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Label Love: Vintage Folk Sthlm

By Chere Di Boscio

Who says vintage clothing isn’t bang on trend? Β Vintage Folk Stockholm has created a clothing label that’s not only fully sustainable, but it’s also super stylish.

Following many years experience of the fashion and retail industry in London and Stockholm, fabulous founders and enterprising friends Annica and Ellinore Β saw a gap in the market for chic vintage clothing in Sweden, and decided to offer an exclusively handpicked assortment for the fashion-mad woman who wants to shop sustainably, yet beautifully.

Vintage Folk Stockholm was born from the women’s genuine passion for Β second hand shopping, and a belief that there’s enough clothing in the world already to dress each one of us gorgeously, without the need for creating more new garments. Here’s how Vintage Folk Sthlm works: basically, they seek out the very best hidden gems in charity and vintage stores so that the customer doesn’t have to. Only the coolest of garments are bought in different parts of the world; each one has its own unique story and vibe.

Each season, the resulting vintage collection Β is presented through three key trends Annica and Ellinore have spotted. These girls know that what’s old is always new again, and that fashion designers inevitably take their inspiration from past decades: so why not wear the real deal?

Below is an example of what these fashion-mad partners came up with for spring. They noticed the trend for kimonos is still strong, so they hunted a few of those down. They saw that a lot of red on the runways, so picked up some key pieces in that colour. And finally, they fell in love with the blouse-tucked-into-midi- skirt look, and put some great outfits together that you can buy online. And if something doesn’t fit? Don’t worry! You can return items at no extra charge.

We love this label because it’s not only stylish and eco-friendly, but shopping here is almost like having your own personal stylist, since items are all selected based on their current fashion currency. The site features loads of details on each look, including measurements and images from several angles. You can shop by item, or by category. Hope you find something you like!

For more information or to shop, please click here.

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