Choose The Right Handbag For Your Star Sign

Choose the right handbag for your star sign, and you may well just love it forever! Here’s how to do it

By Chere Di Boscio

We’re all influenced by so many factors when we choose what fashion to wear. Advertising. Local trends. Practicality. What suits us. But there’s one rather surprising trait influence that might surprise you: our star signs.

That’s right! According to some, your astrological star sign holds many secrets, including ones related to style. By exploring your star sign and what it says about you, you could unexpectedly discover your perfect handbag.

Nicole Street, Founder of luxury handbag brand Duchy, is big into astrology. Here below, she outlines the typical characteristics of different signs of the Zodiac, and then we made the suggestions on how to choose the right handbag for your star sign. Were we right? (Of course we only chose vegan, eco-friendly and vintage bags!)

Main image credit: Cult Gaia Image below: Sarah’s Bag

Choose The Right Handbag For Your Star Sign


Aquarians can be quite adventurous and eccentric. They very much live life to the beat of their own drum and aren’t afraid to shy away from more unusual trends. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Accordingly, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign. They’re also:

  • Highly creative
  • Progressive, but tolerant
  • A bit unpredictable and rebellious
  • Logical and intellectual

We recommend: Since you’re adventurous and a bit eccentric, why have a ‘typical’ handbag when you could own one that reflects your personality so much better? We’d recommend this one below, by Tote and Carry.

the right handbag for your star sign


Pisces is a sign that signifies water and fish. As such, if you’re a Pisces it’s likely that you’re in touch with nature and all of the wonderful, beautiful textures, colours and patterns it inspires. Pisces also tend to be:

  • Generous, sometimes to a fault
  • Compassionate, easygoing
  • Spontaneous and fun
  • A little bit lazy

We recommend: Your sign shows fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the constant division of Pisces’ attention between fantasy and reality. So the right handbag for your star sign should reflect both! The Lani Tote by Cult Gaia is roomy enough to be practical, but is also oh-so-pretty thanks to its clever weaving work.

choose the right handbag for your star sign


As an Aries, you’re born to be wild. You’re energetic, effervescent, bold, unapologetic and determined. You don’t suffer fools gladly, and have a ‘no BS’ approach to life. The typical Arian is also:

  • Creative and dynamic
  • A determined leader
  • Impatient and a bit impulsive
  • Quick-witted and bold

We recommend: You should have a handbag that mirrors your fierce personality, sky-high goals and stand-out style. Don’t be afraid to choose one that’s equally bold, with an unmissable colour, style or pattern. If anyone can rock this tomato red number by JW Pei, it’s you! (Image by @SocialEras)

the right handbag for your star sign


Taureans are practical people. They love domesticity, luxury and security. For that reason, they tend to be a bit conservative. They’re also highly sensual, and appreciate the finer details of beautiful objects. The typical Taurus also:

  • Loves to cook, and is good at it
  • Enjoys a good argument
  • Is very stubborn
  • Appreciates a good indulgence, be it a hot bath or a good book

We recommend: The right handbag for your star sign is one that’s highly luxe, but also perfect for everyday use. Our pick?  This new number by Stella McCartney. It will appeal to your practical side, since it’s big enough to take all those things you need to feel ‘at home’ when out and about. But it also features lush vegan leather and heavy hardware, to appeal to your sensual side.

the right handbag for your star sign


As a Gemini, you love following the latest trends. You take pride in how you look, adore fashion and generally favour everything lavish, designer and luxurious. Of all of your friends, you’re the trendsetter! You have great style and love nothing more than feeling dolled-up for a night out with friends. You also tend to:

  • Use humor as a crutch
  • Chat! You could talk to a brick wall
  • Use arguments as flirting
  • Know a little about everything

We recommend: Your love of fashion makes choosing the right handbag for your star sign easy! Just check up on the latest trends. For example, right now, it’s all about the cactus leather. So why not try a cactus leather bag by Miomojo? You may well be the first of your friends to have one! Alternatively, you’ll probably love this brightly coloured, woven Maze Bag. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s a great conversation piece for chatty Geminis! (Image: @graceellenc_)the right handbag for your star sign


Cancers are the ‘moms’ of the astrological chart. They’re loyal, warm, protective and caring. They also tend to be:

  • Very sensitive
  • Comfort-seeking
  • Forgiving (but never forgetting!)
  • Firm with boundaries
  • Prone to taking on other people’s problems

We recommend: Since Cancers love comfort, the right handbag for your star sign would be a homemade knit one like this that you could customise with the name of a loved one – or yourself! But of course, it would have to be a vegan bag. I mean, a sensitive Cancer would never condone the harming of animals for fashion, right?

knitted handbag


Leos are famously confident, ambitious and big-hearted. They probably enjoy being the centre of attention and don’t shy away from conversation-starting trends. Leos are known for:

  • Exuding warmth and creativity
  • Being a little bit vain
  • Having a really big personality
  • Wanting to stand out
  • Being interested in luxury

We recommend: When spotlight-loving Leos choose a handbag, they’ll want to find something that grabs attention and captures people’s imaginations, showing just how vibrant they are. An ideal choice? This clutch by Sarah’s Bag, which says it all! It’s sleek, chic, and unique. Like you!  

the right handbag for your star sign


Virgos are a little quieter than their Aries and Leo friends.  As a Virgo, you like feeling dressed for any occasion, be that professional or personal, whilst bringing a sense of class. Librans also:

  • Need to feel useful
  • Have a quick fix for everything
  • Are judgmental, but with good intentions
  • Can think of a million ideas per second

We recommend: Librans are chic, feminine, enjoy luxury, and suit everything light, delicate and dainty. So when it comes to choosing a handbag, they should look for something that’s simple and stylish. For example, this mock croc bag by JW Pei. Don’t you just love it?

choose the right handbag for your star sign


As a Libra, you like being efficient, organised, diplomatic and clever. But perhaps due to that feeling of balance and diplomacy, it can be hard for this sign to make decisions. Librans also:

  • Hate being alone
  • Appreciate good aesthetics
  • Avoid conflict
  • See every side of an argument
  • Are prone to fantasy

We recommend: Since Libras are a little indecisive, the right handbag for your star sign is something that can suit each and every occasion. More specifically, a handbag you can use in several different ways. For example, we would suggest a cross-body bag that can simultaneously be made into a handbag by removing its temporarily longer handle. A good example? This one below by Matt & Nat. Another option? The endlessly useful navy Apollo backpack by Tote & Carry. Once again, it’s two bags in one: remove the straps, and it becomes a handbag!

the right handbag for your star sign


Scorpios are brave and bold. One of their primary emotions is betrayal, so they tend to be a bit on edge, jealous and wary. They say what they think, stand by their opinions and never back down. Here’s a bit more about Scorpios:

  • Look cool in a (vegan) leather jacket
  • OK with uncomfortable silences
  • You can’t be sure if they’re serious or joking
  • Eyes look right into your soul
  • Dark and brooding

We recommend: A Scorpio’s  handbags should be as unapologetic and fierce as they are. If you’re a Scorpio, the right handbag for your star sign is something as ferocious and as daring as you are! Why not choose a black, studded bag?

We love this vegan-friendly one by Frida Rome. It’s a classic size and shape, with a punk touch, thanks to the rivets and other metal details. Plus, you can use it as a handbag or crossbody bag!

studded vegan bag


Sagittarians love to feel free. They’re intellectual, optimistic, spontaneous, fun and adore travelling. Exploring new corners of the world is what fuels Sagittarians. They dislike routine and crave adventure. They also:

  • Obsess with self-improvement
  • Wield their truth like a blunt weapon
  • Are the friendliest person at the party

We recommend: The perfect bag for a Sagittarius? It’s quite simple. A backpack that’s as beautiful and imaginative as their dreams. The Rowledge backpack by Lo & Sons is a fabulous choice; it’s fashionable, functional and would look amazing in your next city break snaps.

choose the right handbag for your star sign


Capricorns are practical, realistic, persistent and disciplined. They like to be organised and prefer accessories that fulfil their purpose. A pocket-sized clutch just won’t fit the bill! These characteristics also define this star sign:

  • Full grown adult since age six
  • The ‘responsible’ friend
  • Motivated by a sense of duty
  • Takes awhile to warm up to people
  • Represses any emotion that might get in the way of success

We recommend: We’d say the right handbag for your star sign is an adult handbag that means business. For example, consider timeless trends. This way, your favourite bag won’t go out of style. We’d recommend a gorgeous vintage bag by an iconic brand like Louis Vuitton, Hermes or Chanel. Preferably vegan. Would you disagree? (Image credit here.)

vintage chanel bag

Finding your perfect handbag needn’t be down to guesswork alone. As it turns out, your handbag fate is written in your stars! Do you agree with our selection of the right handbag for your star sign? Let us know in the comments, below!

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