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20+ Of The Best Vegan Handbags EVER

This is probably the best list of the best vegan handbags ever found on the internet!

By Chere Di Boscio

Over the years, Eluxe has been immersed in the world of vegan fashion. We’ve been a media partner for Vegan Fashion Week LA and for the Vegan Bridal Fair. We’ve analysed and criticised vegan leathers; discovered new ways of creating them, and I personally even helped design a pair of leather boots for NAE Vegan (called the ‘Chere’ boot, of course!)

But we’ve never compiled a list of the best vegan handbags ever before.

Oh sure, we’ve curated lists of what we think are the best bags for winter, for summer, for the beach, for work, etc. But never before has the magazine just listed ALL the vegan bag brands that we’ve come across, and that’s a pity – because you, dear reader, deserve to know about each and every one of them!

It’s actually quite remarkable how this ethical fashion niche is growing. Over the past decade or so, makers of vegan handbags have become innovators of new, exciting materials made from everything from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets to fruit skins and tree bark to create vegan bags that are sturdy, sustainable, and above all, stylish.

Whilst once, not too long ago, vegan bags were seen as a bit ‘crunchy’ or worse yet – tacky and polluting, today, they’re just as chic as anything produced by your typical ‘prestige’ brands. And what’s more, they act a bit as a badge of honour: you can literally wear your ethics on your sleeve!

Here’s the entire list of the best vegan handbag brands we know of, so far.

20+ Of The Best Vegan Handbags EVER

1. Nuuwai

This German based brand is a pioneer: they’re using one of the hottest textiles around to create their beautifully designed bags: apple peels! The result is a strong fabric that can withstand everyday use, but which also bears the patina of regular leather.

Best for: Use of innovative vegan materials to create vegan handbags with a European flavour.

2. Matt and Nat

This global favourite vegan handbag brand is based in Canada, and is well known for being a pioneer in the vegan bag space. Their designs are clean, simple, and are aimed at urban professionals of all types.

Best for: Simple, minimalistic everyday bags for men and women.

3. Jill Milan

A red carpet favourite with many consciously-minded celebrities including Ann Hathaway, Jill Milan is a luxury vegan handbag label whose creations are made by some of the same hands that produce the world’s most prestigious bag brands.

Best for: Super-sleek clutches that are red-carpet perfect.

4. LaBante London

Made by working women for working women, LaBante London has your needs in mind. Their spacious, stylish handbags bear substantial, durable hardware and attention to detail in every single tiny stitch.

Best for: Roomy, comfy bags that will be wardrobe staples for decades.

5. Gunas

American women with style are the target market for this New York based brand. Whether you’re off for cocktails, a dirty weekend, have a front row seat at New York Fashion Week or are just off to work, Gunas has a vegan bag style for you.

Best for: Girly vegan handbags with a bit of fun built into their designs.

6. Ono Creations

Natural cork is the basis for these fabulously eco-chic bags by Ono Creations. No matter if you’re doing a bit of yoga in Bali or riding your bike across town, their lightweight, sustainable accessories will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

Best for: Light but strong Boho-chic bags.

7. Stella McCartney

It would be impossible to compile a list of the best vegan handbags without mentioning the woman who kicked off the trend! Stella McCartney’s Falabella bag was definitely the first vegan ‘prestige’ handbag ever created, and today the designer has incorporated more eco-friendly materials into her creations, like ECONYL (made from recycled fishing nets), and recycled plastics.

Best for: Telling the world ‘you have arrived’! Image:

8. Lo and Sons

The Recycled Poly Collection by this new brand features a technical fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, which is as durable and functional as traditional polyester, but has a lower environmental impact.

Not keen on plastic of any kind? Try their  Organic Canvas Collection, which is made from limited-supply cotton, grown without pesticides or chemicals. The resulting textile is better for the planet and for you (it’s all-natural and less likely to irritate your skin).

Best for: Feeling damn righteous about the eco-friendliness of your vegan bag.

9. Paguro Upcycle

Are you the kind of girl that gives each handbag a bit of abuse? Are they tossed on the floor, through airplane security X-Rays, packed with perhaps more weight than they should carry? Then Paguro Upcycle’s bags are for you! Made from recycled tyres, they can withstand challenge you put them through.

Best for: Strong bags that can withstand loads of wear and tear.

10. Miele Bianco

Looking for ethical vegan fashion on a budget? Miele Bianco creates elegantly crafted, cruelty-free bags from materials including PU leather for fancier occasions, and cotton macrame for more casual days.

Best for: Pretty vegan handbags at great prices! It’s pretty hard to find a bag that’s more than $50 from this label.

11. Doshi Collections

This unisex brand was created with the professional in mind. Durable, classically styled and roomy, they’re designed specifically as laptop, overnight and tote bags, and come in classic colours to match your office wardrobe.

Best for: Looking super chic at the office

12. The Morph Bag

This innovative label offers reversible bags that allow you to turn them inside out, so that the colour of your accessory always perfectly matches your outfit! For example, one side is in Forest Green with piping in Metallic Mushroom, or you can flip the bag to have the reverse colour features.

Best for: Women who love colour-matching their wardrobes.

13. Angela Roi

Prada? Gucci? Fendi? No thanks. Vegan fashionistas prefer Angela Roi’s stunningly elegant bags. Beautifully structured in muted hues, these are the kind of accessories that mirror the work of the world’s most prestigious brands – but without the cruelty.

Best for: Elegant high fashion bags in neutral tones that match everything in your wardrobe.

14. Bark and Leaf

How would you like to wear a flower on your arm every day? If you use Bark and Leaf bags (sometimes branded as Avani), that’s exactly what you’ll have! These Thai-made, vegan bags are constructed literally from ethically sourced leaves, bark and flowers, reflecting Thailand’s tropical flora in every unique creation.

Choose from lotus, mulberry, palm fronds, cork and more.

Best for: Carrying a bit of nature around with you every day!


15. Cult Gaia

Instagram influencers catapulted this brand to fame with their bamboo, cage-like bags, and now Cult Gaia offers more sculptural styles in their high-fashion collections. Made from anything from velvet and acrylic to wicker and bamboo, these are ‘wow-inducing’ accessories for the serious fashionista.

Best for: Architectural, unique bags that will provoke people to ask you: ‘where did you get that bag!?’ 


16. Ferron

There’s a tiny gold elephant embossed on each of these bags, and it’s there for a reason: to indicate that a percentage of every sale has gone to help preserve elephants around the world.

So far, Ferron only creates one style – the cross-body bag below – but with its three roomy zipped compartments and two adjustable handles (handheld purse or cross-body), it’s really all you need.

Best for: Animal lovers, of course! Especially fans of the pachyderm.

17. Bobobark

Founded by a father and daughter team, this Paris-based brand just screams ‘style’. The light, washable cork bag acts as a backpack, purse or shoulder bag, depending on which handles you attach, and though it may look slim, its ingenious design actually allows you to comfortably pack in everything seen in the picture below – and more!

No wonder the brand gained almost $1m on their Kickstarter (where you can buy the bag at a discount).

Best for: Excellent, well-conceived design.

18. Alexandra K

This designer is another pioneer in the vegan bag space, and her experience shows in the refined style of her chic accessories. Solid hardware, tight stitching and sophisticated design define this brand, which is another celebrity favourite.

Best for: Ladylike, vegan statement bags.

19. Luxtra

Luxtra bags are a bit ‘extra’! They’re made from sustainable fruit ‘leathers’ such as Piñatex, and come in chic, simple, monochrome colours like black, nutmeg and silver, that match any outfit. This London-based brand is dedicated to making beautiful fashion accessories with positive social and environmental impacts.

Best for: Simple luxury

20. Svala

Svala understands what women need in the bags they carry every day: they should be versatile enough to match loads of your clothes, lightweight, durable and timeless. Their cruelty free bags are made from cork and other eco-friendly materials, and are designed to last for decades, no matter how your style changes.

Best for: California-girl chic

21. Kayu

Straw clutches that can be customised with your name or a slogan are what first called this brand to our attention, but more recently, we became impressed with their cloth handbags. Made ethically in Africa from organic cotton and recycled wood, these little accessories add a unique touch of delicate style to every outfit.

Best for: Vegan summer style


22. Ahimsa Collective

These are the kinds of handbags we always dreamed of owning when we grew up. Good thing we’re adults now! Ahimsa Collective’s sophisticated designs are precisely what you need when you’re on a job interview, meeting his parents for the first time – any occasion when you need to be taken seriously.

Best for: Mature, ladylike chic.

23. Treebag Co

Treebag Co doesn’t mess around when it comes to ethics and sustainability – all their bags are made from eco-friendly cork in factories where workers are fairly paid. And it’s not just fashion accessories they produce, either: you can also choose from cosmetics bags, which look wonderful in your bathroom, and are waterproof and easy to clean when you’re on holiday.

Best for: Those who want their vegan bags to be as natural as can be.

24. JW Pei

This relatively new player in the vegan handbag market is already one of the most loved brands, and that’s mainly down to their chic designs in fashion forward colours, and superb craftsmanship.

Best for: High fashion style with a vegan twist.

25. Hexa Bangkok

Best known for their stylish vegan shoes, Hexa Bangkok now also produces ethically made vegan bags with a Thai twist: we love their cruelty free materials all the more for bearing modern and traditional Thai embroidery.

Best for: Vegan handbags with a hint of ethnic chic.

26. Ood Italy

This is another father-and-daughter owned brand, but this time, it’s based in Italy, and the material used is wood pulp! But don’t think for one minute these bags are rigid, or will give you splinters: the fibres are refined until they’re as fine as silk thread, but as durable as plastic, to create bags that are strong and stylish.

Best for: Conversation starters that boast Italian design and innovation.

Chere Di Boscio

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