Universal Love: A Sustainable Wedding Fashion Shoot

We hope this sustainable wedding fashion shoot will inspire future brides and grooms towards having a more ethical nuptials! 

By Diane Small

It should be a time of celebration, and of love. But the sad fact is, weddings are often an occasion that sees a lot of waste and destruction of the planet.

Tons of plastic is discarded; the Earth is scarred by harmful mining practices for gold and diamonds, and in some cases, people, flowers and food are flown all the way around the world for a couple’s ‘special day’.

After years of seeing the high consumption of plastic, excess of wasted food and enormous consumption of flowers at weddings, photographer Inma del Valle wanted to make people aware of these issues and show the world that it IS possible to have a beautiful wedding that’s completely sustainable.

Ethical Inspiration

“This sustainable wedding fashion shoot arose from the need to promote more ecological values based on a philosophy of life with a totally sustainable conscience,” says Inma.

“For this occasion, we got the dresses from designer Jesus Peiro, whose fabrics are made locally in Spain from recycled plastics. We also used the suits of Ramón SanjurjoThe flowers used by Gabriela Calé for the shoot were dried, seasonal flowers. All the Tot a Punt tableware is made of glass and wood. The tables were also decorated with ecological candles and napkins made from organic materials.”

She continues: “The menus in our shoot were made of coconut shells. The makeup used by Allison Tregarthen was composed of natural and vegan ingredients.”

Inma wanted to present a message of universal love, as well as ecological awareness, and found the models herself. She discovered both of them while strolling in the street. “I approached them to explain the project and from the beginning they accepted to carry out this necessary editorial. They had never before done any modeling!” she states. We think both did a wonderful, highly professional job!

How To Have A More Sustainable Wedding

Inma states that “People often associate luxury with excess, and should not be the case! We wanted to show that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have an exclusive wedding.”

We here at Eluxe agree, and we’ve written several articles about how to have a more sustainable wedding. Here are a few basic tips:

-Local, seasonal flowers or dried flowers should be used. Rather than throwing them in the rubbish after the ceremony, take them to nursing homes or hospitals afterwards. Or just compost them.

-Ideally, rent your dress instead of buying one. If you insist on having your own, ensure you buy a dress and your groom buys a suit that’s made from organic or recycled materials. Consider selling the clothing on a consignment site afterwards. 

-In terms of food, the best you can do is to procure vegan, local and organic food. Any leftovers should be donated to soup kitchens. 

-Use all natural and vegan makeup. 

-Send online invitations, or use some that are printed on recycled paper. We love the idea of buying biodegradable cards that contain wildflower seeds, so your guests can throw them into the ground after reading them. In a few months, they’ll have flowers! 

Inma says: “I live in a place (the Balearic Islands in Spain) where there are 30,000 weddings a year. My team and I believe that taking such measures as mentioned above would help the planet a lot.”

Universal Love: A Sustainable Fashion Shoot

A Sustainable Wedding Fashion Shoot

A Sustainable Wedding Fashion Shoot


Photography and production: Inma del Valle (www.inmadelvalle.com

Videography: Arantxa Rustarazo (www.arantxarustarazo.com)

Models: Emma Glinski (@emma_glinski) and Caramo Fanta 

Wedding dresses and accessories: Jesus Peiro (www.jesuspeiro.com)

Wedding suit: Ramón San Jurjo (www.ramonsanjurjo.es)

Makeup and Hair: Allison Tregarthen (@allisonmakeupstyle)

Jewelry: Linea Argento, Mallorca

Shoes: Jesus Peiro/ Clarks.

Florist and decoration: Gabriela Calé, Majoris (@floristeriamajoris)

Tableware and furniture: Tot a Punt (www.grupototapunt.com)

Men’s accessories: Prada and Dolce Gabanna

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