Nordgreen Watches: Time To Give Back

Clean, classic and creative describe our new favourite accessories brand, Nordgreen watches

By Chere Di Boscio

When most people think of Scandinavia, three things come to mind: minimalist design, nature and social responsibility. Nordgreen watches combines these key characteristics into one highly ethical accessories brand. And if you read on, you’ll see how Eluxe readers can get one at a great discount, too!

The Copenhagen-based company embodies clean, cool aesthetics in its classic designs for men and women. They feature something unique, not offered by most other sustainable accessory brands: interchangeable straps. This makes it easier to adapt the watch to suit your outfit, mood, personality, and even ethics. Specifically, there are two vegan band options you can choose from, made from either gold or silver metallic mesh, or neutrally hued nylon. No matter what you choose, your watch is guaranteed to match every outfit in your wardrobe.

Nordgreen Watches

Prestigious Design

Nordgreen’s sleek, Scandi designs are the result of a partnership with renowned Danish designer Jakob Wagner, who happens to be the Chief Designer of this conscious watch brand. If you’re not familiar with his work, Wagner has previously collaborated with brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Cappellini to create clean-lined, highly functional products. He has received numerous awards for his work, which has even been featured as part of a permanent exhibition at MOMA in New York.

Jakob says this of his designs for the watch brand: “When a design is completely right, when it reflects the most simple expression of an idea, the point where nothing can be added nor removed – that’s the point when a design achieves its integrity. When this happens, a special bond is created between the human and the object, which makes us happier for every time we interact with it”.

Since Nordgreen watches are meant to last for a lifetime, that ‘special bond’ Jakob speaks about only becomes deeper over the years. You may remember seeing the watch for the first time as a gift, or it may hold meaning as something you wish to pass down to a loved one of a younger generation, for example.

Our Preferences

There are plenty of styles we love at Nordgreen, but one of our favourites is the sleek Native Lille watch for women, with a silver mesh strap (as pictured below).

This model was designed to reflect the lifestyle and aesthetics of Denmark – hence the name, ‘Native’. The face is rounded and unpretentious, with transparent minute marks, which only appear when needed.

Of course, watches make wonderful gifts, too, and if we had to choose, we’d go with the Philosopher bundle. This beautifully packaged present includes two straps of your choice (we’d go for the Navy Nylon and mesh options). The face features an asymmetric second hand that was designed deliberately to demonstrate that thinking differently is often the key to creating a better future. It’s the perfect gift for the maverick in your life!

Whether you order a watch for yourself or someone you care about, you’ll get a free, 100% recycled tote bag with your delivery.

Nordgreen Watches

Giving Back

Sure, their watches are undoubtedly stylish, unisex and versatile. But what really sold us on Nordgreen was their social values. The company is 100% dedicated to responsible manufacturing, ensuring all those in their production chain work under the best possible conditions, with the fairest pay. And they also give back, in a big way!

Whether you’d like to help children or save the rainforests, Nordgreen’s Giving Back Programme allows you to donate to one of the three noble causes:

The way it works is like this: after you buy your new watch, just enter your serial number and certificate of authenticity into the form on Nordgreen’s ‘Giving Back Program’ page. They will then direct a portion of the sale to your charity of choice.

We particularly love what this means for gift giving. Not only are you providing someone with an awesome accessory, but you’re giving them the chance to give something back in return.

The brand is eco-conscious, too. Nordgreen has planted thousands of trees to ensure all their carbon emissions are offset, making them a fully carbon-neutral company. And all of their packaging is sustainable, made of FSC-certified carton and upcycled plastic bottles. 

Nordgreen Watches

Your Chance To Save

Feeling like you can’t resist purchasing one of these ethical accessories? The perfect time to buy a Nordgreen watch is now: you can get 15% off by using the discount code ELUXE at checkout.

It’s guaranteed to be well worth it. Every time you check the hour, you’ll not only be impressed by the Danish design of your watch, but you’ll also be reminded that you’ve made a small but positive contribution to a cause close to your heart.

For more information, please click here. This post was created in partnership with Nordgreen.

Chere Di Boscio

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