The First Ever Vegan Bridal Fair Is Here!

Getting married soon? Hate the idea of exploiting animals for fashion? You’ll love the Vegan Bridal Fair!

By Chere Di Boscio

Animal exploitation is far too common in fashion. From fur and leather to feathers and silk, you’ll find all kinds of animal parts in clothing.

Whilst this practice has, unfortunately, become far too common in most cultures, it seems especially inappropriate to bring animal suffering into the innocence and beauty of a white wedding.

This is exactly what Daniela Degrassi, a former California wedding photographer, thought. It just seemed unfair that most bridal gowns were made of silk and often had embellishments of feathers or even fur. She knew there were loads of stunning vegan bridal designs out there, but it seemed there was a gap between the designers and the customers.

Then she got an idea.

Vegan Bridal Fair

Helping Vegan Couples

She launched The Kind Bride in February of 2018 with the goal of creating an online platform and community to provide resources and support to vegan couples planning their wedding.  She says vegan couples go through more stress than most when planning their nuptials: “Imagine all that wedding stress multiplied by a crazy number if you’re vegan!” Her idea was to provide a space to help.

Not only do vegan brides need to discuss what ‘vegan’ really means to a number of designers and caterers (it’s not just about the food!), but there are plenty of other considerations she will have to endure, such as dealing with family and guests that may not be vegan and who may have reservations about planning a completely cruelty-free event. 

“Things are rapidly changing though” says Degrassi. “We publish quite a few real vegan weddings on The Kind Bride and most of the couples receive the support of their family and friends (minus a few jokes). Vegan couples are now quite determined for their wedding to reflect their deepest beliefs and lifestyle. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see their determination. And a great way to show their loved ones that living a cruelty-free life can be rewarding and easy to achieve”. 

Degrassi is dead on: not only is demand for vegan weddings increasing, it’s actually trending, with vegan bridal gowns being one of the biggest trends predicted for nuptials in 2019.

When Daniela connected with Laura Frecon, the founder of eco luxe platform and marketplace Verte Luxe, the two recognized the need to fill the gap for a vegan bridal fair in the wedding industry. Together, they are organizing the Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique and Pop Up, the first ever vegan bridal fair. The PETA approved event will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday September 8th.

Vegan Bridal Fair

The City of (Vegan) Angels?

Los Angeles was chosen for a good reason. It has been among the world’s most vegan friendly cities in 2019: not only the city banned fur earlier this year, it also hosted the first ever vegan fashion week (Vegan Fashion Week LA) that Eluxe Magazine proudly supports. 

The Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique and Pop Up will showcase the best vegan wedding suppliers of the Los Angeles area and beyond: wedding planners, bridal couture (Silviyana bridal is unveiling two of her new eco friendly and vegan gowns exclusively at the event), accessories, beauty, photographers and videographers, and of course vegan food and wine tasting, 

Bridal and sustainably handmade luxury accessories designer Katabanko is another one of the talents that will be there. Her signature style is working with core components, like healing crystals and precious stones, pioneering a new way of infusing them into her collections. Whether you’re looking for a traditional ring or something more off the beaten track, like a pink diamond engagement ring, you’ll find something you love at the Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique and Pop Up.

You can also expect some entertainment, shopping and a few more surprises to make this a memorable event. “Guests are in for a unique experience!” promises Degrassi. 

Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite and the first 100 sales will lock in a fabulous gift bag filled with vegan products and discounts. You don’t want to miss out! Get yours here.

Image 2 by Caitlin Verette. Catcher Gown Photos by Jackie Batch Photography 

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