching on certain nutritional foods can help them fall asleep faster. For others, spraying an essential-oil-infused pillow spray on their sleeping surfaces can help sleepers acquire their recommended eight hours of sleep. What both these products have in common is to promote healthy living. 

Without sleep, our body can’t recharge, regenerate cells, or balance hormones overnight, leading to obesity, high blood pressure, or even heart disease. With these adverse health effects in mind, investing in a high-quality mattress that suits your lifestyle choices is a must.

Would it surprise you to know that there are mattresses made with eco-friendly, organic materials on the market today? Well, it’s true! There are organic mattresses composed of non-toxic plant-based and water-based products. Unlike other mattresses, they are free from synthetic materials and pesticide residues that can seep into your skin while you sleep. Despite popular misconceptions, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in the interest of eco-friendliness. When you purchase an organic mattress, you can enjoy an interrupted eight hours. 

Types of organic mattresses

If you do your research before investing in a high quality mattress, you will find that manufacturers can make organic mattresses out of a wide range of organic materials. Let’s take a look at several types of organic mattresses and how they’re produced.

Latex mattresses

The purest form of latex comes from the sap of certain types of trees. The latex material is free from chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides. The mattress itself is 100% latex, with no springs built into the product. The lack of springs allows the mattress to conform to the user’s natural curvature, making it easier for the sleeper to nestle into a comfortable sleeping position.

Innerspring coil mattresses

Innerspring coil mattresses are made with organic materials like cotton and wool. Support is provided by metal springs made from the purest types of oreall wrapped safely in the same cotton or wool materials. These products contain zero harsh chemicals or flammable materials.

Vegan mattresses

If you’re familiar with the components and restrictions of a vegan diet, then you understand a vegan lifestyle discourages the use or consumption of any animal-based products. As the number of active vegans surges, manufacturers have responded with the release of plant-based mattresses that don’t include chemicals or carbon products.

Hybrid mattresses

As the name implies, hybrid organic mattresses contain a combination of the products mentioned above. To qualify as a hybrid, it must be chemical-free and include two or more of the following materials: cotton, wool, natural metal springs, and natural latex. Sometimes, you might stumble across an organic mattress that includes all of these materials in one way or another.

The benefits of using an organic mattress

If it weren’t for the eco-friendly, all-natural, sleep-promoting benefits of an organic mattress, some shoppers might hesitate to splurge on an organic mattress over a cheaper model. The reality is, the pros of an organic mattress are undeniable. When scrolling through your options, you should consider that an organic mattress:

  • Limits exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Prevents exposure to products that can irritate allergies
  • Made of very durable and high-quality materials that last longer the synthetic mattresses
  • Helps to regulate body temperature while sleeping
  • Made from non-flammable materials
  • Offers excellent comfort and support for the back and neck

While all of these benefits make the extra investment worthwhile, there is one major incentive you might want to consider. By choosing to buy an organic mattress, you will be doing your part to help the environment – and your health!

This was a sponsored post in partnership with Essentia.

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